02 december 2017

December could begin the festive month par excellence but before the festivities there will be hard (pepper)notes are cracked. Sinterklaas must still coming and I fear now that the whole party could ever come to be called into question. Because according to sources, the chimney sweeps will institute a process for discrimination. Yes you heard it right the “Chimney Piet” is fierce received at schoorsteenvegend loving Netherlands. In addition, the party has filed a complaint to the animals that Santa Claus with his horse over the roof raging winter without having to, not consider the keigladde solar panels today are many roofs. Furthermore, it is probably also filed suit against Santa Claus and against red nose Rudolf and his mates. So there is a lot in the pipeline that we are on the chocolate letters and stuffed deer butt bij1. But this aside, the month of December 2 days old and we are already a full day in the frost. Now kale tops can permanently in the country because the monarch has been over and it is time to make the old-kale stew. I also have not heard of the ice masters all came together to see if this winter is in an eleven cities tour. Regarding duivelary, we're back in the frozen water jars and cups. I'm going to use the double drinking bowl which I can exchange so there is always fresh drinking water. Is fortunate that the pigeons in winter drink less so it's good to keep. I also have that electric heaters are drinking pot , in one way or another I'm always a bit hesitant, electricity and water remains a risky combination in my experience. Goes well with the pigeons with one exception, they are all through the moult, though some pigeons still have some old sit down. I so get them this week to surprise a few days with a garlic tea mix so they too can throw out the old down. I started to compose the breeding couples, though I'm a bit of a dilemma. We have serious interest in our house, and everything is still to be finalized. There are 2 families who want to buy our house but they both have not yet sold their own home. We are so dependent on the sale of our buyers. The broker has every confidence that this will happen in a reasonable time, but as long as nothing is finally sold I remain in doubt as to the culture and duivelary generally. My mother also said sometimes “Never throw an old shoe before you have a new, also fits” and so it is of course also. I am also surprised that I can write a collum for Phantom Der Champions. We agreed to put my first story in the Christmas issue a challenge for me. People who regularly read the stories on my site know that I like about all that keeps me busy writing, and that's not just about birds. This is my style of writing and find it fun to do. We also agreed that we await the responses to my neck of the first to see if it will be received favorably by readers “Rail”. Following these comments will come or not a sequel. It will be getting exciting week for me and my family , but one thing is certain Sinterklaas and Christmas we are just celebrating our old familiar address. My father said sometimes “If you have fun, you can enjoy anywhere” I will say again the next time.

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