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It's almost March, the culture is still in progress. Some enthusiasts flying the first guy all around the house. Would be the buggy enthusiasts? Noooo will never !!!!!!. But you never know. In any case, there will be again a good time for the pigeon-fancier. If all goes well, the birds selected and we will prepare ourselves for the upcoming racing season. Our club is a veterinarian this year. The members can participate voluntarily in an investigation of 4 pigeons and droppings and further, there are also several opportunities to vaccinate the pigeons. I find it a good initiative if it meets here at the club and there resistance because some members feel that they have to and settled or worse still looked to expose themselves and their birds ailing. I personally think it is a good thing and that as a club and adult members here to deal with it. This way you have a better understanding about the health of your pigeons and if necessary you can well before the racing season yet what to do. It is also an activity of the club where the racers again to talk about the culture, The new racing season and everything to do with the sport.


In recent weeks there has been aired on TV series “Our boys in Java” My father has 3 in former Ned Indies served . I have over this period once wrote a piece. Now to the broadcast on TV about the war. I believed in memory of my father put this on my site again Column. Especially since it has now become much more clear about the battle that had to make the military. Not against their opponents but also with itself.

For Queen and Country

4 in 5 May be commemorated throughout the Netherlands in various ways. Similarly, in the village where I woon.Afgelopen week was a note on the mat at my home. It was a personal invitation from the local herdenkingscomité. This committee, composed of five people for years organized the commemoration for people in our village who are deceased during various wars, or were killed during combat. It's a nice meeting is taking place on the square. The memorial will be entertained by the local brass band and the local choir. There are also some notables and villagers through singing, stories and poems shine their light on the events and impact during the war(in).

Well it happens that my father for years has been involved in this club because he and a number of Dutch East Indies veterans had survived the war and thus have commemorated their fallen comrades. Since the death of my father we as family each year a personal invitation to come are full of pink blossom to under the big tree, to the memorial to attend. Every year when the invitation is on the mat, I think back to the conversation I had with my father about his 3 years in the Dutch East Indies.

It was just after the 2and world war my father was summoned (and many with him) to far from home to defend our colony for "Queen and Country". And as my father said afterwards that this was the biggest nonsense he had heard. He told them in Ermelo in a time of six weeks, trained in the snow, were primed to do the job! There was just not enough military clothing after World War II stock, only slightly higher in rank had uniforms. The boys walked in front of a Terlenka pants with woolly socks that was done on the legs to do a little bit of a tough soldier to appear. Of (super-trained) men were put hundreds on a big pirate and to (east) transported Dutch East Indies. To be unleashed there in a land far from home without family and with the World War II in mind.

After the Japanese surrender urges the Government of Indonesia in the independence. Netherlands Ned.Indië would like to retain and send several battalions Hunters and Grenadiers to participate in military actions. It was also the First Division 7 December set up a Task Force rests, restore order and security. My father was stationed with his battalion in East Java near the beautiful Surabaya. Far from home in a very different culture and tropical climate they were stationed in Sumenep to get into a horrifying anti-guerrilla war. In a war situation far from home to your service measurements family and creates lifelong friendships. Such was also the case for my father. From this period he has until his death to two great friendships on account, which one of them a very special bond. They were on patrol and had to cross the river via a bridge, During the crossing, they came under fire and my father hit the water with heavy packs. He landed and the heavy load in the flow could keep my father out of the water. A dozen meters further on the river has his service customization pulled it to the hair above the water and to the side. And so my father, when she was a patrol with their carrier in Mathews (half-track) ran a roadside bomb and there were several dead and wounded service dimensions. He has ensured that entered the living as well as possible and hidden safety. He took all hand weapons 10 km away to get help, so his fallen comrades and wounded service could be retrieved.

Years later 1995 my father is honored for this action to Wear Insignia wounded. "VULNERATUS NEC VICTUS" which means wounded but not defeated. This badge is only in Netherlands 1990 set and has the same value as the Purple Heart in the US Army. This badge has he earned and received through the intercession of his close friend and service dimension "Piet Boon".

I did my best pigeon named this guy "Piet Boon 902" This man came from an illustrious pigeon family in Alblasserdam and he and his family were also very appreciative that I have named the dove at him and a photograph of've had to make. This has given a prominent place in his home. Both men are unfortunately deceased on both 86 age.

I want to stand up for this almost extinct generation Indies goers who were sent to the World War II in their heads to a distant foreign land to fight there for "Queen and Country". In order to return and later to be reviled by public opinion. And as my father also said, For God and Country, We were scared and were homesick and wanted to somehow survive. Many of these men came back traumatized. There was still nothing from PTSD, therefore no guidance. They themselves had managed to find their way, see and handle all their memories and events. We as children of these soldiers have been brought to their fears and traumas, something I later came back and only noticed it nevertheless has had some impact in your life.

Fortunately there for the soldiers now broadcast sufficient attention and guidance as they return from a mission. So that people can tell their story and where necessary get help.

And as my mother would say,; "Your father has had eight years of war and hiding rest of his life sitting. I will say again the next time.

In memory of my father and all the fallen (spacious 6000) and all survivors, which is not the concept got what they deserved back in the Netherlands.


Peter van Fulp


From a sunny Madeira (land of love and sunshine as Eddy Christiano). I sit in the morning sun with sea and not least a cup of coffee. The first few days of a holiday is it to acclimatize and relax. And precisely at times when more comes to rest. Come naturally the thoughts about your work, private and also on the last pigeon season. For me personally I had a bit of a racing season with the old birds with here and there a prize but it was also. In contrast with the youngsters was a nice season with different kopprijsjes, with a nice finishing position. What I myself almost after every racing season wonder is "how many years more will follow"? You hope, of course, as much as possible, but how realistic is that! In recent years you decline the members numbers in sports. And the question is how you get new members. What I notice despite this decline, it seems they are becoming more selfish. Maybe it's also because there are fewer members and selfishness than to emphasize. Or could it really be so? I read a lot and listen also like to know what to tell other fanciers have. So I spoke to last a fancier who made themselves quite angry had been reading an article in a pigeon sheet and cringe in his shoes. It was a (great champion) write about himself that he is honest and humble!!!!. And that was not the worst he continued. He was annoyed that he especially rondbazuinde he was back at the champions this year with the youngsters without playing his best pigeons. I wonder how humble you are!!!. And also how do you know if you (other) pigeons plays that are your best pigeons???? I think false humility is a better qualification of the person he assiduously continue. could this (champion) really think that the pigeon fanciers who had read a story fell on their mind. "I do not think so", he concluded his tale. I told him that most champions do not flaunt that this arrogance. But he nevertheless spans the crown began the man again. Envy as they talk about when they get criticized. But that is not you can be a topmelker but that does not mean you're a fine fellow fancier. You must remember he said, People often do not hate the person, but above all his behavior. He really is not immodest and integrity he ended this man does everything for personal gain. I also later read the relevant part and indeed I came over a bit of the same feeling. What I wonder myself than. Could this man be (modest) reputation have realized what this does to fellow fanciers. Or is his selfishness and ego so big that everything must yield to his own gain. What I also wonder if this critical texts would also be published in a pigeon magazine. I think it would be good because that's pigeon anno 2019. Between all the great stories of achievements and champions can also be quite a cautionary note. That's pigeon racing and reality. There will always be people who might feel drawn, but that is all there is written. It might sometimes be good to me more stories to publish a cautionary note. So that we are put to think about everything that has to do with the sport. And maybe those who are attracted feel there can profit from them. And as my mother ever said "spare the rod and spoil the child" I will say again the next time.

Holidays! I was really ready!!! I hear sometimes that around around me. People often live for a holiday, and the closer the holidays get, the more tired you become. When finally the holiday has come there sometimes got in the car. And gas on the lollipop to drive 12oo kilometers of a tug (liefts even with a caravan in tow) to be just as fast as possible to their destination. Gosh what I'm tired!!!! you hear them cry. Does your crazy? I think one professional driver has to 7 hour or so take a break and the woman / man with the luxury car and caravan coats at a stretch. I like going on vacation always those moments of stress whether you bike, car or plane is the remains stress. For me, the holiday really begins when I'm at the place of destination, I unpacked the suitcases, the bed have tested and then a drink with it. Only then begin enjoying real and you can get the holiday feeling of everything and does nothing. Unless there is my wife who has read all the brochures and nearly a schedule for the whole week we have made to. The holiday feeling is sometimes quite a challenge to adjust the schedule a bit but then takes over the stress. Of course my wife right when she says that we are going to see everything just the pace of it we still sometimes disagree. We go for several years as a couple (our daughters 23 in 25 will not count) They have their own planning and a good thing. It is also handy to fit than the cats and our dog, they watch the pigeons (not totally unimportant) and the house. Although we girls like to have around us is also a nice feeling that they guard the fort. My pigeons mate Tonnie goes every day to check on the pigeons that there are no crazy things. And now we are talking about the pigeons. I've had a lot of fun racing season especially with the youngsters. The only blemish is to be the losses of the youngsters. I was with 37 youngsters started and am with 18 finished. But the youngsters I've flown it more than well done and I am very satisfied. Also, for the addition is that fine. As it now looks like I ± 7 a 8 cocks and hens rest. I am particularly pleased with the number of cocks. (In 2018 had I 12 youngsters about which 3 cocks.) So for next year is my loft terms of cocks stuffed. With a little luck I 8 cages filled with cocks that I can attach to pretty young hens. This way I want to play on double widowhood. I want to 2020 my yearlings still leave more funds than last year because it was not in terms of performance “je seven”. Patience store that's the main thing I'm a loft under construction. Two years ago, started again in a new location and also during a mega renovation. End 2019 and beginning 2020 is tackling the backyard planning so there is a lot of work to do. I hope these have a long waiting before the racing season starts. I write this from my holiday address on Madeira where it's lovely weather 25 degrees nice sunshine. I was just told that I should hurry up a bit. Today the funicular to planning to fly down after the Toboggan. A kind of woven cane sleigh, where you whiz down a hallway murder. So I'm curious. Tonight also runs the sales receipts of Knec off on duivennet. Still a nice initiative and for the fans. I will say again the next time. And as they say in Madeira “HAVE A NICE DAY” which means a very happy day to you.

The racing season is almost at, Here and there some cake flights and so we end an eventful racing season again. With highs and lows. The important thing is that we have again become wiser about our pigeons. Where better pigeons come from and what birds you have surprised. It's a prelude to next season, because as soon as it goes into the sport. The flights have become in recent stocktaking, will be selected to appear at the starting line as good as possible next year. The question posed by many fans is of course the flight program. There is much to do in recent years been. But what is wisdom.? The biggest problem in my view lies flights to the youngsters. As a saying goes without youth no future. In recent years, the losses among the youngsters have only increased and nobody could or could really put their finger. The remedy has been for many enthusiasts to flee the youngsters on the natoer to play with and generally with great success. The losses were and are significantly less ( exceptions). Hence my belief and argument to evaporate flights youngsters from August. The track has already launched a renewed flight program proposal. For me a very acceptable proposal. By finishing the discipline flights between space for a weekend. Whatever was in the proposal, to dissipate the youngsters from early August. I think it's worth more as well that the NPO and all control this proposal will seriously check. This week a survey Phantom Der Champions attached where you can specify your preferences in terms of flight program. I'm hoping for a massive participation so we upcoming season with all the innovations in the flight program and the sport can build a positive stroke. With fewer losses and thus more fun in the sport, all disciplines. For me it's been a nice year in terms of achievement. The old birds occasional small price. In contrast, went with the youngsters a lot better. The association nominated 2nd and 3rd also designated the 2nd / 9th and 10th best pigeon in the middle distance JD. In Circuit onaangwezen 3rd and 5th nominated and 4th best ace all the JD Middle Distance. On Sens still a 1st in the association and the circuit. On Melun 2nd in the association and in the circle. I am with 37 youngsters play and finished with 18 youngsters. During the training flights 18 youngsters lost. so with 19 pigeons started the 2nd young bird race.(the first flight pass up i.v.m. coli) A total of slightly more than half lost. I hope that the NPO will be open to the fans and their proposals and ideas. I will say again the next time.

The heavy natoer flight N34 had with several fans after the turn of the clock still reasonable pigeons come home. In the days after the breakaway there are many pigeons many fans honored. Flight N35 had the same release point as N34. So had many lovers chose not to play all or part of the pigeons pigeons on N35. Especially considering the heavy flight of the previous week. So that explains in part why there were significantly fewer N35 birds competing.


The natoer flights progressing steadily, I remain very interested in the progress of these flights. Especially because many youngsters are played on these flights. As I mentioned in Part 1 in 2 wrote I am committed to flights commencing with the youngsters in August. The reason for this is, the losses are considerably fewer flights compared to the youngsters that are gone from May. Take now N33 flight this was a weekend where it has only rained. It started with the middle distance race for the youngsters. These were basketed Thursday and released on Friday i.v.m. the predicted bad weather. This flight is otherwise well-expired. The natoer Friday was basketed to be released Saturday. But as already predicted the weather was the spoilsport and the flights were postponed to Sunday or completely delayed in some cases. The pigeons so stayed overnight before, something that is only allowed by the youngsters of the regulations in the 3and flight. For the experienced pigeons will be a night longer in the basket cause few problems. For all the youngsters on the natoer would probably be more difficult. Especially considering the teen tour who have passed the youths. Begun in beer Gehs, then to Duffel and then at the final unloading St. Job in Goor. At this point they have arrived late to wait until the afternoon before they could be unloaded. Of course you're back to wait pinched buttocks on your pigeons. Especially considering the weather and time (15.50 hour) Discharge. But nothing could be true. The flight had despite everything run smoothly and many fans had youngsters ahead. With me in the club, the prices were good 7 minutes lost. So even in difficult circumstances flights are the youngsters on the estate natoer flights home. I do not play the smart aleck, but the numbers simply do not lie. I also sit on me to ask what could be the drawbacks. For example, that the youngsters can fall into moult. I got there at basketing at our club on the light and there are indeed pigeons that have thrown some pins but the majority is still well in the spring. In addition, the birds are much more mature, beautiful full pigeons with gleaming necks which glow with health. Thus, the pigeons looked again for the next flight natoer N34. Many enthusiasts have played all youngsters because there was no young bird race. The weather forecasts were good, dry, sunny temperatures up 30 g and O - SE wind. And it is this wind can sometimes be a killjoy. If the O's in the wind and the sky looks clear blue. It is more difficult for youngsters to orient sight. It was not an easy flight for sure what the future youngsters. With me in the club was in decline 75% home. Most of which was not yet home were indeed later boy, only played on the natoer. The first 10 price pigeons were all youngsters and that was the general picture in the country, exceptions. What was typical for this flight was the news concerning the release. It was indicated that there i.v.m. high inversion certainly could not be redeemed for 9.00 hour. An hour later was stated that the pigeons 8.45 were solved!!. It was undoubtedly responsible for the pigeons 8.45 to solve. It just seems a bit clumsy. Especially when there pigeons remain, the release stated policy in this immediate discussion. I've called back several enthusiasts who still missed quite a few young natoer pigeons stalling. And it said that since the turn still remain pigeons trickle. So even in these difficult natoer flight shows that the losses are significantly less than flee with the youngsters. All the more reason to flee the youngsters to evaporate from August. In the interests of pigeon lovers and not insignificant for the total pigeon. I can not imagine that the NPO board does not take this seriously. We can not get around because the numbers do not lie. What would be the reason to take seriously the figures and the accompanying lovers?

I will say again the next time.

The good and positive responses to my column in the track No. 27 and again on No. 30 part 2 Youngsters flights in August. I think it is important to share 2 also on my site.


The natoer has had his season opener. Where natoer previously served as flights for those at home during the races i.a.. widow hens and cocks. It has grown in recent years to (disguised) youngsters flights. As I wrote in my last column that the pigeons lose still more flights in the regular youngsters. And partly because many fans their youngsters until August (nature) play. From experience has proven that there are significantly fewer losses. The last natoer flights are a wonderful example of. For example in my club were there last flight 355 young pigeons, and in turn there 340 home in the loft. How different was the first young bird race at the same distance as the natoer. Then there was a loss of 50% So half the complement for the new year off. I watched the last few weeks the results of various departments, whatever strikes, is that the number of pigeons on the natoer there ± 90 % youngsters are. And across the board losses pieces are less. But really much less. Then it is logical that we are going to move the youngsters to Augustusburg, I would think!. But will it happen?. Would people (Drivers) it really going to consider and discuss. Or would they hang from the ostrich and continue to disregard all ideas and criticisms. I want the youngsters again appoint the benefits are more mature, had the youngsters diseases, The sense of direction is much more advanced. As a result, they can more easily withstand the weather and atmospheric agents. Of course I can hear the sounds that we should start earlier in the year and the youngsters flights will evaporate under the Belgian system. In my view this is only meant for the masses inkorvers. Devotees with 250 young bird races begin and end there 80 to have left. This mass of players 80 youngsters enough to select and supplement. However, the small to medium-lovers can not afford to lose these proportions. And since most fans have belonged to the latter group. This should also have a proper say in the matter youngsters. I dare say with confidence that the large losses of the youngsters was just the straw and have many fans decide to quit the sport. We have a number of flights natoer and I dare to predict that the losses of young birds will be minimal. As I sit writing this Column keep going around the idea in my head. How can we convince the men of the NPO to consider very seriously the flight program and actually go adapt. So we the sport and certainly the young bird races next year (2020)have a little better on the ride and not have to wait until 2021. Why wait when the solution becoming clear bubble to the surface. On my first Column on this matter, I have had many positive responses. 99 % agreed with the proposition to move the young bird races backwards. I natoer flights will continue to monitor closely later in section 3 get an update. Mind you, I do not possess all the wisdom, I describe only the facts as they currently do for. I will say again the next time.

After the many positive reactions to my Column PROPOSAL: YOUNGSTERS IN AUGUST! the track number 27 from last week. I thought it worthwhile to put this on my site too Column. Especially considering the importance of the young bird races and the sport in general. There will really have to change anything, I hope this year will be already deployed. Maybe we should start a petition so that we can convince the NPO board with as many fans to actually do something about the problem youngsters. And do not think it will take my time, simply because we do not have more time!!!. Comments can be sent to pele61@kpnmail.nl I will collect and mail it to the NPO board.



The young bird races are almost halfway. And most fans, the young pigeons even less if half!!!!!!. Throughout youngsters stake again in the sign of disaster flights while the losses associated. How is it possible that blazes with any drilling or flight mass stay away youngsters. In recent years, several well-meaning theories have been reviewed. G flights, powders, pills, drilling plans, voerschema’s. So far, all this led to nothing, it seems to be getting worse every year. There will soon have other can sometimes be late "flight for the future in 2021.". Because I could not find anything in their new outlook losing counteract the youngsters. Then what?????. That is a difficult question. There maybe a thousand times over written. But I'm going to just try to write my vision. I think the important thing is to move the young bird races further back in season. This is already happening on a large scale for many fans to play their youngsters on the late tour. And it shows that the losses are much lower. The reason there are fewer losses on the late tour are located in my opinion the fact. That the pigeons have more time to mature, given more time to overcome the youngsters diseases and stress for their repair. please note!! Between the first training of the young bird races and the first training of the late tour is a whopping 7 weeks. Add your own pigeon watching in season. To make 7 weeks a lot of difference in maturity and experience of a youngster. Thus, the pigeons also more resistant to the influences where they are exposed to daily. So have overcome the youngsters diseases. They fly and train in the air polluted by radiation and can better resist. Especially as their sense of direction and strength is developed. Well I hear many fanciers "earlier we do not suffer from" When we flew Orleans almost bald birds and everything was home. Or we started 20 youngsters and after the last race we had there 19 over. Jaha that is true, but that was earlier and earlier is history. We are dealing with the current situation. And fair to say that the time compared to the past have changed. As I wrote earlier, the radiation in the atmosphere for the mobile telephony and other purposes. The pollution of the air itself, particulate matter, and the like. In my view, it is therefore preferable to the first young bird races to evaporate in mid-August. Again not all pollution from the air, but the pigeons are more mature and have more experience. Many enthusiasts begin the most beautiful game of the sport 'flights youngsters "but forced after a few weeks many fans to stop and deal with the youngsters that they still have to natour. But what is more beautiful than the young bird races. Try your own culture results and see if the links that you did succeed. And of course the addition of loft for next season. If there are many losses than his foreign youngsters a logical consequence of your loft. This year so far landed a whopping 14 foreign youngsters in my loft.. Of all these pigeons I looked up the phone and dialed the respective fans. And except for any lover, it was doom and gloom regarding the losses among the youngsters. All these lovers I presented the story above, and without exception they were all agreed to shift flights youngsters to August. Mind you I'm not saying that we do not lose more youngsters, that would be too optimistic. But I am convinced that the losses will be much less. In our club, they are certainly a good proposal. Only they think the person who can do something, just continue the old way and can not be bothered by. That would really be unheard naive not to take seriously a lot of flying members. THERE OR PLAY OTHER INTERESTS???????. "No one is above the sport and is more important than the sport" we will this really have to do all together. I hope there is actually something going to change that next season we will have a beautiful young pigeons competition. "If you look only to the future, you will see much overlooked in the present "Where do I want them to say so much 2021 yet is far away and that there must now be acted on the current situation. I will say again the next time.

The bill continues to squeeze the youngsters flights. Every time I have done the pigeons in the travel baskets, creeps me feel a bit if you took something goodbye. Moments later, when the first beer that hits again in hope. And that's the last few years so simply because I am half or more lost something at the start of flights. In the club's youngsters are the most discussed topic. Everyone has an opinion about, but we are unanimous that there really have to change anything. Not only the sport has changed, also the conditions in which our pigeons fly has changed. And the great OEBIDOEBIS must be convinced. This is a disadvantage of a sport which is in reverse. Following through is then very difficult to really make big decisions and changes in favor of the sport. I know I'm skating on thin ice. By saying that leads to most older players it will take my time mentality prevails. Innovations make changes, and there are not many older players waiting. This is a logical consequence as nearly half of pigeon over sixty years. Among these players also are often somewhat “better lovers “In terms of pigeon. They are too afraid of a different system than where they fly very successful years with both the championship and not to mention commercial. We are in a dilemma, the one on the brake and the other on the gas. 2021 is over 18 months but still a long way away. Wisdom is I think somewhere in the middle. Only the middle is just really clear. Then just as the young bird race last Saturday. I had 14 doves, and the gross was good on. I try every week the youngsters to patch again. I have for the last 2 flights was done and on two occasions the last pigeon in the first clock flight. please note!!! These birds only came one day to the inside lapvlucht. So what is wisdom???. Anyway 14 pigeons so. The pigeons were to 07.15 hours unloaded with wind Z. So it could sometimes even be a decent speed flight. I had to 08.30 agreed to abort a landing which had used a client of mine along the four-day route. So this time, nothing you get home. While driving phoned a few times at home whether that was indeed at home and around 9.00 hours I had 7 home 6 boy and 1 old. In terms of pigeons clock reading remains always a bit tricky for my wife since I like the new clock heb.Dus 9.45 was the time she gave. A few weeks before she gave the time of the 2nd pigeon and I was 2nd in the club with the 1st pigeon. So the results can still sometimes get a surprising turn when the clocks are read. This time it was my 1st pigeon 7th in the club and 15th in the circuit therefore is still a nice result. But if you look at the difference of the first pigeon is the difference too large. What also indicates the best weather was a tough flight. On flight day I 13 of the 14 pigeons home. a No. 14 Sunday was on the cover. So in that respect everything home and back on the next flight. I wish everyone a lot of success for the following flights.

It was me or vluchtje!!!!!! And I am flight on the youngsters last Saturday. I had 19 young pigeons for a flight ± 160 km. By some bad weather the pigeons 12.30met NW winds were unloaded. I had calculated for myself that the pigeons around 2 hours 15 min would do about. My calculation knocked nice, The first pigeon was clocked at our club 14.37. In the corridors you hear all that time and you hope that at you too fast is a dove on the cover. The first pigeon fell to me after a few laps you around the house, 17 my leaves (14.54) as the first pigeon in the club on the shelf. Well that's pretty long wait. 2 minutes later I saw no 2 arriving this landed on the roof of the house and chose a few seconds later the plattedak of the dormer window at the neighbor for lessons there to be thirsty. (to throw a handful of gravel, the distance was too great) If 15.09 3rd pigeon landed on the 2nd valve ( the flat roof specialist bitum it was still checking and continued to sit) Eventually she came 15.10 down and went inside. What an annoyance!!!!!!. And then it was wait. On 15.17 came 4th pigeon. After the 4th pigeon remained quited. If 19.00 was turn the clock, when I had 10 So even at home 9 to go. You're then again to hope that there are some home with pinched buttocks. I had to pass the turn to me because the plasterer late had finished his work. The rain was quite a mess in the house I wanted to have first cleared. Anyway around 20.00 I am finished and went inside, curious about the outcome. And it was quite so bad. My 1st pigeon was 9th in the club 22 in the circle and in the 66th Division. In itself quite an achievement, but it was quite a tough flight. Friday basketing for this flight I had called 1-2-3 to play, go it turned slightly different, but the intention was there, I will say. if 21.00 had I 15 pigeons at home so that was a reasonable reassurance . Unlike bitumen king of the flat roof at neighbor, it is useful for latecomers they scattered on a flat roof can take a sip of drink. Namely that increases the likelihood that they can come home. The hope was back on Sunday, I have all told 1 dove in and got this was also injured. She had a scrape on the belly, so it seemed at first. When I was the evening in the loft she sat alone in a corner. I've picked them to look but could not see much more like a big blue scrape. The next morning she was dead in the loft, So there was still more to do if looked from the outside. It's always annoying when a bird dies, especially if you do not have much more about. Tuesday I got a pigeon back, emaciated though but she's home and soon may join the natour. The end result 19 pigeons 17 pigeons whose home 1 dead so on this flight at a loss 3. For the next race I try 13 of 14 play to see if they are ready for this time 1 t/m 3 to play. Only the thought you are already happy. I wish everyone a lot of success with the arrivals. and as an old Dutch saying goes pigeons. “as the kwoai dur bloast the wings is the stert nie for road. I will say again the next time.

Met 13 youngsters less yesterday I played my first young bird race in the loft. That was the outcome after the training last week. With my pigeons mate Tonnie we have Friday the youngsters have just taken in hand to see if they were quite recovered enough and whether they had enough fat on the bones. We came to 16 youngsters that certainly could bring. the other 4 (ntje meanwhile had kicked the bucket and another is kept out of the loft during exercise around the house.) It can therefore still in. Anyway, I was busy again yesterday in domestic engaged in applying wall insulation plates. So again see very little of the pigeons. I asked my wife if she wanted to keep an eye on, there on she said she could not sail, but they would occasionally be watching effe. My wife has nothing to pigeons , she's fine and fun and a great hobby for me, but it was also. If you ask are all pigeons they will look, moments later she comes back saying that there 5 on the clock. pay attention !!! then my next question what time?. Well I have not looked at. In short, women are funny guys but my father always said,, and I still believe him. As I said yesterday was the pavers busy in and around the house were also. Al met al 2 pigeons on the house to go see it coming home and that was it also. And if everyone loves it starts. then cleaned up and taken away the lot should be made to the container at the work place. The association app follow you a little bit the way things but it also continues to. round 20.00 hours I came to get some food and then take a shower. In between I was walking very quick to the loft to watch the boy sat there and also see if I have some at home from Chateauroux. That was not a success there was nothing inside. A little on the app looked when it was turn and then jumped in the shower. It was around 21.00 hours I was sitting at the coffee, when I was called and asked if I did turn the clock!!!!!!!. Like a rocket to the clubhouse to deliver the clock. It was pretty busy there were 3 flights to repel. With a beer with just wander how the flights operated and waiting for the results. It was a surprising result for me I was 2nd with the youngsters and had 5 awards. This pigeon was 13th in the circle so all in all a nice boost to the misery of the previous week. As I write is still waiting for the hens of Chateauroux do hope that something comes home today. Then I can get back to work with these pigeons to prepare them well for the next flight. I wish everyone a lot of success and I will say again the next time.

