Welcome to the official website of Peter Fulpen from Leuth

I was born in Erlecom, I where at 9 age started with pigeons, After several years have witnessed the pigeons have fun, I am stopped due to circumstances.

35 Years later, the pigeon virus yet again gained the upper hand and I started again with the sport. I was tipped off by a friend, to look at the website of the Combined Beverdam. What mail contact'm invited to a loft visit in Nieuwlande. It was quite clear that I end up with a little fancier, was top results and top pigeons among others "The Chief” 2and national best Vitesse WHZB 2007 duifkampioen Vitesse and rayon 2007. “De Bikkethe” 4and national best middle distance WHZB 2007 and duifkampioen Midfond 2007. “The Director” 3and duifkampioen Midfond Rayon and 4th Ace Pigeon Old 2007 and nest brother of the “The Chief“. For further toppigeons and results, please visit



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