03 July 2017

Het afgelopen weekend hadden we bij ons in de afdeling een duifloos weekend. That is to say that there were no competition flights and all this with the expected bad weather. My thoughts went back to the years 70 to the car-free Sunday . I was about 12 when this measure was promulgated because the oil supply was cut put from the Middle East, and the threat of a shortage of oil products and fuels. On these Sundays were looking for an alternative to get cozy Sunday by. The bikes were dug up and taken walks were all without the noise of cars and other traffic around you. In the (steenfabrieks) village where I lived was a coziness that took place on the streets. People looked at each other and stood neighborhoods out on the street with a vuurton, sometimes with a fleske beer sometimes with a coffee Bakske. We were on the street skates , bicycles , football. At such a moment you realized that solidarity was great. Everyone was in the same boat on this one measure. In such a crisis situation had time for each other and people talk to each other about everything that was previously little-discussed. There were searches for solutions and as my mother always said, “Talking people help”. Last week we had a ( dove charge) weekend. At least the flights had been canceled Thursday. Time for something else would you think. But nothing is less true, we're right for the season of the youngsters,One was so nice time to focus on the youngsters again. I 12 youngsters (am with 17 started) so i would like to sit in the basket. Also included also because widowers who have not flown this weekend. I drove in the afternoon to Nistelrode with 12 young and 7 widowers. The widowers I landed at 14.23 and sat on 14.49 on the valve. The young I landed at 14.33 and these were to 15.13 on the valve so all Thuus. I am a happy man again . Tonight the youngsters in baskets for drilling and flight to the region from Hapert. And this weekend the first young bird race. We also have a one-day and a middle distance race so 3 flights in a week after a pigeon-free weekend we caught up with the damage nice. I think it's a lot of work for the convoyeurs and carriers to make sure everything runs smoothly and organization and I wish them every success. And as my mother ever said “If all goes well, it is beautiful and if it goes wrong you have learned again” the next week I will say.

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