Where do I start, I'm asking myself. On the one hand I had a nice flight with the old hens and on the other a debacle with the youngsters. First the good news, Saturday flight Morlincourt 4 hens, and the association 3 awards a 6th-20th and 24th. For me and my hens a great achievement. the 6th pigeon in the association was 52 in the circuit of ± 750 pigeons. These results offer a perspective for the next flight, but not like that. A little afterglow in the clubhouse of the rash and a drink, get flight still debriefed and forged plans for the next flight. Similarly, last Saturday, I spoke with a table mate was about the youngsters and I wanted to bring them more time off to focus on. He had the same idea so together we came to the conclusion to Sunday morning for an hour or 7.00 way to ride the youngsters for a africhtings race of ± 35 km. No sooner said than done, Sunday morning 6.00 hours got up and quietly did the youngsters in the basket. Still to freak out watching it a faint west wind with some scattered clouds . In the car on the way to my fellow companion looked really wrong out. Once there a moment deliberated and we both saw it sit nicely drilling vluchtje for the youngsters and a prelude to the training flight next Tuesday. In the car a little chat about the birds and the results of the old bird race, we decided to stop at a gas station for a cup of coffee. Moments later we got into the car to drive the last stretch to the intended unloading. Arrived at the unloading had a look at the sky and, we did it happen. The baskets were removed from the car and put firmly set, the last sip of coffee worked in and we were ready for discharge. The valves were loose and the pigeons were clearly defined in a few seconds they were all nice together and looked up in the air to the right direction. So Far So good . During the restoration of the baskets in the car had a look and saw them flying as a couple and looking for the right direction. As you drive towards the house we were still on the always exciting, a drilling with youngsters. We were again fairly quickly address my fellow(companion) We wished each other success and even talked that we would keep each other informed. Along driving towards my house I got a appje that he had been nothing. When you walk home myself arrived first to the loft and I also saw nothing I appte immediately. Anyway we had the boy 8.00 unloaded and to 9.08 came the first pigeon and then to 10.00 hour 3 pieces. And when it remained studiously silent. My youngsters measure had all told 1 this time. So we came over a very unpleasant feeling that could give this drilling vluchtje sometimes a very unpleasant aftertaste. Now The Day After laying out the balance I have 18 of the 35 stand in the clock so I'm thick over half. My companion had 14 of the 25 the clock and that's really thick over half. As I wrote in previous pieces, I think youngsters flights the most flights, the only way to it is often fun but sometimes quite annoying. We are now hoping again that there are still found as far as possible the way home. So we have this we can cram again for the upcoming flights. Those who are now coming home have learned enough to say I will mar. I want as much as possible on the young bird races playing and the pigeons are not ready to be able to join natour. And as my mother ever said ” Who is not at home, I also have to take this into account. And so it is also. On to the next flight. I wish everyone a lot of success and I will say again the next time.

The Day After, I will call it. I can only begin when the first flight over youngsters!!!!!! I hope as I write this there are a lot of youngsters returned home. In the last night appeared at the turn of the clocks in our society saw at least not very bright. Of the 183 youngsters were 82 home so that is minus 101!!!!!!!. The courage you still sinks into the shoes and even further below. As I wrote last time , it's every young bird race again squeezing bill. They come home, how come home and how they come home. Throughout the country there were many losses, according to reports from the grapevine. Where it should be about how much the youngsters are flights, is only discussed, how many you have at home. In recent years there has been a lot written and researched how well it is possible that there are so many losses among the youngsters. He will be all sorts (proposed solutions) pills, powders, drinks , droplets. Whether or not darken or enlighten. Whole schemes drilling of small to large distances. And do not forget coli or variations thereon which is also a big bummer. These are teething problems among youngsters. I wonder sometimes if that is not the big problem ??. Coli is an almost elusive. One day they fly more mercury and fit around and nothing wrong with the pigeons and the other day they coli. It's just a handful fanciers to play every week to assist the vet, to have their pigeons. Partly to costs, partly to the time luk that the average fan does not. What content so that (top lovers) usually the pigeons on fast track to play the whole association fucked. The youngsters is devalued and only attractive to the above average enthusiast. How much fun do you get a result where half of the association can not join because they coli. I think playing their own gain and interest than a larger role. How nice would it be that as a club have a league where everyone would participate. That there would be solidarity in the club and the top fanciers would share their knowledge and skills with other players. This demonstrates yet be very difficult for top players. A charm offensive to members how terrible it is and congratulations again and hide what it really is. Maybe it's an option for the upcoming season flights to playing half of the pigeons on the youngsters and make the other half on the late tour and both a fun competition. The principal of this competition is that both the youngsters and the late races remains a great league and I hope we have fewer losses. So next year is enough material to fill the loft. Would it be an option to have a veterinarian at the club for flights arrive where each member could make use of. To leave the pigeons look so come to light at an earlier stage any imperfections. Similarly and more importantly by the youngsters is the case before the races begin africhtingen and pigeons check late in a club. and also carry out during the flight once an investigation. I think it costs less balance than self medicate when it's too late. I also think that if we could move the youngsters to Augustusburg, any teething better it can cope because they have more time to recover the pigeons. We do our pigeons not cure a murder corridor and to prepare for the next flight, otherwise the distance would be too great. More rest is less stress !!!!!!! Having said this, I want to talk a little about the latter-day . I had 4 hens, and on the flight day there was nothing at home. So quite a disappointment. Today I have 3 hens back so that's another windfall. The next week the weather forecast is such that there is probably no youngsters flight will be gone. So for the latecomers some more time to recover. I wish everyone good luck with the upcoming flights. And I will say again the next time.

We are the first youngsters race. In recent weeks is therefore trained to your heart or self, or with the association , or with the container. Last Sunday, the club organized a drilling flight. We had 251 pigeons and the point was Venray. I myself did 35 it. I had to 6.00 hours rose to address the pigeons quietly and immediately a chip ring to do. It was also a good time to do a drop in the neck against lice and other ectoparasites (nice word for lice, fleas,sign and the like) If 9.00 hours basketting started at the club for this drilling. When I arrived to 9.15 hour was busy and was already outside the trailer and were the youngsters already in full the baskets doing. There were also fans who saw this as a training vluchtje their old birds, which is also not a problem. After a delicious cup of cowboy coffee or cup boesewinkel (teer) We are at exactly 10.00 hours left for Venray. I as a driver, a convonyeur and mini convonyeureke (9 year) . The ride went nice and 10.45 Venray hours we drove in, we went looking for a good unloading. This we found on a road under construction in an industrial center in the field. When we got out of the car stuck our shoes stuck to the tar layer on the road (I immediately think of the coffee earlier that morning) A little looking around and it was a good place, we have to 10.55 hours unloaded the pigeon, they had a wonderful departure, So far So good. We drove back home, if 11.30 we were already reports that the first pigeons were home so far to put it right. Arrived at the club put back the trailer and immediately headed home to see how many there were in the clock. I almost got the lack when I had seen my wife asked how many doves they home, No one said they!!!!!! So I strode out and already saw a lot of 10 sit in the pen. (women see mar roare Kerls said my father ever) When I stood at the clock there was 23 the clock and there were still a lot of 8 on the roof. The dakzitters did not really hurry to come down, I already got a bit of a strange feeling at. Later in the afternoon I saw the race in which there were some vomit, and later in the loft I saw several perches vomited food are. Usually coli also has been introduced. And so it was jammerenoeg. So Sunday measures taken immediately and now after 3 days it already looks better. I had no idea that it is a heavy coli. The 1st day very little green mucous stools and now after 3 days it's as good as gone. Anyway the result was after this drilling, 2 pigeons away and a light coli in the loft. The question I pose myself now, I or some pigeons 1st race can and wants to play. Maybe a piece of 5 !!!!. The first flight has 140 km which in itself is quite firm , we go from 70 km ( drilling) to 140 km. The following is on wedvlucht 160 km. What is wisdom and the pigeons I do possibly with a chance to come home unscathed. I have a few days so I'll wait until Friday. Going back to the last middle distance race I had 5 hens with the first I turn to 14.25.12 This was 30 more so no significant role in the club. I still hope one outlier, who knows the upcoming one-day. I wish everyone good luck and happiness sure flight at the upcoming 1st youngsters. And of course also for the much-day sucses. I will say again the next time.

almost at Pentecost has ended. I find it nice long weekend, certain at this time the young bird races are fast approaching. And if the weather is still a bit of luck is all it took. Especially for the training of the youngsters, because in this period we are now. I find this the least fun period of the youngsters. Eclipsing, pigeons catch do in the basket, bringing for drilling, and that 2 a 3 times a week. And every time you sit back to wait if they come home with buttocks squeezed together and how!!!!!. For me it is just as gone wrong in many other several times during priming. So I'm more careful with the training. start with small distances and build the next flight, every time a few kilometers away. The downside is that you have to bring the pigeons away more often and (benefit) I hope that at least, During this short africhtingen I forfeit less pigeons!!!!!!. I have the wisdom not to lease, but you try something and hope that you found it. Up to now, it is in any case going well (I immediately knocked on rough wood) because you do not ask the gods. I have now the pigeons 5 once trained and are now on 10 km, in comparison with other years I was after 5 times already at minimal 30 km. I take them off every time an old travel basket, as same trip basket I also stand the young pigeon loft I throw while carrying a hand feed and hang there with water bowls. I hope this all of which help the youngsters will soon experience less stress during the holidays and more importantly they know how to find the cisterns in the travel basket. So all in all a chore to the youngsters good and healthy to get the start. Now smoothness on flights last weekend. I had 4 hens with the one-day and 2 hens ( a wounded and terugkomer ) the Vitesse. I did lights for clock 1 hen of the one-day home 15.43.55 what was good for a 15th place in the club but no significant role in the circle. I had a wounded on the Vitesse and a hen who came back after a year in the loft. This latter I had the clock face just before the clock lights 16.48.31 the other around 18.00 hour. It was a very fast (SW wind 5 up to 6) flight at high speeds ( the highest rate ever recorded 143.26 km) 0nvoorstelbaar. I 5 of the 6 hens at home, I want to play next weekend at a middle distance race. So again plenty of work to do and continue to hope for a good result. I wish everyone good luck with buggy and prepare the birds for the next flight. I will say again the next time.

It seems that summer has finally been introduced today the temperature rises above the first 30 degrees. Delicious for all, for the birds, the garden or on a terrace delicious. Yesterday 4 pigeons 2 the clock and 2 a kind fly. I hear you, a kind fly !!!. I had already set the clock at home, in 2 designated pigeons but I had the wrong flight(done Limoges.) So that I could not play at Soissons. Not so handy. The 1st and 2nd nominated who had entered the wrong flight (Limoges) I had the lead at Soissons. The 1st was there 11.15 and the 2nd order 11.35. I had no idea whether it was early or late, We are busy in the garden so not really waiting for the pigeons. When I saw the result was the dove 11.15 reasonable time. This had been 14th in the association but yes there you have of course the flight, something more to the form which is over. Certainly the 2nd day long distance flight in sight it is good to see that all that is better. I had a party last night so I was not at the turn of the clock to the club. This morning, first as a brackish head to the pigeon (Alcohol did not miss its effect). Even giving the racing couples bath and the young pigeons. When I prayed to the pilots to fill as a dove landed on the cover, that happens naturally sometimes more, Although too late yet!!!. I looked at the door and there was a hen I had the door closed but she ducked in through the door. Clearly a pigeon belong here I thought. Anyway the hen left by the pilots in the loft and she went straight to drink and a little peck feed. The other pigeons got ready to dive into the bath so I had them but just go ahead. Well it is the case that during my (ramp)drilling last week 10 km one hen was left. So I thought she might well be, they at least seemed much. I was curious and went back a little later to the loft. They sat jauntily on the breeding loft, I could hold so she was nice about not flying off. And then I looked at the ring number I was surprised it was the sister (girder nest of hen I the 10 drilling km'm lost). I was a bit surprised this hen was no longer on the entlijst and was described last year in my pigeon program with W stayed away. To cut a long story short, I ask myself where this hen all along has been to come back to over a year in the private loft. I wonder therefore wonder they have kept this hen, for breeding hen or widow hen if I know what. She looked cared so a swagger was not, Well then say it remains a mystery. I'll see next week if she returns home from a drilling. Maybe I can use them. I am now busy with the training of the youngsters I've 2 weggehad time both times to the same place and so far everything Thuus. The following drilling again a few kilometers away. and then this weekend the 2nd middle distance. I hope again a success but more like hope is not. I wish everybody luck with the boy and the next flight. I will say the next time.

With all good intentions to play the hens in the one-day, it was a bit different. A buddy of mine is a driver and had his first ride on Monday to Den Bosch. I thought a nice drilling. So we did the pigeons in the basket and (think should) put down. He would take them and in good weather near Den Bosch releasing doves. I got a appje that he 6 hens to 07.40 had unleashed. I am to 08.30 went to work, the door was open and I had turned the clock so they could walk inside. If 10.00 call to go home and asked my wife if she wanted to look at the clock. There is still nothing on she said, and then you get a bit of a weird feeling . Den Bosch 45 km and then after flying thick 2 h no pigeon home. When I 16.30 came home they were all 6 inside so I had again made me worry about nothing. But how different was the Wednesday I was 10 km from home to work and thought they could do a lapvluchtje that distance. I have the 6 hens and taken to 9.00 released hours. If 10.00 am still called to go home assuming they all 6 fresh and fruity would sit in the loft. not so !!!!!!. This is usually not a good sign. And so it was I came to 16.00 home and the first straight to the loft I looked inside and there was 1 hen with a large wound in the neck on the shelf. That was not quite sign when I looked at were the roof of our house and there, 4 hens a little nervous look around. Anyway to cut a long story, if 21.00 hour I had them with a mountain of stress within. The balance sheet laying out 1 dove wounded 1, dove away, in 4 doves padje. A corollary is that your pigeons the next day unable to baskets for the 1st-day flight. So then but decided to play the pigeons on the Vitesse I still 5 which I 4 can play (1 injured) No sooner said than done 4 hen I putted Friday with the hope that they could get a little Saturday decent home. And was happy that so. The first hen I clocked at 11.15.58 and the second 11.17.35 both good for the other tail low price 2 arrived half an hour later. so all 4 home where I was happy and I can embroider it again by the following flights. Now just about the youngsters. In a few weeks the youngsters have to be ready to go so there is a lot of work to do with training flights, tame, take good care, try to avoid stress. Overall busy times. I wish everyone a lot of success for the following flights. I will say again the next time.

Last Saturday I did not participate. A good customer celebrated her 80th birthday, the party started 16.00 and was celebrated in a hall in Bargercompascuüm and located in Drenthe. So we sat around 14.00 in the car to leave. My wife has the reins in such outings, so there was little space in time. Hence decided not to join the pigeons on the 2nd middle distance race. I thought it was too bad that I could not play the hens. They sit on eggs and well connected. This Saturday, the 1st one-day on the program so I have some more hope for a slightly better result. Saturday they give nice again so it could well be beautiful flight. I got a little used to the one-day flights so I'll be quite disappointed if the birds do not get better than the last middle distance races. I'm the hens this week sometime laps in preparation . I look at it this flight. I wish everyone good luck and I will say again the next time. Oh yeah, I want to thank everyone for the comments on my pieces on the site especially the bit about love club does have the e.e.a. released at various lovers and associations.

I have received many comments on my previous post on my site about the club love. There were reactions that asked who the people were!!, also comments that they had experienced something like the same experience. But most of the reaction was surely the fact that one is surprised about the fact that there still roam lovers who are not concerned with the interests of the sport. And be it in a club or regional or national level. Although the number of members each year decreases rapidly there will always be people who just do it for their own gain and glory. And now we all hope that the new plan in which 2021 presented a change will cause. I help you with hope, in my goodbye is a noble pursuit. The pilots now taking place in New Zealand with a new GPS clocking system, which is now claimed and spoken about in the corridors that will replace the existing recording systems. My thought is like that actually happen, existing systems hit nothing worth. Provided that a trade action comes but I have read nothing about. And the cost issue, how many members we think 2021 yet actually have. The less members the higher costs, it is the principle of supply and demand. Also, it may be recruited not yet quite clear to me how to get more members and what the expectations thereof. Overall a cautionary note, but that does not mean that I am an opponent. No far from it all. There will be something to be done and I hope that the plan 2021 the prelude to a beautiful and better pigeon will in all its facets. But you do change the mentality of the loner, selfish, the individualist with. I do not think so, antisocial behavior within an association, or these players will continue to show at what level. There is still a lot of work to do, which I hope is not in vain all the work. Now back to the last flight. Since last Monday the breeding cocks definitively linked to the hens. It was pretty easy the cocks have experience and that is handy at all yearling hens. I was the last time a bit too optimistic that the hens could have made their 1st egg. This week could adjust that matter more to reality. So I want this week just look at what is feasible in terms of 2nd middle distance race. If the hens are about to make, I would rather not play for sure because the yearling hens that still need to learn the game. But it remains to be seen. Now just the flight I had 6 hens with the 1st middle distance race , the pigeons are released to 11.45 with NW wind later turning to N-NO so a tough vluchtje. I had estimated that the pigeons ± 4 1/2 would fly over and patted reasonable. Except “you understand all “not with me, I clocked the first pigeon to 16.58 almost three minutes later, although this time was still a tail low price. So it indicated that it was a tough flight. But what worried me more concerned was the fact that I refuse to pass 2 pigeons had home. I could see the pigeons not go home because I had to take off our daughter to Schiphol. During the return trip haunted it anyway through your head if there already are more pigeons at home. Finally arrived home straight to the loft and luckily they were all within the six 4 latecomers were waiting for the door to their cocks in the propagator. Now back to work for the next flight, I hope they will put the beginning of the week and mid 2nd egg. Good thing I do not get yourself in hand. I will say again the next time.

In my Column in “Rail”club about love, I wrote that I was with an older couple for my work to e.e.a. perform to paint n.a.v. a renovation project. Now I received last week a coupon for a repair request at the same address. It was after the renovation was a small leak and I had to repair the walls of the toilet and recoating. It was a small job so I was a poop and fart finished work. Like the last time the woman of the house gave me a cup of coffee. I had not yet Geschaft so that was good and I was able to eat a sandwich. Mother the woman poured a cup of coffee, pulled the coat took the bag and went just like last time again shopping. I sat at the same table in the same place. As I picked up my lunchbox, I shoved the newspaper and some papers on the table were some aside. The old man looked at me and pointed silently to a paper that was on the table. (Minutes of a meeting) Back there he put immediately shore. My son yesterday went to the meeting of the new club. And he continued to me it's a nice club, with fun lovers. When he said that I felt the "but" all aankomen.De top player who had kept his secret transfer long and almost made via a press conference announced his arrival was also, He continued with his story. I asked if he himself had joined the new club of his son. No, I do not start anymore, I help my son a little with the pigeons and Saturday I'm going to waylay. I think that is more than enough. you, he put a little annoyed shore is really unteachable whether it is an egoist. It is believed he continued with lofty voice. He was clearly the top player. The man continued his story, really trying everything to keep playing his own game. I looked at him a bit puzzled. It seems to me I said "that have their own rules and vision of a new club. And that most members do not leave fob off. Furthermore, I think if I hear so, that there is a competent administration that can respond adequately and control. And represents the interests of each member, because everyone pays the same fee. And has the same rights and obligations, and everyone contributes to the welfare of the club. You'd think he said "he simply resumes where it stopped when the club lifted them. He tries everything again put his hand he went on relentlessly. He has given himself some committee within the club. I also heard in the corridors that club members have received several youngsters from him. He tries to win souls, and nodded his head with disapproval. Could it not be that it is all new to him and that he's just insecure person 'I asked'. That's all he said, visibly annoyed game, He plays a game he has always done and will continue to do. How and what to do before it does not matter. All for their own gain and glory, that is his credo. Meanwhile, the woman of the house came back home and had heard her husband. 'Oh,' she said, it's time again, He is making himself busy again the pigeon club. He winked at me and nodded toward his wife. Everyone also has its good sides, they said, he responded compassionately and growled softly that he had not yet found. but, he sighed, it will take my time. I hope that the sport is still a long life. Because how you went at it the sport for me is the best sport there. And as my father ever said "To think of yourself you do not have to be in pairs".

For me and my pigeons third vluchtje. The weather was not really to write home about, a bit bleak and occasionally heavy rain. With around ten o'clock even hail and sleet. The pigeons were released to 10.00 hour with NW winds and are between the showers to fly home. What I understood from the stories, the flight went well. I myself have been given little flight, I had a couple visclubje (fishing behind the net) planned an afternoon of fishing in a trout well so I was eleven o'clock all the way to Vortum Mullem, it had to happen. The fishing was good around five o'clock there were 38 trout in the joint net, a nice catch. In the cafeteria there, drank a beer and then back home. My pigeons mate Tonnie had brought the clock to turn in the club and on the way home I got the results constantly through the app. I had 1 dove awards (34)an intermediate low price but good compared to last week, a slight improvement. It was also the 1 drawn hen. So I can be myself again this week at the chest beating what I look like pigeons. Next week it'll be very different. I had 7 hens with, I had Saturday 6 home and 1 is left behind. I have hens last week linked completed the cocks with breeding cocks. I can only play with the hens this year, because I have 2 cocks are no longer can they come flying in the breeding loft fly but there is no more. So gradually the game is on the car and I still hope to participate a little bit. I do not have very high expectations but there is always hope. Next week, the first middle distance race, I hope that the hens have laid so I can play them. We await!!!!! I will say again the next time.

We are in the month of May, and May all birds lay an egg except the cuckoo and the blade laying in the month of May not. Most birds have already laid their first egg and the young sprouts fly out long and wide their circle s in the air. Going back to the flight of the last week. It was a somewhat autumnal day with low temperatures. The pigeons were liberated at 12.40 with SSW wind 3 and between the showers come home. I have not fully pigeons on widowhood, so you have to hope for a toevalstreffertje. If 14.49 was the first pigeon on the roof and refused to immediately enter. Even I got the feeling that this pigeon could well be on time, but that feeling was gone right back. The reality of course is that the birds certainly have no multiforme and they have yet to be properly attached to play the game widowhood. I had a tail with low price 1 hen, Initially, there I will say. On to the next flight and hope it goes a little better. I wish everyone a lot of success for the next flight, and I will say again the next time.

The second race has evaporated, it was a lovely day, well above the 20 degrees. The wind was O- NO so for my pigeons still a pretty tough vluchtje for the first time this season. I had total 8 birds that I could join. The last training is one stayed away and 2 injured at home. So I could 6 hens and 2 playing cocks. It was a beautiful day to work outside our home. I need not bore me to attend because there is still plenty of work to do. So between the work by watching once or pigeons are released and then back to work. A buddy of mine came to help me to make the outer wall insulation to an old moored facade. Paste a decent job Styrofoam plates against the wall. It's a perfect system you basically makes a new facade and also well insulated too. But so far the work. The pigeons were liberated at 9.45 and they had to ± 160 discard km. I had calculated that between myself 11.45 in 12.00 pigeons had to fall. This calculation knocked nice, except “you guessed it” not with me. I had not counted on but hoped for an early dove. That is not to come. Is vielen about 12.22 3 hens 10 second, be the 1st-drawn first on the valve, though. But otherwise it was a good flight for my pigeons 13.29 was the last pigeon on the valve. All 8 pigeons back home, so again the next week and gradually I hope we get some progress books so they have to deal with the middle distance and one day better the condition and that I was on these flights a small role significant to play. The game now is for me the car, and yet shows a great feeling. It just remains a great sport, which I definitely will surprise again this year. I will say again the next time.

The first race is over, I could not participate unfortunately pigeons. I sat at home glued with a nasty stomach flu Shit boring and I was sick of shit I will say. It was a cold Saturday and why I thought it was not so much that the birds did not participate. As I have already said several times my interest lies not entirely with the Vitesse flights, but that does not mean that I still like them let fly. It is the 2nd year that I play at the new location. I have 11 are yearlings 4 doffers en 7 hens so I have a bit of viegelieren how to play the game. I do not expect that I will play a big role, but hope to have occasional nice result then I would have been very happy. By contrast, I expect the youngsters do a thing. They fly right around house, there are far from healthy, and so far no losses yet. You never know when youngsters, but I am so far very pleased. I have total 36 and I will have to make do with. I hope I keep enough youngsters this year so that I can properly select and fill well in the loft of the old birds, so that I 8 couples can build to fly them. But that's for next season. Now to reality, on the next flight A. S. Saturday. It promises to be a beautiful nice day so the weather will not be . I rejoice therefore have to see the pigeons for the 1st time this season at home. Still a little planning might take a bit away and then they should be able. I'm confident in , I wish everyone good luck with the upcoming flight. I will say again the next time.

Last Saturday was the training at Tilburg I had total 11 pigeons. My buddy Tonnie had the pigeons basketed at the club. I was for a couple of days fishing in Ireland with a friend of mine. We had saved a number of years to predators abroad, and this year was the day. We have 3 days fishing on beautiful waters in a beautiful setting in a beautiful country. The catches were not very spectacular, but enough to look back with a good feeling on this vacation. Anyway the training flight from Tilburg as I now can see reasonably well, 11 , and 10 back. It's disappointing and it never went as pigeons not coming home but that is inherent in the sport. This week to prepare the birds again for the first sprint race of ± 140 km I try to get to the start as possible and hope for early bird. So I have the real motivation is still missing pigeons are not on widowhood. But the racing season has begun and it still gives always healthy tension and challenge for every flight. I look forward again to stare at the sky the upcoming flight again and see if there is a dot to see who later on will cover countries. Always a goosebumps moment. I wish everyone a very happy flight and good luck. I will say again the next time.

Last weekend for the first time trained pigeons. About a race of 10 km is more than enough for the first time. They had flown around the house all week and that went well, So the time is come buggy. How do you turn or reverses the still always exciting the first training flight. When I got home there was no sign of dove, I was twenty minutes before the first home 6 flew in domestic pigeons. fifteen minutes afterwards there were still 3, So with an hour 9 pigeons home over a distance of 10 km.!!!!!! The form is still not really got there fedusie in that as the season progresses it will get better. Anyway the last 2 pigeons were respectively 1 hours 2 hours later, when the first pigeons so they have been traveling ff. Let there he just say they have learned a lot. This weekend they first go on the training I'm confident that they'll come home, and at this stage in the form in which the birds find themselves now that the highest. I will say again the next time.

Last week we read the clocks in the club and attached rings. I bought a new clock, another system. I had Unikon and switched to Benzing. It is smoothing used to but have great confidence in the new system. I enjoyed using the old system but also sometimes annoyance. I had 12 antennas distributed among two fly flaps, by these antennas are all connected to each other by means of (12)plugs and the risk of interference is slightly larger. Especially when the system is built up regularly and is degraded. The plugs are sensitive and take the risk of failure as the system gets older to. Last year I also had some time and trouble on the flight day and that's something you do not want. The stress that the system is not working right before the pigeons have come home is annoying. Morning when connecting did everything it, I had the test card numbered antennas and everything worked. Also on the clock gave 12 antennas, but that does not say anything, I understood later. Anyway so I decided to sell my old system and buy a new system. A pigeon friend pointed out to me that Benzing had a system with small and large antennas, the size of the landing board determines the size of the antennas. On my hatchways applied a 12 field antenna. The big advantage I find this is that you only 2 connectors used to connect to the system and therefore the potential for interference is smaller. so the pigeons are in the bell rings linked we are technically ready for the new racing season. The upcoming weeks still some work to do, the old still need to be trained. They are all yearlings so that should the game still and little learning. I have expectations therefore not be so high, I hope the old to make a little fun along with occasional uitschietertje the middle distance or middle distance. Hopefully the weather is a little with the upcoming time for everyone finer. I will say again the next time.

We are now back on a good week, and the young pigeons fly apace, not all because there is some difference in age between. I always go a little apprehensive as the last bijgezette youngsters for the first time flies get lost. This is because the older younger whatsoever on fly. And every year it all is not so bad. Furthermore, it is now time raptor I live right on the outside area , and there is also a vegetable farmer with his own orchard. You know how it is all of those rows of fruit trees that sometime in late September early October a bus with Poland, Ukrainians, Romanians, Hungarians being driven inward for(an apple and an egg) a murder corridor to pick the fruit from the trees. In the same orchard are also those raptor enclosures so that the Raptor has domicillie and that should scare the starlings and other fruitpikkers in orchard. The Raptors also want to extend the wings and sometimes hang out in a split second, above my loft which is not conducive to your pigeons and your own rhythm. I miss so far 1 youngster as I can see. I am quite stopped to count the birds every time they have been outside. You do not be quieter. I always have a pair of doves that stand out to me and to miss as little faster. And then I know instinctively when pigeons are missing, usually at a glance. But that many fanciers , I spoke. I have the racers last weekend coupled so that we try to fully get to work to get the start again they appear soon as possible. The Vitesse Flights are not my specialty, but they are pretty flights to watch the pigeons on it. So the next few weeks enough work to do. I will say again the next time.

