03 October 2017

After a nice week holiday in southern Spain we are already a week at home. I had a week's holiday and so could house around some do. So we have a big walnut tree in the garden where we had a wonderful shade in the garden in summer, and in the autumn nuts and leaves. The nuts grow in a green bark. If the nuts are ripe they fall often with green bark of the branches still around. And green bark is a soft slush if it gets wet. it lingers deliciously on the soles of your shoes, and if you walk a little luck on your house and sit brown spots on the floor that you get almost no turning. So that's why you have to sweep every day and rake and gather nuts. The roof of the extension and the gutters are full of leaves and nuts so you should also keep an eye so that we do not clog the drains. Autumn is now also started for me though I do hope for a nice autumn with reasonable weather and temperatures. It is Sunday morning and I just finished breakfast at. I was thinking back to the Sundays when I was a menneke. Sunday morning my father always went after breakfast to his parents to. There were his brothers and sisters and my cousins ​​were at their grandparents, it was always buzzing. The whole family together was always fun, family my father was quite noisy so it was a noise in the kitchen which far exceeded the noise standard, for there the whole scene played out . The family where my father comes consisted of nine children 24 grandchildren. Not everyone was there every Sunday but every time we were in it 20 people. A crate of beer was put under the table , a bottle of gin and lemon gin on the table. And as the case of beer and bottles of gin army hit, The mood was higher and it was even noisier. We as children were given a lemonade, crisps and sweets as much as we wanted. Around one o'clock was the drink and we were called in and we had to navigate through the fog of cigar and cigarette smoke to shake hands and kiss grandparents. There was some called and laughed and then the bike was caught, I was put on the bike stem, and then go home. After an oscillating bike ride came home, the table already covered smelled delicious to the Sunday soup. My mother did the soup and vegetables in the soup vermecelli this had to boil briefly and then at the table . Delicious sign Sunday soup, then another piece of meat soup with pica lilly or pickles and pickled onions. As a conclusion could still start a Saroma pudding and Sunday. My father sat down and took a nap my mother had cleared the table and did the dishes. And was also delicious slicing down. It was cozy Sundays I sometimes sometimes with great pleasure and a bit melancholy to think back. Sundays now proceed differently but no less enjoyable. We still have breakfast, sometimes go with my parents to visit, and doing everything in and around house. And then we come back to the pigeons. Every Sunday the pigeons get a bath and they certainly pleasant bath now with moulting is an important part. I always feel that they throw some more feathers and down after a bath. but it may also be that it seems as if the pigeons are wet look moulting is not at its best. The pigeons are moulting mixture that I do in some chol (There are dozens of products chol in the name that are conducive to moult) I also do some brewer's yeast and vitamins over the food, and in the water, I do some whole cloves garlics, I let a week in the tank and pour the soaking water at. In this way I try to have the pigeons ready for breeding. As my father ever said “Previously everything was better and better because when used even though it was better and better” I will say again until next week .

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