02 november 2016

It's me it was the week , I've just been on the sick list, according to the scholars . And indeed I did not feel really toppie, I have had nice gripped a bad cold and a mild pneumonia. These symptoms go with me it entails that you do not really feel called to do anything strenuous. Have lots located on the bank and when the sun shone I could thoroughly enjoy the sunlight streaming through the stained glass window shone. The colors of the stained glass and the sunlight the colors in the home were also better be more enjoyable and friendly. Also, if you look you will be pleasantly surprised out by the different colors of the stained glass , then everything changed, the color of the leaves of the trees. For instance, a tree that slowly changes color from top to bottom with the neighbors, First the upper part is yellow and slowly sinks to the bottom branches, slowly fade yellow to orange and then to red fire, if you do a painting would make would say it does not exist so perfectly beautiful that to see. If you like a few days will be lamballen still want to go do something. I once again examined the results of the past season , in the sprint races, I have no meaningful role to play, so also in the middle distance races . I saw a small bright spot in the one-day flights that I have performed reasonably exception of the last flight, there it went as though a number of years, wrong again so . I turned to leave just too late and where it is ?? Yes it's me I'm doing something wrong, it can not be that you systematically about any last-day flight in addition to the prices and therefore it can forget a nice ranking. But what I do not, couple I asked to perform at the one-day all flights racers, The pigeons are then early widowhood?. Or I do not know how these flee the feeding system where the doves to 14 Days played ? Or should I just keep playing these pigeons every week and let the rhythm ? Or should I doves interim one more time lapping at shorter distances ? Or do I have the pigeons return home longer or shorter leave together? Or I should enlighten the pigeons or just darken? These are so few questions that come to me and ask me really wonder what wisdom is this. The plans for next season, there are also: I want me some more towards the one-day flights and have decided to link the racers later, In addition, I want to play in these races with cocks and hens. The cocks I want to 14 days of play and the hens every week. Furthermore, I'm looking for a good feeding system for both cocks and hens. Or I'll darken or enlighten I do not first need some more information you get about, to the extent that the one-day. Furthermore, the youngsters flights and the late races are pretty run with here and there a success. As for the young bird races I had just hoped for in terms of performance, I find it very pleasant that I have a number of youngsters have taken over where I do see opportunities in terms of construction and type of pigeon and also in terms of pedigree. The late tour is reasonable expired , I play on these flights all hens with or without a partner , and also some youngsters who have been injured or who have flown the wrong one time and have spent a few days on another loft. This is the most relaxed flight for me because I want these little birds, the only thing I wish is that they fall fresh on the door and do not stay long absence. That's it for this week, I'll just say I wish you a nice autumn with beautiful walks and chestnuts , mushrooms, beautiful colored leaves and fresh air. until the next week.

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