The last update I wrote that the youngsters for the first time had separate . Meanwhile I 31 ringed youngsters and have 27 dropped off. Of this 27 it fly 20 many nice around the house, but because I have some youngsters have put in I feel that this is at the expense of flying the rest. I noticed that when I youngsters side we still have to sit a few older inside or on the valve. So I'll just have some patience!!!. The older boy have been nice to throw down so they look do not really neat. Last week I was at 'noon home, it was about an hour or 4 when my daughter noticed that something flew past the house and fell to the ground. while she said that she immediately looked outside and saw no more 2 meters away from our house a peregrine falcon sitting on top of a youngster. The Valkje sat with wings all across the youngster, I saw when I walked out. At one meter distance came the peregrine falcon with youngster made his way to the youngster himself completely disoriented leaving. I walked to the bird but walked away and then flew on to the valve immediately fly to the loft and immediately inside. S’ night I have looked at whether pigeons what was wrong but could not see anything going on, the following days the pigeons monitored but have nothing to brands. So the birds have passed the first test. I hope there are no more follow terms of prey because it remains always a shame to lose birds this way. We are already in March and a week or 5 Vitesse started the first flights. For me, these are not as important as the Vitesse is not my game. But of course it is a nice prelude to start the season. I hope this year to do some great times along with the old birds . As for the boy, I try 2018 to match or even improve. But that will take effe. I will say again the next time.

Today the youngsters for the first time outside. I have around 9.00 hour put Sputnik. I was a little apprehensive because some youngsters sitting at which a week earlier had gekunnen out. The danger is that they are too quick. They can just anywhere scare and then you immediately from. I go to work all day and not been home whatever is best in my case with youngsters. When I round 16.00 came home, there were still 3 pigeons outside on the roof with neighbors, and in the Sputnik I noticed there are a few. I had a van run stand, I am so rattled walked with voerbus direction loft. I have some food thrown at the door for those who were still outside. When I was young in the loft, I saw that all the pigeons were in and around the loft. I'm the first few times so far satisfied is always exciting to release the youngsters. Where I'm hesitant a bit is that I'm still brooding and so soon going to put the youngsters in the 2nd round with the pigeons of the 1st round. the difference in age and experience, I often find too much so that the young of the 2nd round little overconfident going to do, and you can quickly from. I now choose to 2nd round what used to drop so they do not fly with immediately but first get used to the aviary and sputnik to then begin the great adventure. Hopefully it works this way. The racing season is rapidly approaching so now the concern is to get things back on track. And as my mother ever said “All beginnings are difficult in the beginning, but the beginning is later note” I will say again the next time.


Gradually comes a little rest. For now though, calm before the storm so to speak. Spring is coming which means that it will start out painting season. And with our new home are also still some work as the garden, build new barn, and the exterior paintwork 2 storage should be finished. I want to do a little gefaceerd so I still keep a little time for family and pigeons. It is nice that I can now live and work at the same location. The pigeon season is around the corner. Last year alone flown with the youngsters at the new location. I 11 pigeons kept and with this team I'm going to start this year the pigeon season. Being 7 hens and 4 doffers. I'm more or less play double widowhood, I say more or less because the cocks are ondertal. I am coming 3 cocks too short and that I fill with breeding cocks. It is a transitional year so I did not lie so high the bar. I hope for some good results. I want to focus on the middle distance and middle distance. For these disciplines, you need pigeons for being there. I hope this year to make the first steps and through selection and any new supplement suitable for the mid and middle distance. So for now challenge enough. I will say again the next time.

Despite the frost, the eggs of the previous week yet to come, I first youngster ringed. a pup 707 x 024. Furthermore gradually the eggs with the other couples from. In total there as it now looks like 8 doves 7 couples from, not a genuine whole high score 57 %. he had 3 unfertilized eggs 3 eggs were broken or pressed fought. A cock the 902 had no fertilized eggs and I had after 6 days also removed, na 10 Days were again 2 eggs i post 5 days weather candled and these were not fertilized again. Pity I hope is still that fertilized the next round of di couple. But you are tired satisfied with what you have , I think then. I will say again the next time.


The first frost has been introduced 2 nights each other moderate frost. Many fanciers who have already started with breeding, holding their breath. So I , I had the Christmas the cocks and hens put together with the intention to link them free. You yourself have an idea beforehand what birds you see as ideal couples. But if you choose a free link to find the partners together and the choice casual. Much has been said and written about what 's best, one swears by free coupling because the pigeons would experience less stress. A free link usually gives less to worry because the birds more easily find their own broedbak. The other swears assemblies couples with yourself this because you can put the dream couples together. You have more links in the hand and line breeding is must that you put the right pigeons together. It gives some more work because the pigeons in some instances in another must broedbak, so you can better the couples and to release to avoid battles and in the broedbak. Then you also have breeding stallion( one cock with a plurality of hens) but I have never done. Of the 7 breeding pairs are 4 couples that I previously had itself provided and couples, the other 3 couples can I have peace because it is a surprise but in itself. The first round of eggs will hatch in a period of about 5 days 28 January 2 February. Except 1 torque which is a hen (the o24) I myself have bred from a son of the champion middle distance x is a subsidiary of The Chief of the Comb. Beverdam. This hen is now 10 years old and is the favorite in the loft I have not really grown and they've generally used as feeder to the youngsters. Of 024 Dove is not easy to connect but that year it went very smoothly and they had inside 7 days is the 1st egg, They attached to the 707 a beautiful cock of mold (Mart Fields of Velp) This cock has its value as racing cock certainly proved, as you can see on the picture is in the gallery on this site. Partly because the 024 10 years old and the 2nd egg 4 Days later placed as the 1st egg I decided to remove the 2nd egg and replacing it with an artificial egg. Today, the egg hatched and she sits like a queen on the broedbak . I hope of course that it is a top pigeon but that will have to indicate the future. And as a friend of mine ever says “I started with nothing, and I still it remains the most”. I will say again the next time.



Recently, the canvas cases of the club of which I was a member. Last year we have the 50 anniversary celebrated with some a little hope to keep the club alive. But as the general tendency is to jettison in the sport not we escaped late last year to the club. For some, a heavy bill because of something they 30 , 40, or sometimes 50 year were members had to say goodbye. Some were social contacts with the club members and when they finished work cozy drink a dram. For others, the result was paramount and there for all districts even had social contacts and certainly no drink after basketing or stalling. But that was what made the club what it was, everyone there was room. On one of the last basketings Show came with a poem. Well I have to tell about Show that he almost weekly wrote a spell on the blackboard in the clubhouse, often to the amusement of fellow club members. Show is a well-read man, he reads every day a few newspapers and in between a good book and the various pigeon magazines. So Show always has to say something, He was also very critical of teammates who only thought of themselves and were much involved for personal gain. He would say very clearly what he thought, and hit the nail on the head. Show did a real pigeon lover of the sport but was not fanatical enough for the league game. Now back to the last basketings Show where his poem read to. It was entitled:


The lift was solid and strong, more than 50 year

2 paws is less, and the club to “jammer”.

It was a good cluppie, something like Orange, but that Koeman.

My goal was to become champion, but had soon realized I was not fanatical enough.

But then champion baskets cleaning! However, a price.

A many years done with Eef, last year alone.

It was also expensive, Saturday all day waiting in the loft before my pigeons were home.

That cost me a suit Shag and half a case of beer.

This money I do now and go to a target. She lives at the same address!!!!

I'm not complaining else is too long.

I'm not kissing, but I thank you all for many great years.

Further, much health and happiness in this world.


Very succinctly described a lover from beginning to end.

Pigeon remains a beautiful hobby such as revealing picture of the NPO sticker. I've found a few I hope the future of the sport will look just as beautiful as this sticker. I will say again the next time.


Best wishes for 2019 Make it a great year with many pigeons fun and sportsmanship.


It's been a while since I wrote a piece on my site. As I wrote the last time we did a 1 November into our new house, and it has succeeded. 27 October J.L.. We involved our new home . It was not quite ready but we can sleep, eat and shower sit in the living room. De hal, overflow and storage need additional attention, but only as a marking time. And in the new year again encounter. During the renovation, I still 7 Flights joined the youngsters, and if I say it was not really myself without merit. I am finally 12 of the 22 youngsters finished 3rd with the result indicated in the strong dept 8 region 4 around 3 I am very proud. It is now 20 December, I have the breeding loft with buitenrennetje ready hens and today I put the cocks, So the breeding season has begun. I've been a bunch of beautiful cocks and hens to breed, Last season, several enthusiasts with pigeons from these couples also flew top prizes. I have decided this year to make new couples to grow out. I also go for the racing season linking the breeding cocks on the racing hens and racing cocks and breeding hens. This way I can with 11 pigeons to the races get involved. So there is a great challenge in the offing. I'll still put a run for the youngsters loft so the youngsters will soon get used inside and outside the new environment. I will try to regularly write a piece in order to share the progress of the culture. And as my mother ever said “another can not say what you believe. I will say again the next time.



UPDATE 08 april 2018 SEASON FLY FLY PIGEONS and whatever else is on the table (WVTTK)

08 april 2018

As I told you last time it is not easy to write a weekly piece. We n.l. 29 March bought our new house and there is a lot of work. The demolition work we do ourselves and must for 1 May, ready for the builders started. It is a major undertaking and I go every night from my work directly to our new home. Since I work showering until half past nine and then go home and eat even do a little bit of administration, and then have a drink and go to bed. It is quite an undertaking, but the prospects are good hope 1 November in pulling into our new house. There is already finished part which is (How could it be different) the loft. Last week they put the loft tis a box of 6 mtr met 4 departments, the largest is the two smaller ones for the youngsters for the growers and 8 widowers. The entrance hall is also the hens stay. We put there a duivinnenbak where twenty hens can. So the rooms are all well used. I have some couples at a different location to sit where I am involved in the cultivation. There are now 16 pigeons ringed, This week I have a lot of 6 rings so I then 22 youngsters of my own pigeons which I flee the youngsters this year can fly, my birds mate Tonnie also has a lot of 7 pigeons bred for me. So in total I'm going to start the season with thirty youngsters pigeons. It is altogether a busy business day our own business , the pigeons provide a location approximately 10 km from home and the evening Bob the Builder hang. But it's all for charity I will say. I am now in the middle of keukenlarij my other half wants to know because the right level for the new kitchen, but I can not give exact because there are walls to be demolished which may affect the dimensions of the kitchen. So tie also a chore to arrange to everyone's satisfaction. And as my father ever said “It is a very gewip, Before you grandfather. That's how it is. Until next time I will again say.

18 March 2018

It currently is not possible to write a weekly piece on my site, partly because we are very busy with our company well I write 2 a weekly column in the footsteps of champions. And of course with the house sale and purchase new home. The house where we live, will be renovated significantly i.a.. demolish new front and rear side, and on a new foundation masoning. There are all new windows and there is a new roof. We're talking only about the outer shell, inside it is all new, but there is not much changed in the format. So we want to keep intact the tiles in the hallway and the door panel, we want to reuse as much as possible. Furthermore, new power (there is now 1 current group home) new ceilings and stucco walls and ceilings of all, also renewed the central heating system and water pipes. Furthermore, it creates a new bathroom and toilet, and that's the way it goes a little. We have chosen to perform in-house as much as possible all work, which means that there will be requested from all disciplines tenders. To not compare apples and pears in the quotation stage we have a specification and job description for the complete renovation by an architectural. These specifications we have given to the various companies that have come to rely on us for their turn, when all the bids were within, we sit sure to compare quotes each discipline together, not only pricing but also process and routing and scheduling what is just as important. This stage we are as good as we rounded know 95% what the whole operation will cost and the other 5% are unpredictable and we hope also to save them a little. So far I have the renovation costs had in hand, but that is about to change. There tiles must clear, sanitary, colors and all you can get are picked disagreement during reconstruction on. I have to keep the boat a long time but in recent weeks the virus struck home with my wife and our 2 daughters speak their mother along, making it any easier for me to embody my ideas . The only thing I can say to this female rabble, think of the budget but whether it has much influence, I ask myself. So much for the rebuilding, the pigeons are all simply by I 14 days ago 17 flocks of pigeons moved to a temporary location. sit at the moment 12 couples and eggs 5 couples especially yearlings are busy looking for a cock or hen to get in a broedbak. Our new residential area they yesterday loft coordinates pinned so nothing stands in the way just now dealing with the youngsters fly. It's always nice when everything goes the father in such a hectic period, In the course of the next week will be finally sold our house. Most preparations have been made and we can finally start to our new challenge, and for me in particular because I will be with 3 Women should consider all their wishes and ideas. And as my father ever said “Women are very strange guys” I will say again the next time.

04 March 2018

It is almost 3 weeks since my last letter. The past few weeks have been awfully busy with preparations related to the purchase of our new home. And that takes a lot of energy, I can tell you, you will be simply tired of where you now have to meet in order to get around funding, especially if you're self-employed. I include the annual figures from the past 3 year, the forecast of the upcoming year,, solvency, and that same story goes for my wife. In addition, the assessed property to buy or have the value that they have in mind, so that appraisers need engineers and bench guys again about a pee. And just when you think you've seen it all goes your age testify to weather and they want to know everything about your retirement and whether there are records with the BKR . Because you can now not recorded best BKR because the amount you would like to borrow it downgraded. There are, inter alia. a credit on your checking account , a mobile phone or a car you lease, and if you had a bad credit in the past. All this will mean taken before you even qualify for funding. I hear regularly advertising on radio and television pass is a bank that says you can have a mortgage within a week of each other. Well I'll tell you, we have 3 weeks have needed before we had all the paperwork together to Überhaupt to apply for a mortgage and afterwards 2 weeks to complete the additions to the documents that you had submitted. But now there is a glimmer of light on the horizon as our mortgage adviser, Friday he had been all in green on the laptop indeed, but the light was green and now we are waiting for final confirmation in writing, so we can put a signature and it really is final and we can actually keep us busy remodeling (renovation) our new home. As I wrote before I run the loft and sputniks've sold many things have already been retrieved. Besides the loft that is collected within the next several weeks. The recording system with antennas I have not sold as well as the doves. And for the latter, I found prepares a fellow enthusiast I can temporarily put the pigeons in his loft. I was started growing and had a first round are pigeons, i deliver my buddy pigeons Tonnie . The provisional location where my birds get stuck I want to grow thirty pigeons to fly soon as our new residential area with the boy. So next week the racing and breeding pigeons are coupled again and I hope that in late April the youngsters over to their new homes to loft. It will also be much in the sign next year by growing our new home and in between I try to find relaxation in the loft so I can fly along again next year with the yearlings. And as my mother ever said ” often the road to it is better than the destination” I will say again the next time.

14 February 2018

It is today 14 February, a beautiful day where many people wish each other the most loving things. How long existed Valentine? I have been wondering for a few years on Valentine's Day. In England it's always been a tradition that comes from faith, Valentine was and is a patron of lovers and couples. In the Netherlands Valentine just got a sense after WW2. In the 50s made the flower industry in the Netherlands to work on Valentine's Day to make a commercial day of love. Several times has distributed the flower industry flowers in cities to set Valentine's Day seriously on the map. But it remained only marginally that Valentine's Day should be a national holiday. Only since 1990 This day has gained significance also because some people gave the newspapers the ability to place an advertisement in a special Valentine section. It was a great success and a year later were more like 2 million cards and sent packets. for me personally 14 February, a whole beautiful day because this is the anniversary of my parents. My parents got married on 14 February 1953 and Valentine was no sign or road, and I know they have not really suffered. My parents were just in love and had a very nice time together, So to the extent Valentine. The other reality is that we have sold our property subject, at least that is the sign in our yard. We know already almost certain that we will move towards, it is a small village ± 7 km away and the preference for a home is also, So all in all fun and exciting developments. As k wrote before I linked the growers because all dates of move were not clear. I have now are a number of youngsters in those weaned may be a few weeks. I now also the pigeon loft, run, and sold spoetnikken, The sales went quite smoothly. This week the run and spoetnikken retrieved and if the youngsters can go away off the loft. The breeders and racers move to another location, I would still grow from twenty boy to do this year flights to the young pigeons at the new location. Furthermore, it will be a busy year in many areas. As my father ever said “If nothing is impossible, Anything is possible” I will say again the next time

29 January 2018

We are still house hunting, I've watched 2oo houses in recent months, some you know immediately that it is nothing other house is good but nothing place or vice versa. It remains a very searching, My wife has a lot of time spent behind the laptop to look funda. In the present time, everything in the house selling sites, Photos from top to bottom from the inside out, energy, streetvieuw, All statistics are there. How many inhabitants, men and women and children separately, many shops, The distance to doctor,dentist, physio, sports name it. But despite all this information you should start looking anyway always. My wife is looking for homes and submit them to me, we look at it together and look a few houses from where we want to see. If the appointment is made, we set off. In 7 of the 10 cases the houses differently than you had imagined, the rooms are often smaller and the level of finish is not what you want. The respective estate agent says that you do have to look through it and you will soon have yet to master the house. It is mainly due to the photos made of the property and sales sites are placed in the house to sell. This put you completely on the wrong track, the rooms on the pictures seem much bigger and you find yourself in a ballroom if you look at the living room of a terraced house. So it is with all areas, The kitchen seems to be as big as a barracks, the bedrooms can be minimal 6 Beds drop. In the pictures of the toilet you wonder why they have only one toilet put down in this area there had easy 5 can stand there and a few urinals. The bathroom looks like a steam room, sauna and swimming pool. In short, the expectations raised by the photographs are far from reality and provide in most cases for a disappointment. So you see, pictures can give a wrong picture and worse sense of the spaces, although the dimensions of all areas listed in the plan drawings leave yourself still be fooled by the photos. If you like we're already busy searching and seeing houses, imagine you insist that the property will be in space very different if you have proposed. In some cases it is, and then you notice that too as a home your interest immediately. So we have also had a few times and now it seems that we our (dream) found property. It's a good house in a good place with a nice piece of land there where I (not totally unimportant) can put a pigeon loft. Now I have decided for myself to my own pigeon loft running and selling sputniks. Later I would like in the new location to make a new start. And not to lose too much time, I would try this year to fly with the youngsters from the new location, so next year I have a couple of yearlings to fly. It will be busy times but you have to remember to make sure there is time for relaxation. And as my mother ever said a “The bow can not always be tense, otherwise it becomes limp elastiekske” I will say again the next time.

21 January 2018

I'm very much in the culture , Well plenty and in culture!!!!! I have the breeders 14 days ago linked . I have not lightened it was pretty loose again at that time so I think we'll see where the ship shore. As I wrote earlier, we have a long way to sell our house. Next week it will be for us or for 90 % be clear where we live. With this knowledge in mind is your all in doubt. Do I need to grow how long I can still fly along this season. They are all uncertainties against which I now walk on. Growing going well so I can see, I've been six of the eight couples on eggs. Two couples will not really succeed, one coupling is a summer young hens 2017 with a cock out 2009. The other couple is a cock from 2016 with a hen from 2015. This hen is blind in one eye, not a disease probably had something against it or unlucky hit in the eye. She was last November to watch a bloodied eye, I then immediately disinfected the eye and the wound with boiled water with salt alcohol solution. Now just about to enlighten, I do not think it makes a lot of difference. It perhaps helps that they put a few days earlier but otherwise I see little benefit. Also with the conception I see little to no difference. So for me is to enlighten the culture no real need. Well, and then talk about the pigeons on the list is added to intangible heritage. It is natural enough written about (read the track No. 3). When I think of it, I ask myself whether it makes sense to publish only in pigeon magazines. In my view you reach only the people who are already companies pigeon. Thing is it that the sport should be disseminated as widely as possible to get the sport into the spotlight and the attention of people who do business the sport. A film as nature films you see today on TV, beautifully mapped, or a soap opera about pigeon racing, good pigeons, poor pigeons, The Bold en de beautyduif, whether this would be a Utopia. But now take for instance Fish TV program about fishing, this program in recent years has had a very positive impact for fishing. Many people go fishing and tackle shops increased considerably in number. Angling is not a cheap activity especially if you want to buy some good stuff. But it comes to the positive impact that causes a program. I realize than Pigeon Homing pigeons TV or TV could mean the same and could bring the sport to many people's attention, so that more people become familiar with the doves and pigeons in general. It can not be that we are on the list of intangible heritage and we do nothing with this status. I hope that the people that this great initiative actually gave shape to continue and not be stopped in the prelude to a pigeon based on the standards of the current time. As my father ever said “unknown, unloved and known is favorable” I will say again the next time.

13 January 2018

We are in the new year and are already hard at work on where we left off. So go work in and around the house just as well by our company. It is a hive of activity within the orders come quickly as before, We can really see that the economy recovers. That seems the case with the sale of our house. Since last week seems to have come all momentum. The potential buyers of our house have a potential buyer for their property. These people also have another potential buyer for their property. And we in turn can now continue as a potential buyer for our new home. So all in all there are selling our house 4 stakeholders. But fact remains that signatures must be put first before anything is final. How different it was back for years, you made an offer on a house you went to the bank that issued a chord and then you put a signature. It did not much matter if you had had a bridging loan and you could use or not bought your own home. since January 2018 you up 100 percent so lend you buy a house 2 ton you can even 2 borrow tons. The money for the cost copper is ± 10 percent of the purchase price will have to pay from their own resources. So it's not getting any easier. But I think people consciously buy a home and therefore less likely to get into financial trouble. For people who can sell their own home is a lot easier, then a bunch of starting. Young people who want a home purchase will first have saved considerable costs for copper and additionally fund the interior of the house. We encounter this now firsthand our youngest daughter and her boyfriend to look around and inquire to buy a house. In turn, we are also doing it. When you hear the differences and see how banks approach their staff potential customers, I still have the idea, they have learned nothing from the past years. What arrogance and complacency, they know n.l. you are dependent on a loan to buy a house and so they act. And so it is with brokers who think God is their right and behave themselves. These people are not there for you no who are there only for themselves. Opstrijkers commission as a seller lowers the asking price by ten thousand euros on the advice of ” The supreme Broker” save that fee for this kwibus between one hundred and one hundred fifty euro. So on balance a concern for the seller ± 99 % and for the broker ± 1% kwibus but it does have almost 1oo % percent owned how is selling you and my house. Well I wanted my displeasure as purging, Again talk about the duivelary. Now selling our house is coming I'm obviously completely in doubt, o.a. by when the buyers want in our home and I can can I get some flights take part, or I need to grow more youngsters. Everything is now a bit in question and that is very unpleasant because you do not know where you're off it. I hope at least that I can start again soon on my next home address with the duivelary and that is a challenge. And as my father ever said “Uncertainty is a certainty. I will say again the next time.

05 January 2018

The first piece of writing in the New Year, a new year where everybody with the best intentions to start going. Especially smoking cessation, to lose weight, drink less exercise more. In short, everything for a better health and a longer life. Everywhere you bombarded (perhaps not a good choice of words in this) with little slimming, pills , powders devices that can give an appearance Arnold Schwarzenegger in a jiffy. Also remedies to get rid of smoking found in the beginning of the year snapped, chewing gums, band aids, Acupuncture and other such remedies fly like hot cakes. In 9 of the 10 cases it is an additional problem of quitting smoking, you pull more so will also eat more and that has the effect that recover a few pounds. But we say we have stopped smoking (while it lasts) so those pounds we take for granted. An additional problem of a few pounds there is that the clothes are tighter down and you gradually come to walk with a Michelin Pop. So there must purchase a whole new wardrobe to feel comfortable in what you large leaf. After some birthdays and parties beyond where no one asks if you stop smoking!!!. but where only said gosh you look healthy, if you have a good boarding house, of (and that's the kiss of death) You're also not become leaner. question of misery you or someone you may one puff of the cigarette (because you're now already assured 2 months ) So you need not worry that you're hooked again immediately (make yourself wise) but this single puff is 7 of the 10 fatal cases. That one puff be there 2 What then follows 1 cigarette can best(no that is not possible) and then, I only smoke at parties!!! The following is I only smoke on weekends, then get there doordeweek only sorting smoked at home and after a while we were smoking more as we stopped smoking. Well and it denotes only the weight that still sit. Thus, according to the example of a TV advertising bought a device to your home quite debilitating, in addition to these training sessions are also some slimming tablets ordered online (called fat burners). Na 2 weeks fatburners (sounds better) and train you say and write 1 kilos of 10 who had come there dropped. Then you have to stand strong in the shoes to keep this up. On balance you quit smoking cost a few thousand euros, resulting in a wardrobe full of new clothes, a medicine cabinet filled with anti-smoke and weight loss products, the freezer full of delicious food and a few exercise machines. In five out of ten cases, smoking cessation success will be what is obviously a very nice score for the other five will be back next year a new year with new possibilities and opportunities. Well then the duivelary, I had planned to link growers mid-January, but because it's beautiful do I have the pigeons again was early January 02 January coupled. I still have no real clarity about selling our house a few youngsters wanted to grow their own Vandar so anyway linked. The link goes pretty well everyone has found his place in the loft. Today I put nesting material in the loft and some couples began dragging all caution. We'll see where it will fail and I hope can still left with some pretty boy. As my mother sometimes said “afterwards you can have good intentions” I will say again the next time.


Kind regards

Peter van Fulp

26 december 2017

we write 26 December Boxing Day, the day after Christmas Day!!. Christmas Day I will always a special day, truly a day for friends and family. Cooking together a nightcap drink cozy table for dinner. We have to last for 2 year always celebrated Christmas with our family, but since friends have entered you must share your children with Christmas. The ones day they are the parents and the other day at our home. We have two daughters, The oldest works in health care and the youngest hairdresser. For both professions is that its December is a very busy month, so it's quite a feat to be able to sit at the table with the whole family on the same day with the holidays . Our oldest daughter works in a care center in a department with demented elderly, and she does it with a lot of responsibility. When I asked if she was home for Christmas she said, Boxing Day I worked for five hours and then I want to eat good home. Yesterday when I went to get them around eleven o'clock from her late shift, I told them we had a nice Christmas, her sister was with her boyfriend at us enjoyed breakfast and then go to the in-laws for Christmas dinner. I said it's always more fun when everybody is home for Christmas. Yes that's she said, but these people (that she meant the people in the department where she works) hey also have Christmas porridge. And then she told me she was playing Christmas carols and songs that many people could all sing. Really she said , they know their husband and children, but not the carols they all still know. For many residents was visiting family and could then together with their loved ones enjoying Christmas dinner. It is a very special day for the family she told, like a demented man with his wife and children sing carols, you see the happiness on everyone's face and it is forgotten that it is forgotten. I was so proud as our eldest daughter and the work they do really admirable. Our youngest daughter is in hairdressing and made the week leading up to the Christmas long days. Of s' nine in the morning till evening entertainment nine she has a stroke in the round cut, tinted,crops, blow-dried to show off all the customers there at its best at Christmas dinner. Now she had some problems with her shoulders, and there it went to the doctor and it turns out she has bursitis in both her shoulders. The last days before Christmas she had suffered from her shoulders as she's "home at night, the tubers were therefore entirely on. I then asked her if she could take it easy, a little annoyed she replied that it really was not going to take it easy in a crowded salon. Especially for colleagues who themselves were also the benefit felling. Our youngest daughter made the best sales in the month of December and the tips significantly padded with its customers. For the Christmas season, she also cut and colored and brought me the clippers over it with her mother, because she said you should also clean concubines 2nd Day at Christmas dinner. Even our youngest daughter I'm worst complication proud of how she is in life and dealing with people. So it's Boxing Day today , our oldest daughter I get up at five of her work and our youngest daughter is around this time also with us. I look forward to being together as a family on Christmas meal, it is still very feeling that Christmas feeling. Well and then another piece of the duivelary, I have this week to give the pens a thorough cleaning. In the moulting period let the lofts as intact as possible. It has little sense for me to sit in the loft every day. But now the pigeons through the moult is time to get out the grids and to clean everything(is belgian). I'm also starting to organize the cultivation trays mid-January so everything is ready to connect. But I have seen that there is some old down at some pigeons, so I will sometime have to throw a ruimiddeltje in battle. Furthermore, the pigeons are good at, I'm going to soon give another bath. They are always delicious and I also think it's good for the pigeons, and if they like to go in bath is also a sign that they are healthy. Now I wish everyone a nice Boxing Day, us will certainly succeed. And as my mother ever said “enjoy yourself has never been one unpleasant death” I will say again the next time.


19 december 2017

It has been 10 days ago I wrote the previous piece, time flies with bullets walk past. It is the last few days have been a bit drizzly weather freezing rain a bit and therefore slippery road again. All codes for bad and dangerous weather will clear yellow, orange and even red. It's the time of year that the curtains will close early it's a nice atmosphere in the house, the tree is decorated beautifully hung anywhere or stand Christmas decorations. Just before Christmas is usually a good time for reflection, you think about the year again with all its good and bad moments both business and pleasure. Also on TV are now again all sorts of programs that look back on the past year. I sat me in the week as to wipe out why they make retrospective programs. Nowadays you can each TV program looking back or recording at the touch of button (on demand) is called. Even series of earlier you at our Nostalgia back and watch TV, Swiebertje, Onedin line, Citroentje sugar. At home I'm looking in the minority in terms of TV, I'm blessed with three women in the house. Two daughters who are quickly with the phone and control the TV via an APP, My wife has the remote control. So I've seen the Titanic three times in the past year and more of this kind of romantic dramas. Also, the recorded TV programs are at various time points to look back by the womenfolk. So I if I do or not will owe to watch it. Oh yeah i had forgotten Utopia, a creche a bunch of men and women for adults they have trapped and need to build a new society. What I understand is the end close in June this gedoetje stops because there is a bus lane (rightly so!!!). Then I also have to look at someone who was getting married, but finally not again. He said he had no butterflies in his stomach very emotional at the moment supreme. I thought I had him a few weeks ago a few caterpillars in his ass pushed he would have now had butterflies in his stomach. So I'm not much for TV but behind the laptop. da past few weeks I've been working assemblies couples. I can only really drive not think that is because of the uncertainty there is about selling our home and buying a new home. I chose to leave intact the breeding couples as possible, the same cock and hen in the same broedbak that gives the least problematic. I wish everyone a merry Christmas wish with pleasure good food. But especially enjoy each other. And as my mother ever said “enjoy you can never do enough and you have also enjoy weather” I will say again the next time.

09 december 2017

The first snowflakes are floated down over our country, and they remain Also. When I woke up this morning and looked out the window I saw a beautiful white blanket on the streets, trees, shrubs and roofs are. It was early and it was still dark, but the light from the streetlamps betrayed that it had snowed. The white light reflected from the white blanket of snow making it look brighter and you get those beautiful winter pictures. It is always a special phenomenon that such scenes evokes a feeling of coziness and harmony, especially in the dark. This feeling I went to the coffee machine for a delicious fresh coffee kopjen( so Swiebertje spoke that out) to make. The coffee I walked in hand into the living room and turned on the TV. The TV automatically jump to Ned 1, and immediately I was confronted with the downside of that beautiful white blanket that descended on our country . I saw truck combinations were grouped , passenger cars in verges and ditches are still with the interior. I was one car in the ditch with emergency lights still on, I think the owner was afraid to have a collision with a big pike or a whopper of a carp or someone who practices winter wonderland ditch snorkeling.(yeah you never know hey) When I see these pictures was on TV I began to ask myself whether it would be useful to go on the road today. I had to make some customers to discuss colors(Saturday a real job) I also wanted to Rosmalen because there is this weekend's National Manifestation for pigeon-loving Netherlands. Not to mention many people from neighboring countries coming with full buses on this pigeon fair. All these people will visit this international pigeon fair weather, to return home with full pockets and an empty wallet. Hoping that they have found the means by which the pigeons will fall faster on the cover. Also a lot of pigeon fanciers who will again if they come home with the loot say they 100 have issued euro but in reality is usually double. I think there are told so many untruths in any sport on the home front, then in the pigeon.(and fishing is part of that) These are the temptations of a good pigeon a poedertje drink some potion that can not withstand the inveterate fancier and would give money to from , Everything for the fastest time!!!!. They are called scholarship offers that people often tie to do. A few weeks before the exhibition you will already bombarded in pigeon magazines and on the internet with various deals pigeons things that are a must on any loft, they want us to believe at least. So is bought en masse and all for the best result of the upcoming new season. Since his return is duivelary !!! would you do if you walk around the exhibition not say. It is always a hive of activity, you can almost walk on the heads. I can not even imagine that there will come a time where there is no place for the sport and that it will disappear completely. I really hope we get it in the next few years managed to give the sport a positive image. And can be adapted to the standards and values ​​of the current time. Making it attractive for beginners and returners to this beautiful sport companies. As my father ever said “Any change is no improvement, but changes are necessary in order to get better. I will say again the next time.

02 december 2017

December could begin the festive month par excellence but before the festivities there will be hard (pepper)notes are cracked. Sinterklaas must still coming and I fear now that the whole party could ever come to be called into question. Because according to sources, the chimney sweeps will institute a process for discrimination. Yes you heard it right the “Chimney Piet” is fierce received at schoorsteenvegend loving Netherlands. In addition, the party has filed a complaint to the animals that Santa Claus with his horse over the roof raging winter without having to, not consider the keigladde solar panels today are many roofs. Furthermore, it is probably also filed suit against Santa Claus and against red nose Rudolf and his mates. So there is a lot in the pipeline that we are on the chocolate letters and stuffed deer butt bij1. But this aside, the month of December 2 days old and we are already a full day in the frost. Now kale tops can permanently in the country because the monarch has been over and it is time to make the old-kale stew. I also have not heard of the ice masters all came together to see if this winter is in an eleven cities tour. Regarding duivelary, we're back in the frozen water jars and cups. I'm going to use the double drinking bowl which I can exchange so there is always fresh drinking water. Is fortunate that the pigeons in winter drink less so it's good to keep. I also have that electric heaters are drinking pot , in one way or another I'm always a bit hesitant, electricity and water remains a risky combination in my experience. Goes well with the pigeons with one exception, they are all through the moult, though some pigeons still have some old sit down. I so get them this week to surprise a few days with a garlic tea mix so they too can throw out the old down. I started to compose the breeding couples, though I'm a bit of a dilemma. We have serious interest in our house, and everything is still to be finalized. There are 2 families who want to buy our house but they both have not yet sold their own home. We are so dependent on the sale of our buyers. The broker has every confidence that this will happen in a reasonable time, but as long as nothing is finally sold I remain in doubt as to the culture and duivelary generally. My mother also said sometimes “Never throw an old shoe before you have a new, also fits” and so it is of course also. I am also surprised that I can write a collum for Phantom Der Champions. We agreed to put my first story in the Christmas issue a challenge for me. People who regularly read the stories on my site know that I like about all that keeps me busy writing, and that's not just about birds. This is my style of writing and find it fun to do. We also agreed that we await the responses to my neck of the first to see if it will be received favorably by readers “Rail”. Following these comments will come or not a sequel. It will be getting exciting week for me and my family , but one thing is certain Sinterklaas and Christmas we are just celebrating our old familiar address. My father said sometimes “If you have fun, you can enjoy anywhere” I will say again the next time.


19 november 2017

Sinterklaas has arrived back in our little country, but I feel that he is present all year round. Regularly renewed discussion returns over the Saint and his helpers. He is now officially arrived in our country so the gingerbread cookies can(kruidnoten) or Sinterklaasmix again in a large pot or bowl on table. The Sinterklaasmix is ​​a blend of herb (pepper)nuts soft sweet candies foam animal figures in various colors and not forget the sweet hearts in different colors and with words like, as Lief- Love-For You – darling. I sat me have to wonder whether the kruidnoten still can. These nuts are made from herbs and spices i.a.. cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, clove, ginger, cardamom. Precisely these spices undoubtedly partly due (slave labor are harvested) the VOC became rich treasure dear. Partly because these products Netherlands was one of the great powers in the world and is due to the current prosperity in which we live all together regardless of color or origin. I'm also often wonder why there are people who worry about the color of a Piet, it is a feast for the children who have never thought about this and without prejudice celebrated their so exciting feast. Today, the children all discussions in all media are saddled with it and everyone should find something of. If you because none of you will be placed in the camp of the racist. I have a son-colored, to him and I sometimes asked his parents and family if they found it annoying that there were black helpers and whether they felt associated therewith. Well I'll tell these people had and have absolutely no difficulty that Black Peter is black. We are talking about a group of people who were there unfortunately have to bother . Where I is disturbing to be geintervieuwd during a broadcast of the kids news kids and asked them what they think. One says I find colored helpers like but also the black!!! the other says my mom and dad are his helpers like !!!. I have not heard one which White Petes like. So I could now feel discriminated against myself, but I do not because I think that it's a children's party and children are never bevooroordeelt in principle and so you have to let it. I recently heard a black man who had followed the whole Black Petes discussion and felt gradually discriminated against because no blame game might be more. So keep it firmly but note that this discussion gets going again in a few years because our dark fellows are discriminated against because there are no Black Petes. And then it is said that in the time of slavery black people have had enough and are good for a nice children's they do not count!!!!!!!!!!!!. Well having said this we go on to the duivelary. Today I put the tea again, so the pigeons still have a week to believe. I came this week in contact with someone who was going to sell his pigeons since he was quitting the sport. Now I will going to stop always sad when someone with the duivelary especially because the number of members already steadily declining. But I also regularly stoppers or inkrimpers experienced a month later were again plenty to work with duivelary. These are the so-called (I quit a lot of money to catch and go on anyway with by). But this man stopped really going, He was moving to a location near village. He took nothing with it, no loft , No pigeons really nothing. He wished his best pigeons would be well spent. He has them temporarily parked at a friend. During a conversation I had with him I realized clearly that he had trouble saying goodbye to the doves, but not with the sport. He had been calm and he said that he will find delicious. No stress of linking , culturing and everything that goes with it. I bought him a koppeltje pigeons for breeding, just to try. This fancier had flown good results with his pigeons and pigeons from this couple. So I hope there is something good can grow out. During a telephone conversation I had with this lover I promised him that if he ever wants to start racing pigeons, he can pick boy at me from his flock (at least if I make a usable or perhaps good pigeon swipe). He found a nice offer , but as yet no pigeons he said, I said sorry and wished him good luck and success in his new home. And as my mother ever said. “You are welcome to stop, but if you do not stand still” I will say again the next time.

12 november 2017

I say “spiegel” it was a statement of an architectural interior designer ( BBA as he called himself) and watched a few minutes around the table very touching and interesting, waiting for our response. In this way he showed once again notice that he thought there was no proper name invented for his qualities, So he had to attend (focusing on provisional) but architectural interior designer (BBA) made. We have within us to do business regularly with planners and interior designers and are generally people who see their ideas like reality. In some cases, the trouble begins with the idea and continues to the drawing board. This proposal is then filed with the client and spread by all means on display. I saw all the sketchbooks in this presentation come later supplemented by color animations on a large screen and a little later discussed some other color proposals on laptop, namely the client. (these are the people who will pay this entire event). these clients were the (provisional BBA) for the entire building committee put a total fool and laughed affectionately. The client had left it to go over them and felt himself a little silly. After a presentation that lasted more than two hours went towards the BBA (office he called) and left us with a tablet and the task once again to think carefully how we were going to accomplish his plans. I had never experienced such a terrible minced arrogant ball. Was he gone but the penetrating scent of his perfume filled the room and was stuck in my nostrils. I gently asked the principal if they could find themselves in the plans of the BBA . We want to see everything again quietly and let it sink he said. I saw his wife still sitting at the table and it was clear from her apropos I approached her and asked if she was happy with the plans of the BBA. She looked at me and asked,, What he meant to say I “spiegel”. I could not resist saying. I think he feels he even have to look in the mirror and wonder what he's doing. She nodded and said I think too, back there, she immediately told that a friend of her tennis this (idiot) had advised BBA, and this was very enthusiastic about. I asked have you seen what the BBA has made it, no they said, next week we have an invitation to (housewarming) so we can see what the BBA has made it. Anyway a week later after the (housewarming ) we had the entire construction team another appointment with these people to discuss plans. When I came home I smoke all our BBA was, and even worse, I heard him say again “I say mirror”. The female principal was well prepared and started it to say, I say coffee” and her husband said, and I say. I did not stay behind and said cautiously “I say creamer” there was a bit uncomfortable laughter and BBA sat there like a farmer with toothache. When the first cup of coffee had been shaken crossed the female principal of shore and said “I say worthless” and watched while very penetrating the round table. Her eyes remained thereby drawn to the BBA that began to feel distinctly uncomfortable. Then she said “I say nonsense” weather around the table looking around then she said “I say hot air”. For everyone at the table it is clear that the BBA was passé. In further consultations, the BBA was clearly ignored and the new plans were discussed I do have to mention fairness that the color combinations is almost entirely taken over by the BBA. Namely the colors light and dark because there he worked, he told them!!!!!!. All in all it's been a great project with a stunning result with the only added value of the BBA that customers clearly knew what they “not wanted”. And that is just as important to know. And so it is with the duivelary , it is important to know what you do not want and then you can enjoy the sport as it fits into your life. I also own big ambitions in the sport, I went more for the quantity. I soon 2 there are pens with culture, fly boy and departments. I thought if I have enough pigeons come quickly to good pigeons and hence results. Nothing is less true, the number of birds that can take good care and maintenance depends on the time you have. But in the enthusiasm you forget that sometimes and even if that was the case with me. I have a loft with 3 departments and outside racing that I can conclude. During the winter I use one department for culture that I can 8 house breeding pairs, is also the youngsters department I can ± 20 pigeons lose . In the third section are the racing cocks and I can 8 housing pigeons. Outside I have an aluminum stand where I run in every department 6 up to 8 Pigeons can place in this run, I usually put the breeders after the breeding season. I then in the loft culture department cleared and there get caught the racing hens. The loft of the fly cocks and hens look the same to say, after the coupling of the kites, the hens to know exactly in which they have to bake which in turn is useful in the misvliegen and trapping of the hens. So I have the maximum 50 on 60 pigeons more as sufficient for the time I can and wants stabbing it. Thus, the sport remains for me a great challenge and welcome change from my daily work. “I say mirror” if you do look regularly learn a lot about yourself. As my father ever said “afterwards you can look a cow in the ass” or as if there is sometimes said “afterwards everything is easy” which my pigeons mate Tonnie then says “but afterwards live is beautiful” I will say again the next time.

05 november 2017

Metoo!!!! you can open a newspaper or turn on the radio or TV or talking about metoo. sit in every talk show again people who are Meetoo. it seems like every minute, every hour and every day there definitely again be new cases. But what the heck all Meetoo, I'm or off. What I understand is Meetoo have had happen faced by many people in the theater and film world. Actors and actresses who wanted a particular role or were still in training a kind of proposals were made to increase the likelihood of their career. What I wonder is that we are talking generally about adult men, which at all costs want to make a career. I say in turn you're there yourself and with a little self-respect not let you blackmail then I think. If you sit is often rock and roll what you hear in this business, people with free minds and drink and drugs (drugs) is a welcome guest. So I can imagine that under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs things happen that sober and normal person would not easily happen. Take for two gay men coming from a party where alcohol is consumed and arrange to meet at a hotel where they have sex together. Now a few years later become the one accused by the other. If a well would apologize(which means as much as an admission of guilt) he would not report. Well have to justify the other faces the whole nation to be on(fault) to prove. I mean how hard is this matter and how easily you can hurt people and that of two sides, which will undoubtedly Utooers. But I find that when perpetrators babies and children abuse their genitals should be taken off, that stands in my goodbye in proportion with their actions. But metooers must first ask yourself what actually their share of the whole has been and whether the career urge was so great that they let them drag themselves there, then afterwards you can ask yourself if you've done it well. But has it helped your career or has harmed your career?? Mind you I am not a proponent of sexual blackmail but the hype smear or whatever you want to call it that now place you very qualified to handle. In the porn world will it be the other way I have Kim Holland or Bobbi Eden seen in any program, and I think if it touches an actor or actress and the others will not even call this Meetoo, meetoo, meeto. That is of course in a different setting and a bit cynical. What I hope is that the real schreinende cases are actually addressed ,and that there is a clear distinction can be made between metooers and utooers. That said I wanted to talk also about the duivelary. The moulting occurs at the pigeons steadily, We are already more than halfway and you can see the plumage of the birds that they are all better go look. this is the time for me to start with a homemade recipe. I pull colombine tea with mult-seed and a clove of garlic in it. This recipe I give several years and like the pigeons. I am beginning to give this tea as the pigeons are already over half of moulting. My experience is when the pigeons pins to throw them almost no old down moult. The old down-rui really starts to get going when the pigeons are half throwing the pens. So that's why I from now the pigeons 3 weeks give this tea mix. You will see that the old down-rui quickly gets going and thereby down-moult and moult is completed almost simultaneously. An important period for pigeons which they get a good moult-mix with a wide variety of seeds and grains. so they again can develop a good spring package and be ready for breeding and later again for the racing season. But as every pigeon fancier will do it his own way. As my mother sometimes said “There are several roads that lead to Rome” when my father said “Cologne and Aachen are also not built in a day ” and furthermore he also said “who stirs the past often talk about dead people” I will say again the next time.

29 October 2017

The clock is put back, attend it again before the morning light . If the clock is done I get the feeling that we really go winter. That is also true, over 5 weeks Sinterklaas is back in the country and he rushes back over roofs with or without blame game. one of 7 weeks bowl Santa Claus with his reindeer and sleigh again fall out of nowhere from the air. And then back down a week after Christmas we got old and new to celebrate. How fast can it go I ask myself regularly, or I walk now rapidly getting ahead ?. About daylight saving was around 1700 by scholars thought about . They examined how they could make more use of daylight, and could be worked longer. They also examined more or less daylight had an impact on the constitution of man. Only hundreds of years later 1977 they entered the summer and winter in Europe. This they have done mainly because they thought they could cut down on the energy with DST. However, but the energy saving effect of DST is controversial. Especially for horticulture and animal husbandry, everything remains the same plants and cows can not watch clock , So for the grower and the farmer this means that they an hour later or earlier should. And this category of companies use a lot of energy continue summer and winter. We also see it reflected in the sport the extra lighting and dimming. It enlighten the winter breeding and lengthen the summer to hold longer pins. Dimming has the same effect only other. Soon, those who get to do again with the winter breeding enlighten, this to get the birds breeding again ready. When winter youngsters are mature enough to be transferred to the young pigeon loft they go straight into the embezzlement. This eclipse usually takes the longest day. The eclipse is then removed and the pigeons will be again lightened up sávond eleven. And all this to the pigeons on the wrong track in terms of seasons so they longer hold the pins and moult so artificially postponed. So light and dark have a significant impact in and on our lives and we make all use or abuse of just how true. Light and dark in everything come back into our lives . My mother said, still sometimes “it can never be as dark or the weather light” and so it is also my father said, still sometimes “people do in the dark usually something that can not bear the light”and there being said back then that they must be blind. I will say again the next time.


17 October 2017

It seems that we will have a beautiful autumn, is also good for parents and children, because this week's autumn. The season of chestnuts , turnips beechnuts and acorns. Recently I was at a customer , and I saw those dolls were made of acorns and chestnuts impaled on toothpicks. They had made the most of puppets. The snowman I found the most beautiful 2 small beechnuts feet as small and large chestnut as body weather 2 beechnuts as arms and a small chestnut as head, artfully it was to see. When I was so looking at the mind wandered off to how my time with autumn coped so to speak. In the village where I lived was a chestnut tree and we cycled along every day. In this period we saw as we rode past them all regularly greenish spine balls where chestnuts grew, in the pasture and are located on the road. We knew then that it was time to go clubbing, So on the very first day we went armed with a pimple(which is a green shoulder bag they had in the army) direction chestnut. First look at the street and into the pasture to chestnuts already fallen. You had to be careful because the cows were in the pasture and there were those fat koeie-pies that sometimes a chestnut inlag (we are left anyway , all we felt very sorry) if we could not find any fallen chestnuts more we started clubbing with a short thick branch we then tried to throw towards the left in the tree hanging chestnuts. It was always a sport in itself to hit that green spine balls. Sometimes the bat hung between the branches and then you had with another piece of wood there again throw the bat, which was at the expense of the pruductie the numbers chestnuts. Anyway club after a day we had the paltry number of about 30 chestnuts are in Pimple, we also had to share Couple. Direction Walking home we peeled the brown bark of the chestnut to then take a bite of. The disappointment then only came to light well, bitter that they were especially bluish green wires that passed between the veins of the chestnut (gadverr) What was that dirty. And if you have a few minutes to a chestnut on the chew was they were getting worst complication dry and you got it hardly swallowed (I think still run the creeps on the back) At home the booty was laid on the table. My father thought and some of those chestnuts still tasty and my mother made you are not really happy with it. Then but dolls and figures thereof make, matches had to make a sharp point on the match and then build started dolls. That was fun for an hour as well as mar we had a nice day in the autumnal air. Now wants the coincidence that last week I had to paint a kitchen with a customer, let that now the farm where the chestnut tree . Yes, he is still there and during the coffee I told this story and asked how old chestnut tree. For as long as I could and saving memories that tree stood me there. This tree as our customers told, there was at the first farm that was here and being bombed in the war. I knew from my father that he worked on this farm before the war by two ladies who had inherited the farm. The customer said he knew the chestnut or more as 150 year old. He had heard of a tree surgeon he had inspected the tree because there were a few large dead branches. When I sat there thinking about it I thought it was really special that my grandfather, my father and later I again enjoyed the chestnuts. And even with our daughters, we sought still sometimes chestnuts under that tree. So I thought, here we are talking about a real tree. Four generations who have had fun Chestnut tree. Well then talk about the pigeons, Last weekend we have 50 Anniversary of our club celebrated pigeons. It was a nice meeting with the paltry number of yet 10 playing members with their partners. So with twenty people celebrated the anniversary of the once-proud club with more than 40 membership. In such a jubilee it is even more clear where we stand with our beautiful pigeon . The numbers are still declining membership and this because the sport was no longer popular among younger. I am thinking why not popular among the young, Also elderly quit. And that is my opinion that there is no innovation left in the pigeon. We are stuck in the old , just note it was quite progressive electronic. But otherwise linger throughout duivelary in game system and as the biggest change will have to come to make it attractive for young and old to enjoy the sport. As my mother sometimes said “with eyes wide open you are getting worst complication blind ” I will say again the next time.

03 October 2017

After a nice week holiday in southern Spain we are already a week at home. I had a week's holiday and so could house around some do. So we have a big walnut tree in the garden where we had a wonderful shade in the garden in summer, and in the autumn nuts and leaves. The nuts grow in a green bark. If the nuts are ripe they fall often with green bark of the branches still around. And green bark is a soft slush if it gets wet. it lingers deliciously on the soles of your shoes, and if you walk a little luck on your house and sit brown spots on the floor that you get almost no turning. So that's why you have to sweep every day and rake and gather nuts. The roof of the extension and the gutters are full of leaves and nuts so you should also keep an eye so that we do not clog the drains. Autumn is now also started for me though I do hope for a nice autumn with reasonable weather and temperatures. It is Sunday morning and I just finished breakfast at. I was thinking back to the Sundays when I was a menneke. Sunday morning my father always went after breakfast to his parents to. There were his brothers and sisters and my cousins ​​were at their grandparents, it was always buzzing. The whole family together was always fun, family my father was quite noisy so it was a noise in the kitchen which far exceeded the noise standard, for there the whole scene played out . The family where my father comes consisted of nine children 24 grandchildren. Not everyone was there every Sunday but every time we were in it 20 people. A crate of beer was put under the table , a bottle of gin and lemon gin on the table. And as the case of beer and bottles of gin army hit, The mood was higher and it was even noisier. We as children were given a lemonade, crisps and sweets as much as we wanted. Around one o'clock was the drink and we were called in and we had to navigate through the fog of cigar and cigarette smoke to shake hands and kiss grandparents. There was some called and laughed and then the bike was caught, I was put on the bike stem, and then go home. After an oscillating bike ride came home, the table already covered smelled delicious to the Sunday soup. My mother did the soup and vegetables in the soup vermecelli this had to boil briefly and then at the table . Delicious sign Sunday soup, then another piece of meat soup with pica lilly or pickles and pickled onions. As a conclusion could still start a Saroma pudding and Sunday. My father sat down and took a nap my mother had cleared the table and did the dishes. And was also delicious slicing down. It was cozy Sundays I sometimes sometimes with great pleasure and a bit melancholy to think back. Sundays now proceed differently but no less enjoyable. We still have breakfast, sometimes go with my parents to visit, and doing everything in and around house. And then we come back to the pigeons. Every Sunday the pigeons get a bath and they certainly pleasant bath now with moulting is an important part. I always feel that they throw some more feathers and down after a bath. but it may also be that it seems as if the pigeons are wet look moulting is not at its best. The pigeons are moulting mixture that I do in some chol (There are dozens of products chol in the name that are conducive to moult) I also do some brewer's yeast and vitamins over the food, and in the water, I do some whole cloves garlics, I let a week in the tank and pour the soaking water at. In this way I try to have the pigeons ready for breeding. As my father ever said “Previously everything was better and better because when used even though it was better and better” I will say again until next week .

22 September 2017

From my holiday address ( a sunny Salobrena is located in southern Spain) I write my story today. Ordinary life here in Salobreña starts early. At about six runs gardener around our villa as an assassin, you hear him n.l. hardly. This guy has really studied in order not to disturb people, he may very gently spraying the plants and the lawn and make it almost silently clean the pool. Then he sweeps the terraces clean with precision where every self-respecting housewife would lick the fingers. Finally the water of the pool is subject to a control. Very subtle almost gracefully he creates a special bowl a little water out of the pool , throws a tablet in the water dish does the cap and shake 10 considerable time to and fro, he picks up a strip and soaked it in the water container. The color of the strip, he sees what the water and he takes action to get the water back to the correct values. As I describe this also happens with great precision and a lot of rest. The whole life is much quieter less hurried less stressed and more quality of life. In the Netherlands we have the (English word) “Quality Time” invented what is to say that you regularly take the time to do fun and cozy things, with family , friends, or the like. So we are already so far that we have invented a word to join our family , friends or family friendly, fun and relaxing things to do. Well want “It is leveling hey Quality Time. So I was at a birthday sat as an upstart typetje. (I know she finally she still lived in the same village and it did not so much for it was unapproachable figure.) And they just they talked about Quality Time. the question was put to her that her husband and one of their daughters . Her response was that he had Quality Time with his daughter in the pool. (went with my shots are strange thoughts right through my head and I even got pictures at. Yes they went on I told my husband that he once again as Quality Time had to have his eldest daughter. I could not resist, and then asked her what now of the Quality Time was this way. Or I asked , they must do this to you so that you can use the word Quality Time as though sounds interesting. After this remark from the old me Quality Time for her was clearly off. She gave me a sneer and said I did not know what did it mean to be married to a man who had his own business. I told them that's right because I do not fall on men. The conversation got a wrong turn and finally I have told “Miss QT” I knew a word of English “Golddigger”. My oldest daughter was standing near me during this conversation and they thought it was enough. So they said, bowl of porridge let us together enjoy a drink because I want some Quality Time with you. In short order so call. Now I have 2 daughters who I spend time with regularly, I've never seen as Qualty Time but just a nice relationship with your children where you can enjoy at any time of the day. That can be a bell a appje a note on the table as if on holiday together this week in Spain. And if you're here on vacation all “Manana Manana” and you will really relax. our house 50 meters from the sea 200 mtr walk to the beach. After a year of work and after pigeon season a perfect place to celebrate holidays with the family. Well then also talk about the pigeons course , my birds mate Tonnie care of the pigeons for me during our vacation. The old birds were already firmly in moulting and youngsters start to throw all nice feathers (appte Tonnie this week.) An important period moulting. From the moult the overture made to a new plumage this is quite definitely seen a difficult period for the birds the unnatural character which this happens. (dimming and enlighten). Everything is crammed together, because if you want to do winter breeding will the pigeons through the moult should otherwise make them stand old pens and that is not conducive for the upcoming racing season. All in all, the sport remains a great sport with always a new challenge again at the start as strong as possible. Oh still briefly about Quality Time I have searched for a Dutch word and then I can only come to “Quality Time” or do I write something funny!!!! . As my mother sometimes said “The bow can not always be tense” and so it is well-known, the three R, of course, also Rust Regularity and Cleanness. But that will be too Dutch for Miss QT. Or as my father ever said “High in the sphere but in the morning the same turd” I will say again the next time.

14 September 2017

Finally!!! The racing season is over , at least it will feel that for some players. For other fanciers flights can not continue long enough. But is there anyway for me. The balance sheet laying out that it was a hit but still fun season I have a 1st flown in the circle once , once a 5th and a 7th prize once. I have some good pigeons lost i.a.. of 776 who has flown a 1st and 5th in the circle, maar ja Thats all in the game. And now it's time for holiday, not that I do not want to fly on holiday season, but our kids are old and (wise ) enough so we can go off the racing season both for the autumn. And then we also have a Fair in the offing. An annual event in the village where I live which has been celebrated since time immemorial early October. I remember I wanted to earn some former fairground money. And that possibility was, in september are de (piepers) ie potatoes harvested and had to be picked. The farmer came s'middag around half four with a tractor and flatbed wagon ride through the village , there you could then jump up and then deposited on the potato field and you could (will pick up beepers) in boxes 20 kg . When you had a full box 25 cent which is a quarter earned one afternoon you could menneke as a year or 12, with a bit of luck 12 pick boxes so you had 3 Gulden per day. Overall it was 5 days so you could pick up 15 guilder muster. My parents doubled the amount of money I had earned so I 30 guilder fair money. At that time cost 3 coins for the bumper cars 2 guilders (a knaak) 10 time shooting in the shooting also cost a knaak. The fair lasted four days from Saturday / m Tuesday, So you had 7 guilders to spend fifty per day. At that time the 7 guilder 50 a day too little and found myself happy my parents. So every day was somewhat supplemented especially if the alcohol a little began to do his job were my parents what generous. It was always a beautiful village festival , 4 days every morning at ten o'clock the band through the village, behind the royal couple with Throne and Schützenvereine all in beautiful clothes. The procession then hit the gunman tent where the flag wavers spent another tribute to the royal couple. At eleven o'clock was the start of the matinee and started playing music and people danced and drank until three o'clock in the afternoon. Then there went home where huge pots of soup and meat and cold dishes were ready to devour with family and friends, again to lay a foundation for the evening. At seven o'clock the evening the tent gunman opened again and had to be stored there instead , There were a few cases of beer put on the table and some glasses and beer mats and a note with the name on it. So everyone knew that the table was reserved. This was usually done by children (also by me ) because that again brought the necessary guilders in making the fair the evening was assured again. It was a fun time where I always a nice feeling to think back. In the present time the band is still running has not really changed much going through the village with the royal couple and the entourage, am also still paid a tribute vendel and plays the music still in the same gunman tent from morning until eleven o'clock the evening seven o'clock. Then everyone has the socks full is something to eat at the chip shop and then gone home to sleep off the intoxication to the next day (fresh) to the starting line. The fair remains an annual event which is still awaited by many village people, young and old , New residents who have been living for years and years in the village . Even villagers who once still moved his times with a fair return to the old nest to keep the memory alive. The village fair remains an experience in itself that thinking time being road. I therefore have great respect for the people's militia and everyone around them that keep alive this phenomenon and keep the nostalgia alive. As my mother sometimes said “A feast is to be celebrated” I will say again until next week (and you could go to a carnival, I wish you much pleasure.)

07 September 2017

The racing season is almost over yet 1 vluchtje on the late tour and then we can prepare for the breeding season. My thoughts go to go back to the beginning of the season. We had (and have) our home for sale, and the doubt was whether I could finish this racing season from my current location. This doubt was afterwards unnecessary, the past year has been several times interest but until a final sale is not yet come. So the question arises again I have to start on the growing season and again I do the same as last season that does not grow yourself buy some youngsters with other enthusiasts. I've been thinking about frequently during the past six months and still find it a pity that I did not have youngsters of myself . Especially since I think I've been quite fun birds to breed out boy. Ultimately, I think if you do not birds from your flocks are still a little bit of a lost season. This is nothing to the detriment of the pigeons that I got from i.a.. Gerard Bovenkamp. Of the 7 boy I got Gerard I think I inherited a few useful pigeons. On my loft I are already several pigeons from Gerard so these are therefore a welcome addition to my pigeons. But it is true that we have our house is still for sale, and my wife is firmly convinced that we will sell it. So I go with the duivelary again facing an uncertain time, for me there can be clarified as soon as possible about our relocation plans. We already have some properties in mind and if you look at the houses photographs denotes secretly eyeing the possibilities or you can keep pigeons. Whether the garden is large enough or you may well put the loft or perhaps are other ways to keep pigeons in a loft of a barn or garage. It remains at least a challenge to the idea of ​​moving to another house in another area , with all other areas that you can go back to directing your own way and needs. and as my father ever said “you can drop over a bed but if you do not care a wink” Yet a moment on the last flight I had a 12th ranking in the association on the flight from Vervins and I was, pay attention!!!! 155 in the circle so you do not really consider that I have done it for the price. I did have 3 youngsters ahead, but that's partly because the old birds are too far in the moulting and 3 of 4 are old pens. But I do not really use it as an excuse , it just was not much. This week again the opportunity to prepare optimally again the pigeons on the last race again “hard to strike” The last flight is gone from Laon I play some kid and 2 old hens . I wish everybody a nice flight. As my mother sometimes said “a start you can do it differently at each end again follows” I will say again the next time.

It is the last day of August, the end of summer draws near apace . The days are noticeably shorter, After a hot day the cool evening and night all off faster. The end of a summer season where I always eagerly look forward to the beginning of the year. Partly because as a painter in the summer you are most of the work and partly because it is a beautiful time of year. Life moves more from the inside out, sit out, food and drink or laze in the sun. I often think back to the time when I was a year or 14 was. You had 6 weeks summer holidays and at our home we never really went on holiday , yes sometimes a day somewhere. Yet I have never bored me, We lived near a brick factory and dredging who conducted the brickyard to obtain clay for brick production, there arose the so-called. bagger gate, crystal clear water where you could swim and fish. The whole village from large to small and from old to young went there recreate. It was for us a waterpark, we could build rafts of depleted oil and grease barrels evening were first burnt to use the next day. All materials were at hand to build a raft of good to that later along the water with float around. It was a pretty carefree time where you actually had the holiday spirit , towel in the sand with a bottle of lemonade or Exota we then laid flat on the side of the water so that the drink would be a little cool. Usually had a man or a transistor radio with him where you almost had to lie on your ear to hear the music. Unless it's a bit windy than you were hovering in the sun and the music than on the waves of the wind, Sometimes you got a bit of noise, and then the weather was almost gone. I remember when you were intently listening to hear what song it was. When we years 16 were weeknight supper we went too after a sweltering day at the water we took a fishing rod, and a few bottles of beer. Usually someone had known tobacco or cigarettes and then delicious with a campfire to sit until midnight. I still see it before me and sometimes that feeling you sometimes a dejavu and still come back sometimes ,I want that feeling then stick but it is usually a fraction of a few seconds and then that feeling is gone again. They are beautiful Memories of a beautiful time where I like to think back. As I end the zomerzeisoen wrote approaching in the beginning and also the pigeon season is that the case. I would like to briefly return to the races last week, we had the last young bird race I again played no role. In the classification of the youngsters I am 5th in the designated circle. And further on the late tour was not very impressive. this week sees the 3rd natourvlucht. I play some old pigeons are still reasonable in the spring and I also play a few youngsters. The boy sit better in the spring as the old birds so who knows there is still a little in verrassingkje. And as my father ever said “if the pressure of the boiler is no longer as loud whistle” I will say again the next time.

20 augustus 2017

I am now in the middle of the holiday and if you're going home all relaxed, you have more time to do the things you normally have less time. Take for reading the newspaper normally grab the headlines, a piece of local news , sport and finally the obituaries. Now you have more time and read the newspaper more intensive. But if you are there even happier is still to be seen. Take for the attack in Barcelona, a car van drives on unsuspecting people who live there or celebrate holidays. This attack was committed by boys aged 16 up to 18 years old. First, I think, those guys do have a driving license and I am beyond me to think what I did when I was your age. My 16th birthday was at the time a milestone in my life. I was n.l. moped riding (a red kreidler with chrome caps with speedometer and more importantly a tachometer). My luck could not I own a moped. The world was again a bit bigger, My parents gave me the opportunity again to start the next phase of your life. You could further afield to explore and I got more responsibility on my parents. We went with some friends a touring ends and then hang together anywhere(is now chilling) and then fantasize about you hum obstacle to ride harder (increase we called it) want 50 km per hour was finally just a trot and it made you really bring on the girls not impressed. And impress girls also became an increasingly important part of your life and a bit blitze hum obstacle could use help (I thought) or as my buddy pigeons Tonnie always says when we years 16 were we drove around all day on the rear with our dear hum through the village. Well I really do not want to say that at that time no rottenness was gutted . Of course it is !!!! but there never were any dead at. It was mischievous behavior where you often have had to sit on the blisters, it took my parents in any case before. But how crazy the world is now I think than boys 16 up to 18 years who knowingly drive into people with all its consequences. What these guys for a life experience to do this, they really do not mind as when we 16 were just keep boys 16 year who play such atrocities. What me is always surprised that the attack immediately claimed, none yet 5 minutes later!!!!. They have eyes and ears everywhere seems. Later as an old woman with a rollator to an elevator door collides , or an old grandpa is a bicycle TO ELECTRIC, or a little girl shows a scoop “ice” fall, or a little boy shooting a diamond piece with a football, if someone leaves a wet wind or a fat farmer or worse someone goes shopping, All these events will be claimed. Yes itself as a slumlord someone hits a broken jaw, this man does not have to worry because, you guessed it, this is also reclaimed . I even think that in the near future, the loss of the youngsters and the so-called bad discharges pigeons will be claimed. Well we are back at the pigeons yesterday 2 flights natour 1st and 6th youngsters flight. On both flights played no significant role, the young bird race I clocked the 1st pigeon 15.17 I was 16th in the association and 61st in the circle (no significant role so) was in the circle of the 10 pigeons there 7 awards. On 1st natourvlucht I was 6th in the club and 30th in the circle, I clocked the pigeon to 11.57.05 The first pigeon was clocked at 11.52.09 So on this flight I could not impress. I found it a bit sorry for the youngsters flight I took it nice (no longer like that) and if you had you had to keep doing it early bird. As my mother ever said “it's no use crying over spilled milk” I'm going to prepare the pigeons again fleeing the latest youngsters and 2nd natourvlucht. Just again in earnest to get the pigeons up for the start zoal my father ever said “if you stand still you everyone walks past” I will say again the next time.

16 augustus 2017

We are approaching the end of the young bird races. This year has flown a variety of ways to try to lose the youngsters counter . With us is that with a custom flight program even several entry options for diseases or that you can still flow in some later boy. It started later on they go to the north with the youngsters to give the youngsters lose their heads this way. All in all initiatives for the well-being of the youngsters flights. Well of course you can always youngsters lose this part and parcel of the youngsters spelleke. But the question remains in my life where are all these youngsters ????. We now open rings with numbers in it , via internet you using the ring number lookup lovers of pigeon concerned. Through the red book of the NPO are also all lovers ring series. And you can fill in a form which is then emailed to the fans at the NPO site and then you yourself can contact. But how many birds are there now actually given, tell me and write 1 pieces which I picked up in Schijndel. When I read and hear how many youngsters are staying away about 30% and if there 5% of being given the many. Where are the birds now, they all flew from a pole , or from wires or from pasture fences or caught by birds of prey or shot down by hunters or they have lost all sense of direction by radiation rays through the atmosphere, and our pigeons are already in Poland or Romania Well that will or will not come back, I think so. And I do not know if they sit there waiting for our pigeons. They have a very different race seems like you have to believe the Polish solutions. These birds are unloaded from 05.00 s’morgens tot max 06.20 with 40 degrees ,regen, mist, snow storms and further all-weather. I think they follow the trail of the cars of Polish construction workers and so fly away home. And then I ask myself how this is possible , I've once caught a Polish cock , a nice pigeon in hand also as far as my knowledge beyond. But otherwise you rarely hear that Polish pigeons are captured. The pigeon that I picked up was a day before in Rosmalen Schijndel fired crow flies still a 2 km which has flown this pigeon . My question is why are not given more youngsters?? we have gradually tired of every time searching for the enthusiast and call , or want or we can not have several days of water and give it aanvliegers. Or they are not given and passed a few days and released. It remains a bit of a mystery where are our lost youngsters. I keep hoping for a new approach to making the NPO duivelary and thereby get a boost associated fans and the sport will be put up for it on the map. I also believe that existing and will motivate the new fanciers and encourage a new approach improved balance to keep the sport going and companies. And then the last flights not to mention the late tour was canceled i.v.m. the weather conditions!!. The young bird race I again had 11 pigeons, this was postponed to Sunday. The pigeons were liberated at 09.15 release from Peronne (was Reims). If 13.03.59 I clocked the first dove after it still ± 2 min had fiddled around. On the 2nd pigeon was I 30 min wait. Here in the club was the 1st pigeon 12.52 and on the 2nd 13.01 The clock was therefore 13.14 close. With my pigeon I was 4th in the society and also 4th in the 16th circuit in the region and 46th in the division. So a nice early bird. Where I am less happy about was that the 2nd pigeon 30 min did not show up and that my best hen until then was not to home. Luckily I got on Monday after a youngster and Wednesday was absolutely great as was the 266 Weather Sputnik. Some flew off but otherwise looked good. Today had a drilling for the late races this because this race last Sunday had fallen, within half an hour all was again Thuus. This week 2 flights 6th youngsters flight and 1st natourvlucht. We will wait and see what will bring the races I can probably 10 play youngsters and 8 pigeons for natour. Zöls it out now displays the weather gods on our side. And we hope the losses are limited. As my father ever said” If you have lost the victory closer than you think” I love me here to this than. I wish everyone a few nice flights. I will say the next time.

08 augustus 2017

They are pretty busy, africhtingen the pigeons natour , the young bird races are therefore still in progress altogether it gives back a lot of crowds. Last we had a discussion on the late tour in the club. I call natour flee disguised youngsters and by that I mean that there are many enthusiasts play the youngsters on the late tour and there are fewer and fewer youngsters played on the young bird races. My opinion is to keep the youngsters played on the late tour outside the competition. (invliegers if you want to call it that) I think you at least this way not encourages young to play on the late tour. I also think you have enough boarding facilities with the youngsters program to join yet in the event of illness or some later boy. For all late boy you would like this (test pilot can make do with the natour. What I understood from the earlier natourvluchten were often intended for widow-hens, who had all season on the cock are waiting. This way you also learned if you have good hens had been sitting in the loft. Today the hens game is just as important as the game became a widower and there are already many lovers with hens top results. So the late tour is less need to test hens. But for lovers of us who have too little time to play double widowhood or have too little space, natour remains a welcome addition. Today there was a drilling fleeing the late tour was gone from Geel. The pigeons are to 07.40 released so far nothing wrong. Another region solved in Hapert which lie on the same line and fly this flight was not released initially due to heavy rain. This will raise questions among enthusiasts today have all day waiting to see their birds home. I only had some perennial cocks and hens with . If 09.20 was with me the first male on the cover of 09.32 2nd and 09.48 3e. On 4th pigeon I certainly thick sit for an hour and wait for the 5th and 6th as. Anyway 11.55 was the last pigeon on the valve. Everything at home but there is also everything it said, I was immediately think of the fans who were mostly young inexperienced pigeons on the 2nd drilling. The messages I have been heard so far, there are many youngsters away. I hope for the fans and pigeon they found their way back home to know despite the bad weather this afternoon, because that is often a bummer at all. And the idea that one would lose fewer youngsters on the late tour is in my greatly exaggerated, and not just because today was a lesser flight. And I am also of the opinion that the youngsters played in the late races have less mileage and less taught, and that the losses in the new season also are higher among the young than among the late early youngsters who have participated every young bird races in the previous season. This weekend we have 2 Flights 5th young bird race and 1st natourvlucht. I hope again and some nice flights last weekend was not bad I 266 weather ahead in the 15th and 22nd union in the circle really a good hen. I hope she does have a few nice sightseeing flights over its best can still create something fun. But I'm hoping again and as my mother ever said “The wish is father to the thought” I will say again the next time.

31 July 2017

Today is the last day of July , time flies past us at high speed. I was me wondering this past weekend how are the plans for the sport plan 2021 I'll call it even. We are now obviously in the middle of the racing season so it will be anything standing on the back burner when planners. I do ask myself course on where we go with the sport, associations are getting smaller by the falling memberships. And let's even stay with the association because that it all begins. You become more and more interdependent within the club because you often painfully enough members when you get together to baskets allowed into your own club. There will have to change in the sport to keep it fun for everyone. But there is also the problem as I see it despite all the reports about the sport and how dire the situation is also, there is still retained the old traditions and customs. It is strange to see that the status quo remains sticking to the familiar, and go right on with that because they are there for years their successes have earned it. It finally just Kamikaze pilots who knowingly flown death ,but so have faith in their game that they did not want to depart from or to. I sketch it's a bit morbid, but if it looks a little out. Take for example, now there is someone sign up for membership of a pigeon club , can you say as a society wishing we did not have to because we “have heard” that he or she has not a good reputation . I think we as pigeon loving Netherlands no longer in the position to keep new members on any ground. Certainly if a club can help enough inkorvende members and so forth back at least a year can. Sometimes it seems that everything has to be protected and that can bring new members to breach the privileges acquired. I fear that as long as we are not aware of when we want something changed , you should start with yourself. And we really need to get rid of “it'll take our time mentality”. See you in my word lies with the major players and champions and who would take the lead and the sport would put it in general in the first place instead of championship, since the duivelary would really benefit from this. Because these people have set an example but not often give a good example, and personal gain is often more important and whether it is a championship or commercial activities. That said I want to come back to the flight last weekend . As I wrote in the beginning that time flies , I would have liked the birds last weekend had done well. Na 2 nice flights this was another one somewhere behind you write down in a notebook and read never return. The first pigeon in our club was there for a few minutes 10. I got to 11 over 10 three birds at once and with half an hour everything was within . This time I was not even on the association result and in the circle I was 215th 216th 217th and so it was three times nothing. Too bad on the next flight. We start this week with the training races for the late tour. And as soon as the late tour enters the end of the pigeon season in sight. And then I come back to my first line “time flies” and as my mother often they “Time always passes through , there you have to do nothing for” I wish everyone a great week and some nice flights. I will say again the next time.

26 July 2017

Today I went to a funeral service was a farewell service of my mentor and advisor but most of all a very kind and good man. He had the respectable age of 83 year , For an outsider but a good age for family ,friends a very great loss. The bond that we have originated in 1995. He worked as a consultant for a housing association and he guided a major renovation of some wonderful buildings, where we had the windows and paintwork of commissioned. Our first meeting was not the most pleasant, we were the walls to paint, and he walked with a green jacket against it and the jacket was covered in paint stains. He came to me and asked me why I had not hung signs that everything was wet . And he asked if he could claim the damage to the jacket at me. I said no problem, I'll buy a new rain suit for you. I said this not knowing it was a coat of fl 500,00 guilder. He looked at me and got a smile on his face and asked me to come over sometime in the office with him. I got a card with his phone number and I called for an appointment. Meanwhile I had reported the loss of the jacket by our insurance. I thought I would be well prepared when I go visit him. Anyway to cut a long story , I visited him on the jacket is only briefly discussed. From that one encounter there are many followed. Ten days ago I was with him , I had taken a bottle of white wine. He said I should not drink now i.v.m the drugs but we drink it sometime at a better time together. Unfortunately, that other time not come anymore because today was his funeral. It was a beautiful and dignified farewell to a dignified and beautiful person. And then also briefly on flights last weekend we had two ,Chat Roux and a one-day Isnes for youngsters. On the one day it was like the whole year already a resounding success. I got 14.29 The first dove and 14.44. I had three at home. An hour later I say to participate more seriously. As for the youngsters flights was slightly better I was 2nd enthusiast in association with a 9th place 11th in the circle and 33 in the dept. So all in all considered satisfactory. I had 12 youngsters with whom 3 awards. I turned again lead the same pigeon as 1st flight (of 266) . This pigeon I clocked up 11.11.50 on 11.19 2nd pigeon and 11.24 3rd pigeon. The entry still remains a thing, they still scare the slightest so I forfeit still some time . It was already better than the 1st flight so we gradually there is improvement. I think this has to do with the length of flights , they do not come with three or four at a time flying, and are therefore more likely to land on the cover. After two races I'll do it nice ,but there are still 5 go and can happen a lot. So I hope a few good results. I was two weeks in a row 2nd fan in the club and as my father often said “The second place is the first place for the loser” I wish you again a few nice flight to next week and the next time I will again say.

19 July 2017

Last weekend was a success in many ways. he had 2 flights last middle distance race and the 1st official youngsters flight. On both flights was called the reasonably successful. In the middle distance, I was 2nd in the association and a 7th position in the circle. The youngsters I was 15th in the association and in the circle 22, of the 12 young pigeons I had it sat there 7 awards, So that's already been called quite satisfactory. The flights went well and all the birds were so at home. How else went with the Barcelona flight, where in Belgium quite a few birds stayed away as the messages in the AD!!!. The reason it would be a fierce north wind raised in the French pyrenees (called tramontana.) Coverage in the AD was not written at favure of the sport. And that was noticed several media, I was last Tuesday approached by RTL news, if I wanted to work on a documentary about the sport. In itself I thought is nothing wrong with that and it seemed nice. Moments later revealed in the interview that it would be mostly about the flight Barcelona and the loss of birds associated with these types of flights, that was asked. It also would go about monetary gain what would have to earn this type of flights, o.a. selling the winning pigeon. So spectacular story had to be the sport where the loss of Flight Barcelona and the financial gain on the back of the pigeon would prevail. After some thought came over me a weird feeling and I wondered whether I wanted it to work here. I did not participate in a documentary where duivelary could be portrayed as losing a sport full of pigeons and monetary gain. I would pigeon fanciers and even more generally considerably deficit have participated. Because let's we might fly itself 80 year Barcelona Flight, formerly the pigeons in wicker baskets transported by train to Barcelona were there to be careful and unloaded and were discharged after some rest. Today the pigeons pigeons containers are transported with climate control and plenty of food and water. I also arose in the question would be which 80 year never one tramontana are raised in the Pyrenees. That seemed and seems very strong. In the past, there will also sometimes spill flights were due to weather conditions causing losses pigeons. I'm not going to interfere in the debate me or distant flights would be too far for pigeons . It is a sport within the duivelary and there are still many fans who see this as the ultimate(each his own I say) What I do want to ensure that the duivelary through social media could be seen in a bad light. B.V. AD interviews a disappointed lover who might have had a bad race. This message will be immediately posted on social media and shared by everyone. News programs also read it and Albert Verlindes and Peter van der Princes see it as spectacular and make it not notice having exceptional news that you do the duivelary in general a disservice with. While I am writing this, Rice me the idea to RTL news to call and ask if they can and want to make a film about the sport that focuses on all aspects of the sport and which could make a positive contribution to the sport. As my mother often said. “Every bird sings as it is beaked” in “It is the tone that makes the music” I wish everyone very nice flights this weekend and I will say until next week.

10 July 2017

We are 3 flee further and the weekend is over. you know that statement was again 3 x nothing. Well this decision was applicable to me this weekend. We write Saturday 08 July 2017 Our eldest daughter is 23 become years and there were few people visiting . We sat outside lovely to talk to the coffee and cake cozy about anything and everything. It was around one o'clock 12 and I expected the youngsters and middle distance pigeons at this time. Many fanciers will recognize this if the probability is that pigeons can not get really quiet on the chair and sit cozy chat. The eyes do wander off again and you're back to looking at the sky or you already have a small dot or something similar sees a dove. My wife says very drawn to the business that there is nothing to me as pigeons have come home and I still nervous but is staring at the sky and paces. I then laughed a bit, my daughter is doing well even further by saying that they call me nowadays Peedy Pigeon, and again there is laughter. It is now a few more minutes and then I see the first pigeon is one of the middle distance, he flies first a few laps down probably for the birthday of my daughter and land on 12.03 on the valve. This time I came for no result. Less than a minute later, the circus of the youngsters begins come 2 together (After the misery of the peregrine is still coming in a little thing) Anyway this fly that is pleasing to the eye, and after 5 min they land on the roof of the neighbor as they sit for a few minutes and then fly to a flat roof to drink. I chase them away so they have a couple of them flying in circles and eventually falls on the 1st valve. then it is 12.10 and they therefore have a number seven minutes fiddled around. 2nd course on 12.12 over the antenna, and then there are still one piece or 5 who play the same as the first escapades 2 pigeons. Fortunately there is one pigeon middle distance and this attracts a threesome with boy . Anyway in 20 minutes I had 8 of the 12 boy inside and an hour was all Thuus . Then we had the one day from Bourges I had 4 on it. Well I must admit that I was on this flight did not have much faith in a good outcome. It is a year not much on the one day so the only thing you do is hope for an outlier. But this time it did not again. The first dove into the circle fell 14.45 and I had the first one on 15.43 (The final number is good but the start number not let me speak.) was this pigeon 73 e thus also no significant role in the circle. And as I said in the beginning everything was so wrote 3 time nothing, nothing , nothing, Nothing. But our daughter's birthday and she had a great day and fun things ahead with her friends and is still important as 3 sightseeing flights where you play any significant role. After the clock lights, I went to church, I see the church you think yes indeed to church. Not to confess or make a prayer not going in my case not help I fear. I was there because my wife is in a choir and have 2 weeks participated in a performance that was about a possible flood was an ambitious thing, and Saturday was the last day and were family and friends come to see a show. It is all played in the church which still has a nice entourage in terms of place and sound natural. It was beautifully sung by the choir and beautifully played by the local brass band and the actors of the local theater group all played a major role. So overall a great experience and nice to have seen. My wife had this evening 4 x a show so I drove home on the scooter , the wind a little around you fluttering sound of the scooter which sings about. At home I had to 1 Dove have the middle distance. And that is there to this day still do not today, I find that unfortunate because this pigeon was playing a 1st in the circle on the 1st middle distance race. Well that's pigeon fancier and each will probably experience a time. But as my mother always said, “You can no more time stabbing at something you do not, but what you do have” . Until next time I will again say.

03 July 2017Het last weekend we had a pigeon-free weekend in our department. That is to say that there were no competition flights and all this with the expected bad weather. My thoughts went back to the years 70 to the car-free Sunday . I was about 12 when this measure was promulgated because the oil supply was cut put from the Middle East, and the threat of a shortage of oil products and fuels. On these Sundays were looking for an alternative to get cozy Sunday by. The bikes were dug up and taken walks were all without the noise of cars and other traffic around you. In the (steenfabrieks) village where I lived was a coziness that took place on the streets. People looked at each other and stood neighborhoods out on the street with a vuurton, sometimes with a fleske beer sometimes with a coffee Bakske. We were on the street skates , bicycles , football. At such a moment you realized that solidarity was great. Everyone was in the same boat on this one measure. In such a crisis situation had time for each other and people talk to each other about everything that was previously little-discussed. There were searches for solutions and as my mother always said, “Talking people help”. Last week we had a ( dove charge) weekend. At least the flights had been canceled Thursday. Time for something else would you think. But nothing is less true, we're right for the season of the youngsters,One was so nice time to focus on the youngsters again. I 12 youngsters (am with 17 started) so i would like to sit in the basket. Also included also because widowers who have not flown this weekend. I drove in the afternoon to Nistelrode with 12 young and 7 widowers. The widowers I landed at 14.23 and sat on 14.49 on the valve. The young I landed at 14.33 and these were to 15.13 on the valve so all Thuus. I am a happy man again . Tonight the youngsters in baskets for drilling and flight to the region from Hapert. And this weekend the first young bird race. We also have a one-day and a middle distance race so 3 flights in a week after a pigeon-free weekend we caught up with the damage nice. I think it's a lot of work for the convoyeurs and carriers to make sure everything runs smoothly and organization and I wish them every success. And as my mother ever said “If all goes well, it is beautiful and if it goes wrong you have learned again” the next week I will say.

23 June 2017

It was again a hectic few weeks in all areas. It is our company now main season so when the sun begins to shine is drawn to us on all sides to get painted up things as quickly as possible. One would like it ready for the holidays, others would like to come ready for the garden in bloom. Still another is to sell the property and it should be ready for the pictures will be for sale , there between people who are moving and their like have refreshed before they go into their new home. So all in all a very busy period. During this time my hobby is also just by the duivelary . And there is also experience in some things . We're still in the middle. in the middle distance and one-day flights that are now the youngsters in the buggy for yourself should they go the first time with the truck for their first release. Also, this should all run smoothly. Last week had a peregrine visiting youngsters , resulting in loss of a dove and certainly so embarrassed that I was not inside the other youngsters. I also tried the peregrine had been issued fished ticket and you have to then dealing with it. The youngsters have 2 nights bivouacked outside and when I can steer them inwards together with the widowers. Road schedule training flights away what you had built up in training and the like. . I've got them 4 held within days and after 4 days each released with the widowers to rebuild trust. Fortunately, the weather is a lot better and we can continue where we left off. This weekend 2 flee, Bourges and the one-day middle distance race Laon. Last week I had to Nanteuile La Houdin a nice pigeon in the 1st and 5th association in the circle. So this week's hoping back on a beautiful flight. As my father ever said. “Enjoy the success that you've had, and keep enjoying the desire for the next success.”. Until next time, but again I will say

05 June 2017

We are still in the Whitsun weekend , Spend a few days off so some more time for the family and the doves. Last weekend had the 2nd middle distance race . The weather situation is always on the minds of the duivelary , rightly so!!!. But what is wisdom must or may be discharged if the weather is questionable, whether we have the pigeons leave overnight longer. Priority has always, the welfare of the birds and no other reasons may be entered in any capacity. That would not have wanted the creator, He even gave Noah his ship even took pigeons (7 males and 7 females). I do not know if the author knew that it would create a sport later centuries where these pigeons and pigeon man would enter into extensive cooperation. And those are rules bandied be used for personal gain. I think when the confession was invented , the Trammelant started. The confession is in fact invented for when you've done something wrong. If you confess it to a priest that you can forgive in the name of Christ the sins. How far can you go in this ???. I think common sense should prevail and that we must act in good faith. Especially considering the situation in which the sport is. There are still falling memberships despite the efforts of the NPO. They are now working hard to present a plan for the future, which have included if I well 2021 must be finalized. Let's hope that a wonderful new organization is put down, that will be bestuurdt and guided by the standards of this time. As a Pentecost also gives you a little time for reflection and contemplation. So my buddy pigeons Tonnie and I again “Chabberebonki “been , which means we've been out together. This time we had as does count inoculation against smallpox in a variety of lovers 2 associations. Tonnie and I do this for a year or 4 and it's always great fun to get to various lovers and see their young growth . In addition, of course, the conversations with what now . But otherwise it is primarily a pleasant evening at the various lovers pigeon wearing a warm heart. And if you're in different fanciers, you notice that the sport is a sport that is practiced by loners in clubs as my mother always said, “Every man for himself and God for us all” I will say the next time.

The last day of the month and May is already over , so do the sprint races a part where I play no significant role partly conscious and partly because I do not have fingers in this game. In the sprint I have to make do with the occasional outlier. last flight(in) was called everything dramatischt. It was of course very hot but everyone suffered from it was the last sprint race I had 4 pigeons the first in the club's play 10.39 my first pigeon was there 11.04 So what I said earlier, no meaningful role. I have had my hopes set on the 1st one day was gone from Gien ±(520km) The pigeons were released to 7.00 hour with good weather . I had calculated that if you are between 14.00 in 14.30 a pigeon would have would be nice note. This calculation also knocked , except me . How can you be disappointed? Well I can tell you quite disappointed. My first pigeon I clocked at 16.23 and that it was therefore. At the turn I had 1 home of the 5 I had basketed pigeons, 3 yearlings and 2 perennial cocks . The association result I was still 5th but I was not really happy . There were 4 pigeons come home, you go regularly to see if there is something inside and then it takes a long wait . I was able to properly observe the pigeons come home for sure because it was so hot. To cut a long story heeeeeeeeeeeel. If 21.55 2nd pigeon was the next morning 7.00 3e 20.15 en de 4e 09.20 5th everything at home so. That was as far as these flights are the only positive “all Home”. Well I had the last flee the idea that I was doing well especially after that first victory circle . How insecure it is then again after such a dramatic flight. I opted to just continue what I was doing, and hopefully this is but one incident. Next week the 2nd middle distance race I do 4 pigeons . 1st middle distance race was a top result in the 1st circuit 14 in the region . I see nothing strange about the birds they are good at so I will hope for the best. 1st middle distance race was a success and I would like to continue this. As my mother often said “If you believe in something, you have a grip” the next week I will say.

25 May 2017

Today is Ascension Day, a day, So take some time to write a piece. I find it always nice to write a piece as long as you take the time to take. Today is a day off and have therefore resolved to keep me mostly occupied with the devilment and a piece there should also write. It is always good between all drukkigheden by occasional relaxing day. You just ff can spend more time with your family and hobbies. We have friends visiting we have breakfast with always cozy. This afternoon my pigeons mate Tonnie by to help instill the youngsters against lice. If we dropped the youngsters have I put them in the basket and I'll put them away for the 1st time to focus on I think a 1 a 2 kilometer, is sufficient for the first time. Then prepare the cocks for the first one-day race from Gien ± 520 km. I go there 5 play 3 yearling 2 perennial cocks. I'm excited and I'm very curious how they're going to bring it from. Last year the 868 still 9th ​​best ace in the circle , but there was more in such as was often the case with me, I was there the last-day flight all wrong. So this year later linked another approach the first flight to the nest and make a great young fly and now since 3 weeks widowhood. It's wait and see whether the new approach will be to finish paying off because we have used this method. Beginning of the year, adjusted the loft, the roof we have adapted and is lined with isoplaten to 10 cm of the cam . This is to get a better ventilation. I think it's a real improvement , given the performance of the pigeons 18th , 29e on the Vitesse in the circuit of ± 2500 doves and a 1st from the middle distance of ± 2300 pigeons. In itself beautiful performance, still be hit and miss but there certainly is a good progress in t.o.v. last year. So all in all I am a happy person and therefore have great confidence in the arrivals. Tonight my wife and I are still ride Schiphol planning. Our oldest daughter has a friend made a trip to Italy with destination Rome and Vatican City. It's nice to see your own children to explore the world and do things that gives them a challenge and where they learn many of. They sent photos and videos of various buildings with wall and ceiling paintings (frescos) . It is wonderful to see how they mature and interested in a piece of history. They are becoming more independent and then you notice that you as a parent to play a different role, I find it sometimes a little hard to let go of everything, but they need to develop themselves on the other side and want my wife and I really do not stand in the way. We are both our daughters as proud as a peacock, and know that they are as good man stabbing each. Having said this, I'm going to end the knitting business just came. I wish you a fine Ascension or as my mother said, “Enjoy life and enjoy all that it is for the first time”. Until next week I will again say.

20 May 2017

It's been a while since I've written something on my site. The last few months had a lot of worries. We are still trying to sell our house. And further pressure around and in the home with anything and everything. And do not forget our company we have also busy with death:, we try to work out season. A very busy period in the life of the painters, Everyone is waiting impatiently for the sun or a degree 20 ideal conditions for garden and painting. But we live in the Netherlands and the weather gods are not very favorably been disposed. The weather is all too changeable and so we have to conclude now that we've 10 days behind on our schedule. The economy is picking up !! not as hard and fast as everyone calls but there is clearly good progress achieved in what immediately noted on the applications and the assignments that result from it. It gives a lot of buzz and a good thing ,It's a luxury problem we say. And so it is ultimately. And now the duivelary!!! yeah what shall I say it again from. As you know I have only 1 loft with three divisions and a small outside aviary. This year the racers 23 March only linked. I have all the young couples let out to fly the first flight from the nest with the intention to get the forme only for the middle distance and one-day flights. Until last week, the results were therefore not very special 1 x is a 18th of the circle on the speed races. But last week it was a complete surprise to the 1st middle distance race (Epernay) 11st in the club in the circle of ± 2250duiven 14th in the department of nearly 6000 pigeons. I was not the week before the rash , was this result a week later of course a big surprise but no less fun. The beauty of a good flight you being congratulated by many pigeon fanciers . It has all the phone calls and apps also positively surprised me. I fly so with 9 doffers 7 yearlings (whose 1 late youngster who has just flown around the house last year) in 2 perennial cocks. They're sind 2 widowhood weeks so it has seemed that the forme starting to come but success or yield successes in the past for the future is still questionable. Last Saturday celebrated my mother her 80th birthday a great party for her organized where we all had to be natural. it began a to 12.00 hours and then to the ballroom where the party with more family and friends celebrated. Such a party is great fun but it's a shame you're a pigeon flight . I was not at the return of the pigeons and have unfortunately seen nothing . Several pigeons people with me had the pigeon in the street yet 2 minute look around before he flies on 12.39.07 was perched. A yearling the 776 a cock from the Piet Boon 902 x is a hen from Patrick Lismonts. Of 776 flew in the association 8 minute lead and had a rate of 1689 p/min. Let's hope it's not a one-day fly and we on the following flights can enjoy even more of this cock. Today we have a flight that Vitesse is gone from Vervins (267km). After returning home to start preparing the 1st one-day race from Gien for next week. So all in all a pretty busy week again . I wish everyone for today and good luck for next week. And as my mother always said, “One swallow does summer” I will say again until next week


Welcome to my new site, I hope you will visit regularly with pleasure my site. So I can keep you informed of how I experience the diabolism.

18 February 2017

Time flies and before you know it we have a few more weeks without writing anything. The last few weeks were over crowded and turbulent weeks. As I wrote earlier, we were engaged in the sale of our house. We decided not to let the planned sales go for this because we ourselves have no other home to our liking were found. But such a decision, both parties should be happier and we did not feel that we were happier. So why not sell our house, something the buyers were obviously not very happy. Our house is now for sale again and we have made us more aware of what we want and what is possible. Then to make matters worse, our Morgan 2 weeks ago deceased to bloat. Morgan was a weimaraner (Weimaraner) he is almost 9 become year. I was that day at home had some customers to visit and Morgan was out wonderfully playing with Pucki (Jack Russel). We had to 17.00 an appointment with the broker to have to go through some details with regard to the sale of our house. At that time I wanted to give the dogs their lumps in the bench, I had fifteen minutes before the radiator to put high so it would be a nice pleasing temperatuurtje. So I walk out to the garden house and I see Morgan out lying dead in the water. At that time scare yourself a bump and went to sit with him in disbelief, have detained him and petted. It was a very sad event, My wife came home at that time and I had her say this annoying message. I called the animal ambulance and these people have neatly picked up our Morgan and brought him to the animal crematorium. I would like to express respect for the volunteers of animal ambulance. These people do a good job and deal with a lot of respect to animals and man. The loss continues, Morgan is like puppy 10 weeks came to us and was a real sweetheart for our girls cats and other dogs we have. We have a lot of fun with him and politely to him he was a sweetheart, He lay snoring weeknight supper with my wife on the couch like a lumberjack, to make to be awake again and turned and again deliciously lay sprawled to snore more. So, and then it is passed at one time a raw deal but it is the correct sequence. When we Morgan went up at the breeder she told us that we should take away the puppy also someday again, this because once people are now older than most pets, and they added another there to as it is not the case would be with ourselves would not have ended well. The above events the devilment has in recent months been at a lower ebb. But now our house is not sold I want to do things quickly get back on track. My buddy Tonnie with my racing and breeding pigeons went to the vet to vaccinate them. Lamb's father my partner has adjusted the roof of my loft for better ventilation in the loft. I also put grates on the floor so that it all becomes easier with some cleaning. I still have 1 loft 3 departments, This loft I'm especially fly, department 1 for cocks 1 department 2 for the hens. And further 1 Department for the youngsters. All this of course while it lasts because sold our house is over the course stops, but until then I will be sure to enjoy again. I'm not young birds themselves breed I have the time no longer to get them done on time flights for the youngsters. A fellow pigeon fancier(Gerard van den Bovenkamp) has offered me some youngsters so I can still do it later with flights youngsters, a wonderful selection of course I am very happy, just a top product of a topmelker. My mother often said there are always people who want to help “WELL WHO DOES GOOD MEET” Again a few wise words of a very wise woman. Until next week I will again say.

26 January 2017

It remains frozen for a few days and then the temperature will rise again as the weather scholars. For the skate enthusiast this is a minor and Elfstedentocht message seems further away than ever. The famous words spoken by the last Elfstedentocht “It Git Oan” will temporarily have not spoken. The skating season will also play again this year on flooded fields, parking and everything lends itself to make a skate from job. Mountains volunteers who have worked in recent weeks to ensure winter scenes and skating fun, maybe this ice masters are called the founders of the future successors to Sven Kramer and Irene Wüst. I can only muster a lot of respect for these people who lay a wilderness heart and soul and then be full of emotion for a camera crew and tell their story about the ice rink which they have built. How would it fare with the sport we will ever see a person full of emotion for a camera stand that says that the membership is on the rise and that the sport again is on the rise and that the renewal and modernization which have been implemented has caused the pigeon remains affordable , has become more family-friendly and that the sport has even become an Olympic sport. That each country 10 pigeons may use the best 10 lovers, how nice would that be!!!!!. How nice would it be if the great man of the NPO will be invited to a talk show and explain how to 10 years ago the sport was dying after death and after we sail went slowly forward an innovative and modern course. And further says that in the first few years of the innovations (leek) it would cost a lot of members, but along the path of renewal and modernization many fans saw that it was certainly worth it not to throw in the towel. And then the interviewer says even he knows the sport a bit of old , the neighbor of his had namely pigeons. He knows still remember that on the day of arrival, there was not as hung to dry on the line, there could not be played , not even whispered talk, all in a radius of five kilometers. It is tasty laughed at his story and then the big man of the NPO says that this is all in the past and that the sport is now in a very different modern way polite and that modernization and innovations have contributed to the increased current membership is to almost fifty thousand, and that the end is not yet in sight. I think this should not be utopia!!! “Where there is a will there is a way” said my mother often. And as I said, “I can not do it” she said, then grab the bucket but. Where she wanted it so much to say that there are always opportunities. Last week I made one of my pens Hand, but more next time about. Until next week, I'll say.

16 January 2017

I was most recently whether I would go to link this year. Firstly I said goodbye 75% my racing and breeding pigeons i.v.m. with the relocation of one of my lofts. So why this contraction of my pigeons. My intention is to fly and cultures from one loft. But first wants to go make the necessary adjustments. I want to go and focus on the middle distance and especially the one-day, So I want to connect a small number of pilots. Next time more about the changes to the loft.


The Sprinter is a pigeon from my buddy Tonnie Schmitjes from Millingen a / d Rijn This pigeon flew 2 x teletext and was published by Tonnie in the breeding loft this year and will be put to its best hen. later ……………







03 January 2017

As I wrote earlier, I did not know if I was going to pair the pigeons for breeding and in fact if I was going to link it anyway i.v.m with the sale of our house. It will seem that I do not have to pair this year, at least not more to fly from my current address. The important thing now is to see how it will develop further and what else I can do for myself this year regarding the duivelary. We'll go see. Until next time I will again say.

31 december 2016.

We're on the last day of the old year, rather, as I write this we are still 4 hours away from the New Year. On New Year's Eve and night I think about what it all last year in review has been passed, cute and unpleasant events the successes and disappointments. The beauty is that you generally can better remember and quickly bring to mind the fun stuff and successes. And while these thoughts I hear popping fireworks already so a bit throughout the day and during the banging, I think back to the time when I myself was a menneke of years 8 a 9. The days after Christmas there was Eve spoken, my father went out again baking the donuts and apple fritters with all the risks of such. My father baked donuts with liquid oil in a pan on an old stove which was put down under a shed in the barn. It was an event every year to honor my father had the whole thing to work properly . The mix was a day before, made the old fashioned way because my mother always took a piece of baker's yeast by oliebollenmix, because they were delicious airy. At the time the mix was carried out, I saw my mother terrified watching the pan with hot oil and they all breathed a sigh of relief as the deal was not yet on fire. My father was n.l. already worked a few years in a row in order before even one donut fried was the lot was already on fire. This time would and should go well and indeed it did not work again. Just when my father dropped the first spoon the batter donuts into the hot oil ,shot the gas hose from the burner and yes the whole thing again in flames. Quickly things had to be repaired so that my father could continue his mission. Within my mother stood behind the stove where she was preparing to take to make the tastiest appetizers for New Year's Eve. meatballs with a slice of pickle or pieces of fresh sausage with a amsterdams getaway. she was also the eggs cooking for later with a special homemade spice mixed with the egg yolk and mayonnaise, in order to make filled eggs of. Delicious snacks were it , They were put on a scale and put in the basement so she had cooled the evening to be consumed with drinks. I still see it for me, a wonderful memory that I will always be a bit of melancholy. Furthermore, we also had this evening fireworks , I would like to see and I necessarily wanted to stay up 12.00 hour to contemplate all that banging and flashing lights. And of course I was also, for me it was great opblijf evening and would go all experience. But usually after a glass of Joy Sinas and a few donuts and snacks are my eyes did not remember , and I was woken up at midnight to watch the fireworks with a sleeping face. I think there is a good feeling to be back and have experienced the same with our daughters when they were that age. Tonight we sit with friends and eat again, donuts and snacks and will certainly be cozy. Well, and what will happen to the sport , we get new circuit layouts , new flight programs, one umbrella organization which will bring uniformity in the pigeon, as is also the case with the football , volley-ball, hockey and gymnastics federations. Uniformity so it apply to everyone who operates the sport the same rules. Let's hope so and continue to believe in a good outcome. I go all the drivers wish a lot of wisdom and of course as I wish everyone a very happy new year and good health and rich fly 2017. And as my mother often said “You should only stop living when you're dead” the next week I will again say.

23 december 2016

We're a day before Christmas Eve, the Christmas spirit after the events of this week farther away than ever. Peace on earth, Many people have grown up with this idea, but have long been only pretty words. I remember my father told me he was called up as a soldier to go to Indonesia to defend Dutch colony. Together with 6000 man 6 weeks on a ship to a distant foreign country with a different culture and where a handful of Dutch a few centuries held sway. a country that 20 times as large as the Netherlands, 250 million people live so that 12 times as much as in the Netherlands. My father is there 3 year long been stationed, had to fight for it (God and country) but where it eventually went, was that all those thousands of troops only were there, in order to ensure that the (old) Colonials with the well-known VOC mentality were given free rein to all their valuables and trays to secure money and to make them safe and sound to the Netherlands or another safe country traveled. It has a lot to both boys Dutch, Indonesians and Moluccans killed. And those who survived and returned to the Netherlands. Those were all damaged, one was pretty good handle it for others it is the rest of his life remained a heavy burden. For the people of Indonesia and the Moluccas which were on the Dutch side, it was a raw deal. Their homes and family behind must leave their homeland. She came to the Netherlands with beautiful promises, but were once arrived here that promises little more about. They were put together in wooden barracks or worse, in a 2nd world war former German transit camp (Westerbork). My father said that later on there that he felt quite guilty shore and that he thought “Peace on earth” was totally lost and that it was only based on hope. I write in my pieces often about hope, and I say if you long enough it goes it hopes a time will be fine. But the recent attacks, wars and events in the past few years, I can not say other than, I should give my dad unfortunate enough alike. Peace on Earth is farther away than ever and yet we are going to celebrate Christmas with the “Hope for a Peaceful Earth” I think then. When I think back to our sport, than birds to be seen as a peace symbol. I have at the moment yet 50 peace symbols on the loft, and it is indeed for me so that when I blithely in their box in the loft bowl and peace symbols see sit or I see them on the good ground running here and there a grain of corn pecking or just flit from outside to inside. I forget really everything and I come with a peaceful feeling again from the loft. Or do they mean by a peace dove that I very much doubt, but the feeling is there any. I keep hoping to everyone that you are like me have a little quiet moment now and then. For a real world will not come the time being!!! . But as my mother often said “Who Small is beautiful is not large wards” So enjoy the little moments. I wish everyone a very happy, warm and loving Christmas wish. And the next week I will again say.

18 december 2016

Almost a year passed , time flies !!!. It seems that the more the years pass, the faster time seems to go. And yet there must always be thrown out a final sprint at the end of the year. Alles moet of, everything should be ready.!!!! It seems there is no more new year, and that these are truly the last few days . Everything in this time of year is all about Christmas and New Year. Everywhere you walk in and you look everything is about Christmas and New Year. It all starts with the flyers in the coach with the most elaborate meat dishes , ice cream cakes, wines, Christmas trees , lighting, it does not stop. If you just read the leaflets we'll just continue in the commercials on TV. The best scenes are displayed, a big red truck with thousands of illuminated lights coming through a wonderful winter landscape to drive, or the coziest family scenes in a beautifully decorated living room with a nicer covered Christmas table where grandpa , and grandmother receive their children and grandchildren and great surprise if the doorbell rings and is the prodigal son to the door that specially flown in from a foreign place and the Christmas celebration comes home. And do not forget the cooking shows with top TV chefs , each program is nowadays a cook. And these chefs create the most amazing dishes in a half-hour time, they have 7 magnetrons , 24 hobs, 5 luchtovens week , 3 rookovens, 12 grill plates the best pots and pans at their disposal, not to mention the finest meats and fish the finest fruit and vegetables and the finest wines and liqueurs. Everything we see and hear gives us the idea that the most enjoyable days of the year are coming up, and so we also feel whether you like it or not it is just in our system. In short, Christmas remains one of the most beautiful times of the year, with or without snow, it's just the family celebration par excellence. And between all this Christmas violence duivelary continue unaffected. The first youngsters will soon daylight (kunstlicht) go see for early January they should be banded. De winterkweek is in volle gang , this is for many pigeon fanciers a wonderful time to see grow their juveniles to soon be able to fly the stars of the sky in the new season. For other devotees to wait and later begin to grow, the time around Christmas and New Year a good time to put the finishing touches on the I. A week or perhaps 2 weeks of release time to quietly along the breeding couples ask any small changes to make to the loft. These are the last days of a year. A year in which happened at all and we again with conviction and courage will look to the new year. With all the innovations, Also in the sport. There new flight programs are presented with the intention to prevent the losses of the young birds, Also new ideas are presented to counter the loss of members and also to make people excited about the duivelary. Something must be done with the duivelary which we all know, I think we have to give time and to ensure that there be informed and good decisions making the sport returns to a positive future. My mother always said “When it rains heavily , rains never last” where she wanted it as much say as everything goes fast it is also true over again. Until next week I will again say.


04 december 2016

We are in December, the festive month par excellence. we celebrate 5 of December first the Sinterklaas (with or without black helpers discussion). Then we are going to slowly prepare for the Christmas party. The party where everything is excessive, take the food to the gifts leisure time with family , family and friends. It's time for a drink and bite again by taking the past year and look back what has been. During this time I think too often and to go back to earlier times, how at our house went over it with Santa Claus and Christmas. Sinterklaas was mainly the fear (the roe bag and taken to Spain) and the thrill of the unexpected and the presents, and then the relief and joy. I can still remember that this lasted until I years 9 was, the fun was for myself and also for my parents. You still got presents, but the tension was off. So it was Christmas when I was a young little man par excellence the party of boredom. We had to go to the midnight mass, usually worst complication cold in the church and all those gloomy lyrics and songs were sung. I always had the idea that it might be fun especially. If the church service was over everyone reluctantly walked down the long corridor outside church and wished each other a Merry Christmas. Then we got into the car and drove home to celebrate Christmas Eve. My mother usually had a delicious soup. (the homemade oxtail soup with a dash of Madeira it's me the most stuck which was delicious) Then we got a patty made of veal tongue ragout. I had seen that tongue in a pan of water to be boiled, at that time I had no idea it could be so tasty. Then dessert came out of a packet of Saroma called that stuff , a pudding powder whipped in milk and then put in the refrigerator so that it could stiffen. it was finally served in a pretty glass dish with a cherry and whipped cream. That was the Christmas Eve on the tedious first and Boxing Day , 2 days of boredom , hang and fall into the sofa or chair, lots of food and drink and can take anything because it was Christmas and then, as nothing could. Now that I think about afterwards are the beautiful memories that I think back sometimes with nostalgia. I see my parents in their younger years so for me, and now they both are not more I will still sometimes especially at this time overcome with little emotion. Now I enjoy the Christmas and Christmas just like my parents when years ago when I was still living at home. I look forward to Santa Claus to give our daughters and their friends a little something, to gourmet then enjoy with our family. And so it is with the Christmas . Even going to the evening mass in the church we still do, partly because my wife is in a chorus that should always listen to a church service on Christmas. And after the service, you guessed it, the table is set and we eat oxtail soup (not as good as my mother) luxury kalfsragout (at least that is on the potty) But the atmosphere now find the same as when our daughters and as corny as I also found that when. But I'm still every year eagerly looking forward to celebrating Christmas with our family. During all these pleasures, the devilment of course just by, only for next season good advice I am myself still not know how to deal with it. As I wrote before we try to sell our house, and depending on requirements and how fast it will go, I can only make a good plan. I have no idea when I'll link. Especially because it may just be that you need to stop halfway through the season, because you can sell house (and I will not get also home to another when I say that I first want to finish the season pigeons) rightly so!!!.. I find it difficult right now to breed pigeons as I'm not sure whether I can go fly. Wan when I go somewhere else to live it all stuck floats, and I do not choose. It remains a dilemma, because at the time of move you can simply start again, your current racing team I will have to get used to with all the problems that, so I do not choose. The only option is to look just this year and grow no or little boy . For me it's heart , but it is no different and more I see it also as an opportunity and challenge to reassemble at a new site to start all over again with fresh ideas. So as Johan Cruyff always said every disadvantage has its advantage and as my mother always said, and I've yet still more confident “You better drop the pants, the courage” and so it is of course also. Until next week I will again say.

22 november 2016

I wrote last week about the first nachtvorstjes, we're back with temperatures in the 15 degrees above zero. The weather remains an unpredictable factor. It is of course also so that the climate will change more and more in recent years. I am now 40 years in the profession of painting , and from the beginning of my career I remember painters 15 March, the starting signal was given with respect to the exterior painting , in 15 October, the final maturity date of the exterior paintwork. In the current time and climate is the average humidity in April the same as earlier in March and so it is with the end of the season in November, the average humidity same as earlier in October, and thus is the same with the temperature, so everything moves on . They are also the painter of the materials developed by the standards of the time i.a.. faster drying products , environmentally friendly products. Anyway recent years much has changed in terms of climate for humans and animals . For those climate changes are not easy to handle, and that is a little problem. Because people are living in days, weeks ,months, years . For animals that is a different story, of course, also find their climate change, but animals do not think in time, animals work on season, feeling and intuition. I think the sport is a great example of interaction between humans and animals. Only man is sticking to the timeline in which we live and animals follow their intuition . That's why I think we should adapt the sport to be out of the pigeons and less artifice. B.v. winter breeding we begin to connect the end of November to early January, the first youngsters to rings . But finally we are too early seen a month how the climate behaves now. What do you want so much to me to say that the pigeons in this case not yet 100% ready to grow. The chromozomen in the body of a dove to know whether these are ready to start growing . That has to do with light, air, temperature, moon phase, solar position and all these elements help determine the magnetic field of the earth where birds are very sensitive to. So if the weather a month later begins in the world of the birds we will have to take into account the pairing and breeding pigeons. If the pigeons are ready in terms of spirit and body bevruchtings percentage will be higher , and will the youngsters in the egg that respond positively to all and emerge stronger in the world in this way and have more resistance against diseases and the like. That's why I'm going to keep this in mind this year and I want to link a month later with a full moon to influence as positive as possible breeding. In previous conclusion I came in response to a conversation I had with an old pigeon fancier who is also an amateur meteorologist and weather expert. He told me he came to these conclusions to a already a 5 years long study. He was so convinced of his research, and told also leveling casually that his theory was partly responsible for the huge losses of the (young ) pigeons. I find his story well worth it and would therefore go try. I will keep you informed of findings and progress. And as my father always said, “Nothing ventured remains virgin” the next week I will say.

13 november 2016.

The first few nachtvorstjes we have had, so the kale is on the table again. I see before me how my parents were only the lonely peaks kale still in the vegetable garden, everything was already in the country except those long steal with a wrinkly green leaves at the bottom here and there brownish discolored leaves that were waiting for the first frost, then the kale was at its tastiest and the tops were cut and could kale stew made. Nowadays you can eat kale year round it is at the grocery store in the freezer , and people who have a vegetable garden cut tops and put the kale a few hours in the freezer, the prince also saw over!!!!!. Winter presents itself and slowly enters, we head towards December, the month of presents , excessive eating and also the month of the lights and bright spots. For me the end a time of contemplation of the year. So I leave a bit for myself last year passed the reveu, the nice things but also come the bad things still stop by on my mind. Such as the death of a member of our club , he was only 42 years and was born not sit. I've often wondered myself what can there be so much that you want to live no more, that you can enjoy more of all the beauty around us. I have often thought of those terminally ill and who fight to stay alive and at the end of their rope to surrender themselves. How unfair is that I ask myself, one step to a healthy life and limb in the life , and the other fights with a sick body to stay alive. My mother always said “you can have someone look for the cup, but not in it” and so it is of course also. I think that you have to depend on luck and especially the independence of yourself. I favor as much as possible to draw their own plan without compromising anyone. Within our family this issue is regularly discussed with our daughters (20 in 22 year). They are all large adult girls I am very proud of, and who are at the beginning of great changes in their lives, o.a. boyfriend(s), training, a good job, steps, live by themselves. All these important decisions can be taken if you are yourself ready and you will be happy. I think you should try at all times to challenge yourself. So we as a family decided to put our house in the selling , we have had our house earlier in selling 2014 t/m begin 2016 it would then not as rafts, it was simply not the best time when . The reason we want to sell our house is that we'd be able to walk around the house , a certain degree of freedom I will say, and where it will be now we know not yet . What we have decided is that it should be within an hour of our current workplace. And what is very important to me that I can the sport companies. If you take the decision to sell and go to move your house is not there a timetable at, you never know how quickly sold your house. In your mind you hope, of course, as soon as possible, and for a good price. And there is a little uncertainty around the corner, especially with respect to the duivelary . I will sooner or later will link? or I'll link ? I can still play with the old birds and yearlings? , I'm getting used pigeons? or I'll start with youngsters at the new address?. And where I come I may continue with my old club visit?, or should I become a member of a new association?. And whatever plays I have to make any changes to the loft when I'm moving anyway. These thoughts shoot arranged by my head, but it keeps me not like to follow the same path. It's obviously not there yet but that is our home in the sale and will be sold is a fact, and with that thought I'm the new pigeon season. And then it's just wait and see how quickly will be sold our house and we can look for a new place. Where we can settle down and we can go enjoy what life we ​​will offer again. And as my father often said “saddle one with your own pleasure” he referred to it as much as, do the things that suit you and leave nothing of another dependent. So that's it for this week, the birds moult still beautiful by, a few weeks and the birds are back in the tight suit and ready to breed.??? Enjoy the healthy freezing weather as it occurs!!!! Until next week, I'll say.

02 november 2016

It's me it was the week , I've just been on the sick list, according to the scholars . And indeed I did not feel really toppie, I have had nice gripped a bad cold and a mild pneumonia. These symptoms go with me it entails that you do not really feel called to do anything strenuous. Have lots located on the bank and when the sun shone I could thoroughly enjoy the sunlight streaming through the stained glass window shone. The colors of the stained glass and the sunlight the colors in the home were also better be more enjoyable and friendly. Also, if you look you will be pleasantly surprised out by the different colors of the stained glass , then everything changed, the color of the leaves of the trees. For instance, a tree that slowly changes color from top to bottom with the neighbors, First the upper part is yellow and slowly sinks to the bottom branches, slowly fade yellow to orange and then to red fire, if you do a painting would make would say it does not exist so perfectly beautiful that to see. If you like a few days will be lamballen still want to go do something. I once again examined the results of the past season , in the sprint races, I have no meaningful role to play, so also in the middle distance races . I saw a small bright spot in the one-day flights that I have performed reasonably exception of the last flight, there it went as though a number of years, wrong again so . I turned to leave just too late and where it is ?? Yes it's me I'm doing something wrong, it can not be that you systematically about any last-day flight in addition to the prices and therefore it can forget a nice ranking. But what I do not, couple I asked to perform at the one-day all flights racers, The pigeons are then early widowhood?. Or I do not know how these flee the feeding system where the doves to 14 Days played ? Or should I just keep playing these pigeons every week and let the rhythm ? Or should I doves interim one more time lapping at shorter distances ? Or do I have the pigeons return home longer or shorter leave together? Or I should enlighten the pigeons or just darken? These are so few questions that come to me and ask me really wonder what wisdom is this. The plans for next season, there are also: I want me some more towards the one-day flights and have decided to link the racers later, In addition, I want to play in these races with cocks and hens. The cocks I want to 14 days of play and the hens every week. Furthermore, I'm looking for a good feeding system for both cocks and hens. Or I'll darken or enlighten I do not first need some more information you get about, to the extent that the one-day. Furthermore, the youngsters flights and the late races are pretty run with here and there a success. As for the young bird races I had just hoped for in terms of performance, I find it very pleasant that I have a number of youngsters have taken over where I do see opportunities in terms of construction and type of pigeon and also in terms of pedigree. The late tour is reasonable expired , I play on these flights all hens with or without a partner , and also some youngsters who have been injured or who have flown the wrong one time and have spent a few days on another loft. This is the most relaxed flight for me because I want these little birds, the only thing I wish is that they fall fresh on the door and do not stay long absence. That's it for this week, I'll just say I wish you a nice autumn with beautiful walks and chestnuts , mushrooms, beautiful colored leaves and fresh air. until the next week.

. 23 October 2016

We are very much in the autumn weather, it is rainy inclement weather the leaves on the trees have beautiful colors and blown by the wind in the branches. Here in home runs coughing the whole family, to sneeze, proesten a tea snot creator. These are the verschijnseleen who belong to this time of year. Luckily we are in terms of taking care of the pigeons in the quiet season and I can suffice in recent days with clean water and food, and not much engaged in the duivelary. The upcoming period will focus meetings , honourings, fairs and make plans for the new season. B.V. how does the flying look ? some come for proposals are losses to the problem of the youngsters,? how to keep the sport affordable ? and of course what is the future of the sport. This last question keep me quite busy lately. How long can we go on like this with the sport? , if we have already accepted us that the sport in the current way not foreseeable future will go to the souls. I hope that soon something will happen , I have now understood that the NPO board is seriously trying to analyze the current way of pigeon racing. I wish them a lot of wisdom in it !!!!!. I also wrote last week that I want to do some adjustments to the loft. I 2 pens and I have both the lofts on the front aluminum outer race. The hold applications i.a.. in. on the front and back of the lofts to close the vent just below the tiles. In addition, the races are completely covered , except the front remains open in this way “open box system” to create, and also to prevent any drafts in the loft. The ridge of the roof, I want to change the so-called kippennok, ie an increase in the rafters worth while for you to put a flat finishing approximately 3 a 4 cm is clear of the pans, creating a chimney effect that I can control with the sliders in the ceiling depending on the wind. I think that this adjustment for a more controllable environment will take care of my lofts. It's always wait and see what the consequences of these changes for the pigeons. The youngsters from next year will be immediately placed in this environment, for yearlings and old birds is a change that hopefully works out. Furthermore, the birds moult well I give them 2 weekly colombine tea plus muitzaad and garlic. And then they get 3 times per week over the feed sedochol . The first 4 for weeks 100% moulting mixture had every day new grit. na 4 weeks I'm going to run some adjusting 4 Share moulting mixture 1 Part kweekmegeling and 1/2 some candy seeds. And further 2 weekly tea with garlic and 3 sedochol times over the food. They also get daily fresh grit with seaweed, magnesium powder and even more minerals. And of course, every week a bath found the pigeons delicious , a little lukewarm water with some bath salts and a dash of vinegar. Wonderful to watch them like a tin of sardines in the bath abut, and then with great wings apart are drying up. Moulting and draws heavily on the birds and at this time they allowed it for nothing for the next breeding and racing dates back well to be the start. That's it, many pigeons fun and the next week I will say.

14 October 2016

After a nice holiday begins normal life, Now again a week participated in the labor force. Time flies “before you know it you're old”my mother always said,. The evening is getting dark earlier and you can notice at all that we are in the fall and winter go away. It is the silent pigeon season we say, there are no more wedvluchten. The largest selection is made in your pigeons, here and there will be some pigeons disappear and some birds are added, but by and large are the breeders and racers known for coming season. Here and there are some boarded up and adjustments made to the loft. Furthermore we are busy with meetings of club , regional departments and NPO. In addition, here and there a purse at home or abroad. I like quite a bit cynical in my previous piece wrote about how my wife i.a.. against the sport looks, I myself am convinced that pigeons can only change if we actually change anything. What you see now is that many changes are made to our current CU and thinking about duivelary. As you prove the sport any favors for the future with. The elderly will fall and growth of young returnees will not recover until there is little. in short 2020 , according to various calculations will still max 10.000 members are, it is about 3 year do it again 5 year there are 6.000 membership. I ask myself quite often ask how to proceed. We're all really able to tie the pigeon to do. As it is now it looks like it. I speak regularly with the older fans (with great respect, moreover) among us, and when I listen to it well what to tell these people and have been told in the past. I come to the conclusion that these people are often heard with all their ideas and good intentions about pigeon racing. How sad it is to believe that our strong holders of the NPO management have let absentia in recent years go. How bad is listened to our older fans, fanciers we try to keep in with might and main to the flying members of associations and the like. to maintain. This is to have enough members to inkorvende baskets in your own organization or that you need at national races. But there will also become an adjustment, from 5 to 3 Members of the association may in creels and 7 to 5 members of national flights, so they think that we have solved beautiful again at the NPO.!!!!!!! I am convinced that the sport should be adapted to the standards of the times. and they i.a.. more freedoms and choices in flights allowing you to create family-friendly sports. Finally a whole new set of pigeon racing, and to do so the older members can be a very important factor. Most have been through everything in the sport that people know the ins and outs of how to deal with pigeons, and how this could be incorporated into a modern pigeon. Work with these enthusiasts plan. It would be best that plan will NPO which put the sport a new look at a responsible pace or better yet a whole new suit. A plan in which the current generation of fans may find themselves and where it is attractive for returners and more important for novices to practice the sport. As I write this I am asking myself again what makes it so difficult now to change the sport effectively and adjust to the current time. Is it the commercial interests of a handful of players who can shout the loudest ? or the sporting interests of enthusiasts with the familiar system for years to fly to the top ? . This One 2 Groups fanciers in my goodbye in the minority but are very crucial for the sport. The majority of the average enthusiast who basketing the pigeons every week this 2 groups to make their great results “basket filling so” or as specified by this 2 Groups also have talked about serious and not serious pigeon fanciers. My question is who is the “serious “en wie is de “not serious” lover. Is not serious enthusiast working man who 0.700 am to 17.00 working hours, with a family so do not have much time during the week or to set off on weekends . So by and large also can not deliver weekly top performance, and is pleased with the occasional nice result. I myself think that we “serious enthusiast” should not take so seriously “they do itself”. In any case, being NPO and departments or busy to create a responsible flight program aimed at reducing the losses of the youngsters. So that means, adjustments to the flight program in the hope that we lose fewer youngsters and more opportunities for “serious enthusiast”to set off together and more frequently and for “not serious enthusiast”the possibility of mid africhtingen all still to steps still with great difficulty responding getting the youngsters to flee to join the youngsters. Around the “serious enthusiast” to provide a platform to bring home prices. Hopefully these changes contribute in a positive way to my, we lose less pigeon. Because I think if we lose the fancier , we therefore automatically increasing pigeons lose. Now all as the state of affairs in my loft , I've been around the selection, I had a hen for a cock as so instead of 13 I go with cocks 12 playing cocks. Find it in some cases the youngsters difficult to see if it is a cock or hen. This hen was sitting or in a bin, but was still a lot of fun with a cock, So I caught them in another container with a cock. Further moult goes well with both the young and the old birds. Furthermore, I'm going to do some adjustments and to the loft but next week some more about. Until next week, I say again.

05 October 2016.

I write this from a sunlit” Ellenz”, a town on the Mosel in Germany. Spend a week's holiday and just as befits a pigeon outside the “pigeon season”. Naturally offseason for another option you as a fancier hardly!!!!!!!!!!!. No you yourself say!!!, a vacation in the pigeon season. The sun high in the sky, wonderful temperatures, cozy beaches, Other festivities, terraces. No none of this, scratch, to clean, tame, tag, drinking bowls excesses(is also with flowing water), Clean feeders. And then basketing wonderfully cozy with the men in the pigeon club until ten o'clock at night and then the cap and 12 shorts in the direction of housing. At home is the food ready to heat up in the microwave, you can only eat the delicious. Because your wife and children to the anniversary of your mother!!!! Want ja, you could not go because “pigeons hey” because that is a lot more important. After dinner take a shower and have a beer, By that time comes the missus home and asked if it was pleasant to the club?. So what if Peter had 10 pigeons , Jan had Coli in the loft, And Bart was not, that was crazy holiday (in the middle of the season what a loser) his brother Kees pigeons are basketed for him, and Kees did not know how the clock worked tjonge young what a misery. Oh how it was in my mother's birthday , Did you enjoy it ??, Yes mother says the woman was really nice, Everyone there was even your brother John who had just returned from three weeks of vacation, and your sister Nel with husband Frits was also stopped , who left tonight to go with the caravan to four weeks holiday in France. (you might have been able to give pigeons to train). No treasure we go nicely off the holiday season (meant finally pigeon season) is a lot cheaper. Have you made anything?? Yes mother says the woman I told you three times already!!! Oh wherever we go again, Luxembourg ?? No we go treasure 10 days to Germany. Why 10 days? you wanted to be back in time to go to the autumn fair in Houten. Oh that I had forgotten. And then there is a moment watched the news and especially the weather forecast for A. S. Saturday. Well the weather looks grim'll be a Sunday release, Oh mom says enthusiastically than we can look tomorrow just to play football your grandson plays his first match so will your son and grandson like as Grandpa also equally is involved. Yes you say then that would be nice, but you know hey treasure of pigeons solutions can be more of nothing. So that is again waiting all weekend at the pigeons solutions?????. This is so kind of how my wife to look at the sport. And she also says regularly , how can you get more excited your son or grandchild for the sport as she and dad or grandpa never see anywhere else than with a duster and hat in the loft. The pigeon takes my wife and many of her inflexible and few family friendly. She finds it an individual sometimes selfish sport played in a club. What has changed over time ? and how little has changed the sport adapted to the standards of the current time ??. How can you fuck people excited for the sport if there is no room for leisure and family. It is known that takes any change members , but as it is it costs members and runs steadily and there is comparatively almost nothing in return. Changes also bring new insights and possibilities again. I think there is a big role to play for the NPO and of course to all pigeon fanciers, that will have to change with it to remain viable this wonderful sport and to give new impetus to adapt the sport to the standards of the times. Because really what is more beautiful than the interaction between animals and humans, what change there will be interaction between bird and man will not be changed, and provides opportunities for youths and returning to experience the sport. Would be a nice slogan “EXPERIENCE the sport ANNO the 21ST CENTURY” Yet ?????????. Now back to the pigeon, my birds mate Tonnie pigeons cared for during our vacation, Always nice when you like someone to you who cared your livestock. They are in full moult, an important period this year they have more time to moult because I will later link the breeders and racers. This is because I hope that the proposed flight program of the NPO will be enacted. It would be a step in the right direction for what to make changes. Anyway so later link that means you have more time to prepare for everything. And make any adjustments to the loft. About the changes and the like loft. I'll come back next time. Until next week, I will say, and good luck with the preparations for the new year.

The selection is about to begin, my buddy Tonnie today comes to visit me to jointly examine my pigeons. And also to make a plan for the new season. MORE LATER !!!!!

As I promised yesterday I would go back to the selection. The first question I asked myself before we went was to select, How and in what way I want to play next season, and not least how many birds I want to start. Too often it happens that pigeons remain for pedigree. In retrospect it is only hokvulling There are birds in the breeding loft with a topafstamming or who have flown well but where never a usable let alone a good pigeon is released. “Good pilots are not always good breeders” and the other is of course also true. What is it that often so difficult to select? I think the emotion plays a role in many lovers, a nice beautiful or sweet pigeon in the loft where you can hardly say goodbye to. In addition, the purchase price, Most fanciers try to get back every year there hokversterking. For one lover € 50,00 a divine power and the other is € 500,00 a scheintje. A pigeon which disproportionately money paid will remain with many lovers, simply because they find it a waste of money that they have given out. And this pigeon is a hundred times omgekoppeld to try to grow a top pigeon from topafstamming. As a result you have a few years back is that it's really not going to work with the relevant pigeon, So off investment. And then I come back to the selection, I think that also can select the best of the best lovers, it looks at the structure and appearance of the dove ,The performance also included therein course, but I think that fanciers can distinguish good from a beautiful dove, and that makes the biggest difference. Now back to selecting the private loft , We started in the late youngsters are there 6 doffers en 3 hens provisionally remain. In the early youngsters are 6 doffers en 3 hens sit. In the perennial hens are 8 sit still. In the racing cocks are 2 sit and 1 cock goes to the breeding. Then we have the (growers) of course there are preliminary 5 and the cocks 7 hens sit. I say temporarily because I want to keep all the pigeons once in the hand in view of the links that I want to make. As it leaves look I attend next year 13 vliegkoppels and 5 kweekkoppels. There will however still e.e.a. changing the arriving time, because as you know, a pigeon is never still and is always looking for “better” . at least there is hoped . Until next week again and I wish everyone good luck with the selection.



I'm always glad we had the last flight , capturing the pigeon, the lugging baskets , the pigeons get to train and also lapping. No for me is the end of the racing season a welcome change in the sport. What I first weeks have been wrong on Flight tension waiting for the information lossings, check weather forecasts, calculate the estimated time of arrival and of course the return of the pigeons. Instead, a beautiful time breaks again, selecting your pigeons. Of all the pigeons pilots to growers is examined, to reappear right at the start of next year. It is also a known phenomenon that needs to be tinkered again to the house each year. Whether it's painting, there is always something to be improved. This is especially so with the fans who have less performance. It needs to be something !!!!! and that is as it lies somewhere. The idea that it must be somewhere to be mostly already identified during the racing season and has been widely discussed in the club and we look generally to those hardest hits. For the champion in the club n.l. best loft, the best pigeons, the best medicine, most of the time, Most financial resources, he is overly driven. These are just some of the superlatives that are being said about the champions, whether they are justified or not is often considered against it. Most champions are every year at the top (one exception) . What have these champions, is that they all have knowledge of pigeons and pigeon racing. They master the art to distinguish a good pigeon a beautiful dove, In addition, they have at a glance the holes when the pigeons fail and can act more quickly. It is often a matter of a lot of time , and this also use effective. When asked if a pigeon is good ? seem to me hundreds of possible answers, but the fact remains that it is the good climate. The pigeons have fun on the loft there must be a healthy rivalry, so far will be fine for most fans. But the climate in the loft e.g.. the loft is in the right place , it is not too moist , there is draft in the loft, you have a pretty constant temperature in your loft, you have the topforme early or late or not at all. I asked several fans what a good loft, there was one in which told me. You need to move into a dove, he asked me: are you like in the tour , or in a humid climate, and then very hot and then very cold, or in a very dusty dirty cages (and I mean very dirty not a little shit or something) If you have a good climate in your loft is a bit shit and dust in your loft is not very, the shit is dry and the fabric is well drained. Do not have a good climate in your loft then the shit stays moist and does stink, The dust sticks and that also affects the pigeons. So a good loft is very important , and if you are also a few good pigeons have it all be a lot more fun. So there is a challenge to ensure that I will meet all of the above so I next year the pigeons can fly the admirably. Next time more about this matter. the next week I say again.

FLIGHT 10 September 2016 Natourvlucht LAON ± 298 km.

The last winners of this season congratulations and also congratulated all the championships won.

The last flight was late races gone from Laon , The weather forecast was good so all for components were there so it would be a nice final flight. I had chosen all youngsters have to play again (minus 2 wounded) so in total 19 youngsters and I had 5 hens that I wanted to play again. The pigeons were liberated at 09.40 with SSW wind later turning to SW. With a little charge you come around 3 hours away. And so it was the first pigeon in our association fell valve 12.37.24 and this lover did have the shortest distance (was ± 7 km with me) This pigeon was also 1st dove into the circle so again a good performance in our association. My first pigeon I clocked up 12.45.48 it was a pigeon 2016 and 3rd pigeon association. At the time I clocked the pigeon I had not really the best would be a pretty tough race 2nd / and 3rd pigeon I clocked up 12.50 and the 4th pigeon 12.51. these were, respectively, 8th 9th and 10th in the association. If 13.33 had I 13 are birds in the clock. Then began the long wait 15.33 there were still 3 pigeons . And there it remained for the flight day 16 pieces of 24. And then we hope to hope again the next day because the stragglers usually come well after, but the sun was too long to wait and hope. The final balance after the sun is still 3 fulfilled so should still 4 boy and 1 yearling hen. Referring again to my first pigeon had won a 6th ranking in the circle , my 2nd pigeon was a yearling hen and (coincidence ) wants both these birds of the same lover coming n.l. Gerard Bovenkamp from Doetinchem. And having said that, I would still come back ff fleeing, it was not easy especially since flight rose quickly in the afternoon the mercury making it to the youngsters that have passed it is not an easy job to quickly find their way to the loft. Nevertheless, I expect there are still a few back , especially since they had all flights and have enough experience to find the way back. Yes and now!!! The racing season is over, The coming weeks are very important again and we will select the pigeons moult an important moment , it is a difficult period for the birds and moulting they need to be able to do in peace so they have another good plumage next year to properly participate in the races. It is important that they get the proper nutrition so that they again have the right building blocks and can give to the offspring. I'm everyone good luck wish aankomede (rui) period. and preparations for breeding. I will try to describe my weekly experiences on the site. Until next week, I say again.

FLEE 03 September 2016 Young birds race Melun ± 424 KM and Natourvlucht Menen / Moeskroen ± 227 km (was Quievrain) .


The flight was late tour last week gone from Menen / Moeskroen, it was Quievrain but they had decided by the meteorological conditions expected to solve some westerly. The pigeons were liberated at 11.45 with a wind WSW. I had this race decided only to play the late youngsters and wounded youngsters. I had total 14 , and the challenge is of course always knowing that these flights be played many old. I'm always wondering what is the difference (besides entering the right then) the association was the first pigeon 14.06.59 and was an old pigeon next 6 pigeons were all old birds. NR 9 was the first youngster and No. 10 was the 2nd youngster and it fell to me to cover 14.13.57. I had 14 , and 2 in prices both in the union and in the circle, so that's what meager. But who's counting are warned. We can go prepare for the last race of the natourvlucht which will be gone from St.Quentin ± 294 km. As it looks for now I want all youngsters once again play a nice vluchtje as barrier, And then we start preparing for the moulting and breeding and selection. And that is one of the main, select if you still can at least , if you still have plenty of material to choose. The last few years have given many problems large losses to select good. Often, all you youngsters who are used to supplement, otherwise the loft is very empty. So it's not all quality what to leave, as we all know. Which again has an impact on the new season where we fly with yearlings and on these flights also take greater are the losses. So it goes in the wrong length or width. but what is wisdom in this, I think if we change nothing with the youngsters, we will continue with these problems to walk. I will not further elaborate on which I have in the previous letter (MELUN) already done. I'm all good luck again wish to prepare for the last race. And I say again until next week . And I hope a lot .

I want to honor everyone and give tribute to the victorious.


Melun was the last young bird race of the season. We as an association are not enough members to national in baskets, so we had to move to a sister association. So we did not have enough members to baskets nationally in. You should 7 Members baskets to nationally within your own club. This legislation is dated to me, given the high number of declining membership which we face in the sport have. I feel it all rules of the time that each association 25 members or sometimes had more and it was no problem 7 people get together. My question is: we must choose to adapt the regulatory e.g.. from national basketing 5 membership. Or should stand firm held and stick to the good old regulation based on 3 times as many members. In my experience it is so, if we keep it that way as it is now, the future of the sport that we more and more and more with several associations have hives to the minimum number of members (7) to be allowed national basketing. An often heard is that members will cost. I think given the average age of the fancier, the members always going to cost whatever we decide. Only I think if we hang in the old remain, and do not want to renew will still lose more members and no new members. Therefore, I am in favor of renewing the sport and update the standards of the times. B.v. let along the racing season run with the school in the regions so that it does not come at the expense of family vacations. Associations can work more together and on tour around pigeon deliver this can save costs. The rings for the youngsters spend in March and the youngsters league play with only rings the NPO of the year, This promotes fair play and I think the losses of young birds will be less, whatever works again cost saving. Delete the General championships and just one championship per component, calculated, for example, about 4 of the 8 designated flights , In addition, the fan may continue 1 Add flight itself. In addition, there would again be a group system brought to life so there again preisjes what could be earned. Overall I think the sport should be made more family-friendly and attractive, and must remain affordable especially for the average enthusiast, so that it is attractive to weather (of ) starting with the pigeon. NOTE These are some reflections of myself and there will undoubtedly be many more and better ideas to change the sport in a positive way. Now back to the flight. The pigeons are to 9.00 unloaded from Melun with an ONO wind later in Belgium and the Netherlands rolling to WSW. I had expected the pigeons around 14.00 and was reasonably close . The first pigeon in our association's play 14.15.04 on the valve. and was 11 in the loop. My first pigeon fell 14.24.06 on the flap and was 4th in the union and 28 in the circuit a fair result, I find myself 6 pigeons and 2 awards, my 2nd pigeon fell 14.33 .25 and was 76 in the loop. So all in all I can be satisfied. Next week, the last flight on the late tour if the weather is reasonable, I would like to play all youngsters. I wish everyone a lot of success with the preparations for the last race and I hope you hope for a good result. Until next week again.

There were again several winners this week, Congratulations to all.

FLIGHT 27 AUGUSTUS 2016 natour Quievrain. Youngsters Melun flight canceled and moved to next week.

We did this last week 2 flights natour was gone from Quievrain ± 225 km . National youngsters flight was canceled due to the weather conditions expected from Melun and moved to next week. So this week but 1 flight due to the heat, the pigeons were liberated at 07.30 a Tsolution I feel like saying. It would be hot so early release if possible is a great solution . Often talked about inversion and large losses will be there too with associated. But what finally inversion : Since cold air has a higher density, it tends to fall while warm air tends to rise. If cold air is heated to the ground, this again increases up and cools down again at a greater height. In some situations it gets colder, heavier air the opportunity to warm up and stuck at a lower altitude. This is a brief description of what inversion content. N to return to the flight I had chosen to play only the yearling hens and perennial total 17 pieces. I doubted whether I would play so why Thursday finally made the decision the boy. In retrospect, the flight went perfectly so they could do it safely. My father would say, “afterwards you can look a cow in the ass”. For me it was especially important that the hens would come home, I had no great expectations ( you always hope, though of course). The first pigeon in the association was clocked at 10.45 .41 and the 2nd was a good performance in the circle again for our club. My first pigeon fell 11.19 on the valve, at that moment I knew long and wide that there was little to gain in this race. I had a good hour 15 pigeons home , so that was really the only. So next week 2 flights last young bird race of the season. and the late tour flight back again from Quievrain. I wish everyone good luck with the preparations for the upcoming flight, and I hope for a big surprise , would sometime may still. Until next week, but again, I hope a top result.

I start as every week by congratulating the winners.

FLIGHT 20 AUGUSTUS 2016 Natour Asse – Zellik

The air was lost from Asse-Zellik ± 160 km , the pigeons are released to 09.15 with a hefty SSW wind, and also the weather was good to us. It looked as Friday that it could be rainy, we had no problems on the flight. So again a good release. You know that will be flown hard with this wind. Pigeons have the forme and navigation have good standing can still sometimes surprised at high speeds around 100 mph more, and just drop on the valve. That was also the case with the flight speed of the 1st pigeon from our union was something more like 98 km per hour. The first pigeon in the circle had a speed of 99.3 km per hour. I myself had all the pigeons basketed both late , The early youngsters and all hens total 37 pieces and 1 injured left at home. You always hope for a surprise again, more I can do given the course of the last flights. As I wrote before I want to play all the pigeons that make a selection (a rigorous selection). So in my case, you can expect you of all your pigeons but it must also be realistic, what you insert you get back is an often heard saying. Well in my case I can not get the right amount of time insertion especially considering how the sport is experienced today, We sometimes say that the sport graying and that almost no young growth comes. It is a given that there is increasingly asked to perform well with the pigeons , There is patched more often (drove the pigeons) to keep them in form, This is certainly the case with the youngsters and the late tour. The champions are also mostly men who can spend the day much time on their pigeons (tag, Watch buggy) or are single devotees all the free time they can devote to the pigeon. What it does well and what you see are increasingly combinations enthusiasts who join forces in order forces and especially (free) joining time. A combination may positively affect the future of the sport in my vision . As I wrote join forces i.a.. free time , vacations , family friendly , costs are shared so the sport remains affordable. Because the cost aspect is also increasingly assume greater proportions, this in combination with the (free) time that goes into, it does not really tempting to go on your own to practice the sport especially if you want to perform well every week. But try the sport just to modernize, to adapt to the standards of that time will not be easy with the established order that is now. This generation wants to keep the sport like as it is now, they are afraid of innovation and performance and thereby undermining their status is, jealously wish they stick with the old. Stick to something that they know that the sport's head cost but hey they most sandwiches on, or as my dad always says “they have most shitting shit”. So a little “it will last my time thinking”. The associations are increasingly struggling to get enough members together to in baskets for domestic flights(7 pieces) . It is occasionally though not easy 5 Members get together for regular flights. Increasingly, there is recourse to the so-called sacrificial dove (which is a pigeon from a member that is basketed to achieve the minimum number of members required putted for the relevant flights). With pain and effort than we have 5 of 7 membership, 2 baskets full of pigeons and 2 residual man met 4 of 5 pigeons. In front of 4 Baskets is a pigeon container 20 meters long street in driving the clubhouse, if 4 to pick up baskets with pigeons (why high costs). Let us abandon this happen, let the birds go in baskets in the shed where the truck is, and let's turn the clock in the club house and there to congratulate the winner. The clubhouse is maintained his position for any other purpose clubhouse,(exhibition, meeting, party honoring champions. and of course all kinds of activities in the off-season. There are many more opportunities for the sport to revitalize and adapt to the standards of the future. But having said this, I want to return to flight, as I said I had 37 pigeons my first dove hen was the same as last week and was again going to go in there right then four minutes later, the 2nd pigeon on the valve sat down they were like last week again clocked the same time en 10.59.23 my 3rd pigeon, a young hen's play 10.59.52 I also had 5 me 16 pigeons within the next 10 pigeons were 10 na nr minutes 16 on the valve. My 1st and 2nd pigeon were respectively 32 in 33 and was my 3rd pigeon 35 in association. In the circle 1st pigeon from our association had the 4th place , all in all a great achievement. This I also have to say I had my pigeons yesterday buddy Tonnie still on the line and he asked how I let it run my first birds I then gave 10.49.23 i.p.v 10.59. 23 a slip off the tongue so to speak, or perhaps “The wish is father to the thought”. I hope we come to see us that the sport needs change. “With every change there are dropouts, but also offer again opportunities for new insights and opportunities for any new birds coaches. I wish you luck with the preparation of the last young bird race and natourvlucht. And I hope again for the best for everyone. Until next week again.

All the winners warmest congratulations

FLEE 13 AUGUSTUS 2016 Youngsters flight Nanteuil la Houdin and 1 Natourvlucht Duffel.

Nanteuil Le Houdin

In this weird week where you and was being torn completely silent through all kinds of emotions and the clock , you come to realize that life goes on. And again you are aware yourself how beautiful life is all around. It was obviously different with basketing as usual but it was a nice relaxing atmosphere.

The unloaded 7th youngsters flight from to 09.30 from Nateuil le Houdin (a beautiful name for unloading) The pigeons were released with the WSW wind. The pigeons had a small 377 km ahead . After last week I balance the 13 pigeons 10 I returned and which I 2 hope for the late races still to play. Total I 7 pigeons basketed and 1 hen left at home who had to explain. . To be honest the disappointment of last week had not. I went just start over , The pigeons train reasonable, there are several birds that are linked to what the training work does not benefit. But after all these losses, I chose the birds that are just about to play as relaxed as possible with the hope of keeping the largest possible, but they made their mileage so they can be at the start with plenty of flying experience next year. It is also good to have some more pigeons so you can select better. Anyway the flight there was about. The first pigeon in the club's play 14.00 on the valve ,but it was again not with me . My first pigeon landed on 14.14.22 in his loft on the 2nd 14.22.34 At that time, you already know that there is too much time between the 1st and 2nd pigeon to join fun . However, my birds were, respectively, 6th and 11th and the association and 38th and 79th in the circle, you sit there, shall we say. The clock on this flight 23 min left open which means that the course was just too good call. This flight, all 7 pigeons back. Next week there is no young birds race and we play with us just a natourvlucht. I wish everybody a great week we 2 weeks to prepare them for the last young bird race or you can play them on the late tour to keep them in rhythm. I do not know what wisdom is but I hope the week to get more visibility. Until next week, I'll say.


The first flight natour gone from Duffel , I had 32 pigeons which 10 late boy 5 injured early and late or come home and 17 hens. I chose as many pigeons play on the late tour. just to see what is inside, and whether there are surprises , I can play next year in the races, especially the one-day flights . I want to go there to focus a bit and got the idea to next season with as many cocks and hens to play these flights. The Vitesse Flights I would therefore like to use to play the pigeons. This choice automatically means that I can go associate racers later so they hold out until the end of the one-day flights and stay motivated. So why this choice. Furthermore, the pigeons are released to the air in the late tour to 10.20 with SSW winds and could get a good rate. that happened almost 100 mph speeds are pretty. Sometimes there ever been inferior overflights where high speeds they are taken as the so-called fan flights over. I think that the pigeon on these flights must have a terribly good orientation ability, because if at this wind 15 min by shooting them a half hour into the wind needed to come back. So then you added 45 min further. And you can forget it because the prices have been distributed long and wide. The first pigeon in our club was to 11.37.34 clocked. My first pigeon flew 11.38 around which soon found one in on 39 land them on the loft where they to my chagrin almost 4 min sat. Eventually I clocked my first 2 pigeons in exactly the same minute and second n.l. 11.42.45 2 perennial hens. I was then 9 pigeons together approximately 8 min have flown around. Between this annoyance there were a few pigeons that did not go along with this misery. My 3rd pigeon was a late boy 2016 and I turned on 11.43.22 my 4th pigeon was an early young who had been injured and I turned on 11.43.45. I was thus in association 19 / 20 / 23 /25e was the time with something more like 6 min tight. It was all in all a nice flight . I still have to 2 late youngsters and 1 early boy. Next week we have only one natourvlucht if the weather forecasts are good, I play all the pigeons will Asse-Zellik ± 160km so that has to do. We can prepare a week so we back off again. Good luck again and we are going to hope for the best.


Last week I wrote about the loss of the youngsters , Today I write a piece which the losses and everything around it is left in the shadow. This week a member of our association decided to not to continue with life. He was the youngest member in our club and since this year. He helped build a cage by one of our members and assisted by several members to youngsters so he could join this racing season with the youngsters races and of course to gain experience. He was well off and played with the youngsters not without merit, he was until last week 1st nominated in the circle and 4th in the designated section, all in all a wonderful achievement and motivation to have fun in the duivelary . But how else can run a human is unsearchable, you never know what's going on in somebody his head, are all superlatives. At first glance, everything went as his pace and seemed as if he was happy, he has 2 Children where he spoke proudly about and 2 weeks back another day or 10 on was a holiday in Spain. Last week when I spoke to him at the club told him to have a nice holiday with the boys. How weird is it that you get a few days later the news that he's gone. My thoughts go out to his 2 boys , his siblings and his father and mother, and everyone else who was close to him and state. With this I want his family and everyone who knew him wish strength. We as a club will miss him as helpful and honest man.

I want to conclude with a quote from my father. Dying once you geniet life, You're more dead than you are alive.


The winners of this week's special congratulations on this not easy racing day.


Let me come straight to the point home that the pet this week but also really hard hat and. I wrote in my last flight report losses, Well this week I do it so it stands out shows there are a lot of them. I 13 youngsters basketed on this race and was on the flight day turn the clock there all told the paltry number of 5 home. The pigeons were liberated at 11.00 hours from Laon with a WSW wind, and had a good departure was a bit hit again on the fly line with the odd shower. That's no easy flight will be logical . But this is really beyond my pet . I have now 7 birds back from the 13 Almost half is yet to come, I could not see anything wrong with them reasonably trained and looked healthy. So where is it now I do not know. As I write this short report I'm still a few pigeons of the training for the late tour, this vluchtje them I 32 pigeons which 10 late boy 5 early boy (were hurt or too late) in 17 hens. This vluchtje I have now 31 home still needs 1 hen. What I finally want to say is that these pigeons in the same loft are given the same food and the same care here I want to indicate that the birds just are healthy. And I understand nothing of it until now stay away from the boy's flight Saturday J. L. . Anyway back to the flight Laon I expected the pigeons around half 3 and so it was in my loft was the first pigeon in the association 14.13 and was the 3rd pigeon in the circle. My first pigeon flew 14.21 around when you know that there 14.13 all pigeons are it is annoying that this pigeon a few minutes together with a dove flying and was very jumpy continues to land. I clocked the pigeon respectively 14.26.01 in 14.27.12 the third pigeon on 14.32 was also leveling fly. To my surprise these birds were 8th and 9th and 12th in the association and 47th 52nd and 79th in the circle where I would say that's a rare and serious or flight has been. The clock has 40 more loosely been some very long at our club. Next week, as it now from shows I can still 6 Young pigeons do the youngsters flights and 16 on the late tour will be scared and trembling and hope that I love about enough to fill for next season. I'm licking my wounds and pigeons prepare for the next flight. I wish everyone a lot of success and we must again hope for a good flight because if you are not running on time but annoying that every flight pigeons stay away is much worse. Until next week again.

All winners of this wek I hereby congratulate their glorious victory.


This week should the flight be gone originally from Quievrain but was chosen by the bad weather on Saturday and lesser prospects on Sunday to move the flight to Menen / Moeskroen which is much further west and gave a better freak to resolve Sunday. In itself a good choice doves were released Sunday morning 10.15 hours with a wind WSW. I had 14 pigeons again 1 within the week before, it is still annoying every week there remain behind again pigeons. But it is nothing you hear from many enthusiasts, whether it's something this time, I do not know. If I have to believe it was started earlier with the older fans 20 jduiven the youngsters flights, The last flight was youngsters Orleans there were still 20 pigeons basketed totally moulted yet 2 old pens and lucky there was a tail feather in, it was 30 degree sun high in the sky NE wind power 6 and yet all the birds came back, according to the old wise men came because there was much stricter and better selected and thus only bred from the best pigeons. A corollary was therefore that only the best and / or strongest remained according to the tradition and history of the sport. That many losses in the current pigeon sport are (especially among the youngsters we can not deny, but where it is?. A lot of (scholars and point) have already considered and ruled on this issue, but a real clear conclusion has not yet been released to date. I do not have the arrogance to think that I know it, but I have an opinion about it. Maybe I'm headed now on thin ice if I put my mind to write here, but remember that it is just and opinion. I think that in recent years anti-nature and changes in the atmosphere help to ensure that there are many large and sometimes pigeons lose. Consider dimming, if not eclipsed you like to participate but at the last races you losing the darkened boy. Firstly, because the darkened boy born in December. If the young bird races start these pigeons already coupled and are usually the hens on eggs or they played on widowhood. And at the end of the day it darkened youngsters are still smartly dressed, perhaps here and there thrown a pin. A stark contrast to the non darkened youngsters who last flights only be played in dry weather and a tough stormy sw wind so they are blown home because there is almost no more covert ride-and she still 2 are old pens. In addition, the drug use as the last few years, which is more restricted.!!! Today we need a veterinarian's where we get an official consultation and then drugs can be provided if required. In itself a good thing, I think, because previously it was different as the old wise men. Years back when all drugs were freely available in the market, we could play ourselves for doctors and nurses and the one that best controlled or supervised bit was the king of the sport. It's not just this time there will be always sought to perform better that in all sports so and will remain so (see the Russian athletes). But it would be the sport benefit well that there would be more clarity about drug use. And to make it more fair play is going to be where all are fans of large to small interest in and we can contribute in this way to reduce losses and fair play with the youngsters. That would be a good start, I think so. Furthermore, I think would be issued if the rings for the youngsters until mid-March you raising embezzling a long way , In addition, a competition where youngsters can only be played with youngsters with a ring of the NPO, a Dutch ring thus of respective year. I realize that it will be a big change and that it does not favor the commercial interests (because they are unfortunately too big! way too big!!! I think). We will see it all what is going to happen but something must be done is clear why we can continue to perform long this beautiful sport. Again smoothing return to flight, I'd almost forgotten the pigeons were then released to 10.15uur the WSW wind would round 13.00 birds must be. And indeed, the first pigeon in our association was clocked at 12.57.00 2nd on 12.57.06 both at the same lovers of pigeons were 1st and 2nd in the circle a beautiful performance of pigeon fancier. I clocked my first pigeon 13.05.29 and was the 15th pigeon in the association and 29e in the circuit . sat in the circle of our association is there 7 pigeons by the first 10 I want to show that we have a strong association. Within 15 min I 7 of the 14 pigeons home reasonably. the turn to 17.00 there were 10 the clock, what I myself will fall against what. round 18.00 are there still 2 added , with this number I have the flight day also disappointing closed. It will still not very rafts remain true early birds out so it continues to struggle a bit. Something has to happen do not feel that it is much, is to think of what adjustments (enhancements to the loft) but that is something for after the racing season. I got back a few days to get the pigeons match fitness and then I just hope for the best, and as I often wrote hope springs eternal and sometimes gives the nicest surprises. Until next week again and good luck with the upcoming flight(in).

All winners were the deserved winners and I want to take this therefore warmly congratulate their pigeons and their performance.


One day Issoudun 24 July 16

I'm a little bit late to write the flight report from the previous week. This is partly due to that it is very busy at the moment on the case and also the disappointment of flights last weekend was very big, so the sentence was not much there to write. I'm writing while I'm waiting for the release message this weekend. Let me start with the es-day, Last week it was the last-day flight 2016 Issoudun was scheduled flight of ± 620 km. I had it much, but in my mind again played I'm wrong every last-day flight. Well, and this year the weather was not but I was the last flight yet 1-2-3-4 in the club now, I was not at all in, I was so complete again next. My conclusion is that I did not make good choices and I hink too much on 2 thoughts. 1 I want to play the Sprint and Middle Distance and performance and 2 I would also like to play the middle distance and performance. I will have to make a clear choice which flights get priority so I doves until the last flight may well leave the starting line. So if I choose the middle distance, I can connect later , I can handle it right feeding system and I will have to see the Vitesse as training races to get the pigeons solid slowly forme. As I write this, the choice as well as created , it will only be cast in a good shape. Now tergug smoothness to the flight that was gone from Issoudun pigeons on Sunday (flight was delayed) if 07.30 unloaded at a not too strong WSW wind. With this distance and these winds can around half 4 doves fall. This was the case not only with me in the loft. The first dove into the circle was there something half 4. I first dove sat there 16.43 more so as 2 hours later !!!!!!!. The fun was a moment for me from. The only advantage I saw that within 15 me 4 of the 6 pigeons home 5th were sitting there 17.15. and the 6th has not yet returned. Last week, I am therefore all sit down and ask pass the reveu. I have therefore decided to focus the arrows next year on the long flights and that the pigeons prepare for. It's a challenge you (hoop) and provides challenge. Anyway the 868 a yearling is still 5th ace on the one day become the circle, so I can elaborate also I have a yearling the 695 which in my humble opinion pigeons also potential occupants. and I'm still young sitting late last year I only anticipate this year. So total for next year 3 pigeons remain at least for the one-day flights. The supplement will have to come from the young of the year. I go there again the best I wish everyone a hope best flight far this week and the next week again.

Youngsters Asse-Zellik 24 July 16

This flight was the 2nd consecutive flight where pigeons were released I had from Asse-Zellik 1st flight a disappointing flight, this time it was not much else the pigeons are released to 12.00 pm on Sunday .(Also this flight was postponed) with a wind WSW . I had 15 pigeons one less as the previous flight. I did not really know what to think of it, the birds looked well trained reasonably well(There are pigeons linked and that did not really make much sense to train) But otherwise no complaints about how they sit there in. So you hope again an early bird and they come down a bit easy because I think after a few flights as important. The last case was not the first I clocked the first pigeon 14.00.52 2nd on 14.07 and who was in the club no longer in the prices. in the association has been detected on the 1st dove 13.48.48 a top performance, and also 1st Circuit. last price pigeon was clocked at 14.03.23 therefore 15 min clock close. In the circle of our association was 1 t/m 7 So as a society we do well(also beautiful). But there may be still some improvement to myself. Have this week made a disinfection cure on Monday and Tuesday. I felt that it sometimes could also be the cause. The pigeons still had had enough stress the 1st time 2 nights basket, and whether they have had enough in the container because that sometimes can cause a. On the other hand, everyone stands to suffer from so it's looking a bit. Anyway now continue with the get home gradient (The race was already closed so remains for me only that they are well versed). with 30 min I 13 of the 15 pigeons home that's good name. The next day was no 14 again on the valve. No. 15 I have not seen so far. So am again full of courage and hope to the preparations began for the next flight Quievrain(Menen i.v.m has fallen again and again moved to Sunday). have got 14 pigeons on this race and hope for a good result and a very early pigeon (whom I would not think so). Furthermore, this week for the first training I natour 10 late youngsters and 6 wounded and or late come home late boy, and further 17 hens. I wish everyone a good flight and hope everything returns home the next week I will again say.




Of course congratulated all the winners wholeheartedly with their victory.

Middle distance Flight Nanteuil la Hadouin.

For me it was after all the euphoria of last week's slightly disappointing flights dare I say with confidence that it was disappointing. The middle distance race for me personally not the biggest stumbling block I play there every middle distance race late Young 2015 with the objective that he gains experience and comes home. And every week he returned home, This morning he was back fresh and fruity on the valve. So the goal is reached. He still 2 old pens and again from the start moulting. So this was his last race this year and he can pretty uitruien so he can appear well at the start of next year.

Youngsters flight Asse-Zellik

The youngsters flight from Asse-Zellik where I had imagined many. After reasonable success of last week I was this week keen to see a good result. The pigeons trained well at home except couples who were formed and have little desire to go out. Therefore I decided to include the youngsters 10 Young late on Wednesday to fly a africhtingings vluchtje, also I have brought this to the widowers because 2 weeks are played on one day and I therefore they still want to keep a bit level. I unloaded the pigeons Wednesday to Ravenstein 6.55 hours the first pigeons were clocked at 7.16 pm and 7.22 were he 30 of the 35 home again. So the training gave civil courage again, I decided the pigeons one day after the flight home did not play at Asse -Zellik sure we saw this flight 2 Saturdays fly tandem, A total of 16 pieces with, the pigeons are released to 15.15 from Asse-Zellik, in this still a compliment to the lossings committee acted properly. I expected somewhere around there 17.00 pigeons had been. My calculation of the time knocked adult alone these pigeons were not with me at the loft. If 17.02 the 1st pigeon was clocked in the association, when I noticed the 1st and 2nd pigeon 17.15 on the clock I did forfeit some time but it also belongs to the youngsters game. At that time I knew no time but I feel I was too late what later proved. What disappointed me was the fact that there was so much time between the return of the young pigeons 18.02 had I 8 of the 16 pigeons home, with this clock I went to the club to explain him and what I feared was also true. I turned too late, I had 1 dove into the association in prices penultimate, so the disappointment was really big. After such a flight you ask yourself where it may have to set. Tuesday I had even put a block of cold ice smoke, would be able to have you ask yourself ?. done nothing else crazy, I thought the same preparation as the previous week!! perhaps carried a little more and fatter, that would be another thing. But know you do not do so we go to prepare for the upcoming week. I 15 of the 16 pigeons back 2 of 3 I'm not going to play because they were late home and because next week the same flight. and so quiet about a week could save. next week we have again 2 flights Asse – Zellik for the youngsters and 1 day from Issoudun. I have for the last 1 day flight very much hope to see make a wonderful result and am convinced that that is certainly a possibility. So I'm going to wish everyone good luck with the preparations for the flights, and the next week but again I will say.


I want to congratulate all the winners and especially very affectionate with their great performance.

1 daily from Chat Roux 9 July

It's a little weird to congratulate all winners because this sign is also the winners and understood the 1 day flight from bygone Chat Roux. In the association I had on the 1st 15.04.27 2nd on 15.04.53 3rd pigeon 15.10.50 and the 4th pigeon 15.36.23 . A great achievement that I had hoped as a whole while at. As I have every time in my pieces hoping pronouncing a good flight it was sometime in. In the circle my ranking 24th 25th and 38th 103 my 2nd nominated pigeon was my 2nd prize pigeon (868 a yearling) it flies each flight awards and stood up to this race as 9th ace on the 1 day in the circle. As you can make out I'm a proud lover, 2 yearlings in front of at ± 640 km with a difference 26 second. Here we do this again gives the citizen courage. You better drop the pants than the courage she my mother always. The pigeons were liberated at 7.00 hours from Roux Chat with good weather throughout the flight line, The weather was beautiful for the pigeons and the fancier the wind was bl to WSW so there could be quite flew ahead had me doves mate Tonnie and I previously had expected a rate of around 80 km which also came out nice in my case. Tonnie had no pigeons themselves along on these flights, So he was all day invited me to wait for the pigeons, and philosophize about the sport and everything around it always cozy. Now back to the news, the first pigeon in the loop was clocked at 14.33 a wonderful time which also resulted in a teletext listing. The 2nd pigeon was clocked at the circle 14.53 So the clock times of my pigeons were not so crazy. In addition, were added at the first 25 pigeons of the circuit but 10 yearlings. Also an added bonus was that all birds on the flight day were back at the loft 17.20 was the last on the valve. Have come back to my first dove 695 a beautiful bird to see, but also a pretty good pilot. From some kites I have grown this year youngsters, so I got out of the 695 a youngster bred the 794 the other egg is not hatched. (Read more at the youngsters flight. I'm going to express the hope that I at last 1 days are going great do it again. I wish everyone good luck for the next flight and I help you accumulate a nice little success and you know if you keep hope always get rewarded sometime. Until next week, I'll say.

Youngsters race from Duffel 9 July.

For me the first young bird race, as I wrote last week I had left the youngsters home. So it felt to me this week, a bit like the moment of truth. Were the birds recovered sufficiently from all 2 the training flights that had no spectacular progress and decent work had many losses (total 18 pieces stayed away.) There are now more 21 Young pigeons in the loft which 3 injured birds that I could not and would play. I had the youngsters last week 2 time itself taken away 1 time on Monday ± 10 km the pigeons were 7 min and at home 1 time on Wednesday ± 40 km the pigeons were 30 min home, on 2 after that stood after an hour on the clock. Both times had a good drilling. The pigeons regain confidence when you go buggy after a few lesser flee several times within a short distance IMHO. And they have more self-confidence was to see everything, they trained well, went well and a long way short, a wonderful sight to see. So there was nothing more in the way 18 young basketing pigeons for their 1st prize flight. So Tonnie said so on Friday came by to see the youngsters are together once the pigeons looked perfect no doubt !! Just basketing and hope for a good homecoming. The pigeons were released to 10.30 from Duffel. the WSW wind was so there reasonable speeds can be achieved.. Tonnie would come over to wait with the pigeons, He did something 12 .00 hours they can fall so he said switch. I I've already said 3 to sit!!!! . The first pigeon fell to 11.53 on the valve, For us that was a surprise my wife and I sat outside the coffee, when we 794 cutting down on the valve. Or an early bird, I did not know at that time. It lasted 6 minutes before the next 2 Being on the cover and then again 8 minute wait for the 2 following after 3 minutes fly were on the valve. With fifteen minutes 5 pigeons at home for me was a confirmation that the birds were in good order. Times I knew nothing else and Tonnie went here and there to ask around, of 794 I on 11.53 clocked could ever be a reasonable early bird in the circle. net na 13.00 am I 13 pigeons home from the 18 that gave me a really good feeling, and the prevailing feeling about what if I could have an early bird. Anyway, the first pigeon was clocked at the club 11.51 and this was also a good performance in the 2nd circuit. Of 794 was 4th in the association and 8th in the circle a top result it felt to me with the doves as a victory. Total in the association 3 awards. The clock was at our club 11 minutes so close in 11 minutes all price pigeons out. In the circle I had 7 of the 18 the prices so I'm very happy and hope it gives a lot of hope for the next flight. At the time I write this, I still 2 youngsters have and I hope there again the best of. As you may have read the 794 (youngster) a pup 695 which was the first to Chateroux. Whether it is a coincidence, the future will tell but I have confidence in. I'm going success and best wishes with the preparations for the next flight (Asse-Zellik us ) good luck and see you next week again.

FLEE 02 JULY 2016 .

On these flights, I have not played pigeons themselves.

All winners congratulations of flights 02 July 2016. And certainly special for my buddy Tonnie pigeons with his 3rd place on teletext WHZB / TBOTB of 7.184 duiven in La Ferte Sous Jouarre. And for Martijn our new member . Martijn became a member this year and played for the first time with the youngsters flights. He had 6 pigeons 4 the highest ranking in prices Association 5th and 11th Circuit.

drilling TILBURG 28 JUNE 2016

After the 1st drilling which is poor expired (I totally 20 pigeons back) I saw no reason not to join the remaining youngsters on the 2nd drilling from Tilburg. The pigeons looked good and they flew a storm at home. The Sunday before the training I have again taken away the youngsters at an ± 10 km. Monday evening I 19 pigeons basketed, a pigeon I had to leave home because it was injured. Tuesday morning the birds are to 09.30 unloaded from Tilburg, The weather was good so nothing stood in the way to make a good drilling of. Usually you with an hour pigeons so 10.30 pigeons would be covered. I could pigeons themselves are not waiting because I have to work on weekdays. In itself quite annoying because I like myself the pigeons home awaits especially when drilling flights because the chances often somewhat greater that they will wander. Anyway 11.00 called home and asked how many doves there were in the loft, or even flew. We arrived at the paltry number of 6 pigeons which 1 injured which was not easy. So 5 pieces, I crept a strange feeling at that moment. I could not call to go home to inquire because there was nobody home. round 16.30 when I came home from work and there were all told 9 pigeons in the loft. The disappointment was great, I had hoped for a good drilling but none of this. So it was wait and hope for pigeons come home unscathed. Anyway the evening to 21.00 am I 12 pigeons at home so it was hope again the next day. Wednesday 08.00 hours, there was still one returned, at work, I was informed that there are now again 2 landed on the loft, the afternoon to 16.30 hour another one with so it was total had risen to 16 pieces yet 3 to go, also there was a wounded dove in the evening I have to adhere to the vet. The next day I had the evening back to the vet I dove back to the whole head apart , all the drinks and food came out directly. There are now 20 back that 3 wounded pigeons. I have the pigeons first but given a few days of rest , na 2 this was my africhtingen in Goodbye better to give them some rest. After much deliberation, I have decided not to play the youngsters in the 1st race from Yellow I was not good enough to play them and I also did not trust the weather at all. In retrospect, the weather was pretty good, and the flight also went well but I do not regret that I have not played the pigeons. I know now that she upcoming flight not stressed and equipped to start the run and I hope also the best. This week I am busy preparing the youngsters for Duffel, and widowers to-day from Chat Roux . Am confident that it will be fine at all 2 the flights. I wish everyone good luck for the upcoming flights, and next week I will say.


All winners congratulations on this great victory in this difficult flight.

After the debacle of the 1st youngsters drilling , in total I 20 youngsters back from this flight a loss 19 pieces on the 1st serious drilling . There are several pigeons reported Franeker , Sneek , Emmen, Zwolle, Zierikzee and Oijen. Almost sit by the country's birds and not only mine with other enthusiasts losses were enormous. I 1 youngster picked up today in Oijen lying about 15 km of unloading the Rosmalen 777 love this hen eye(I hope). Whether you like it or not as dramatic 1st drilling of the youngsters still has its influence on the rest of the week. Every day when you wake up or come home so look for the valve or youngsters fulfilled. But soon you must go back to the reality of the day n.l. Preparations for the upcoming flight(in) the program was the 3rd one-day flight that would be gone from Bourges but that was i.v.m weather forecasts opposition to Blois where the weather would be favorable to solve. The pigeons on the Saturday then discharged from Blois to 07.30 a beautiful early release, the pigeons had a good departure so nothing stood in the way of getting around an hour or 15.00 the pigeons waiting. I called around 14.00 even with my pigeons mate Tonnie while I was on the phone started to rain , Tonnie still said I hope it's a little rain. But nothing was further from the truth it's going to rain and the evening around 19.30 it ceased. In the meantime, the pigeons had to arrive so the rest of the entire fly line rained and because the pigeons had to get through. After last Sunday's you again do not expect a disaster flight, but hey what else you are powerless and can only wait. While waiting I did a few times wondering what is so nice about the duivelary ??. And yet when the first pigeon falls on the door and piss and piss wet enters the gate of Sputnik to go to his hen. I can only say that despite everything is a wonderful sport that can often surprise . Now go back to the run in the 1st Circuit pigeon was to 15.12 1st pigeon clocked in our association was on 16.19.21 and was listed on the neighbor 100 m down the street. The 2nd and 3rd pigeon were coming from my loft and were respectively 16.34.35 in 16.42.40 that was a yearling the (868) I do more often played well as a yearling. in of (555) a dove 2012 who has already flown several prizes together his career and the end of the season then go to the breeding loft. The Circle was my pigeons 19th and 29th so all in all, I can still be happy. I also had the evening 5 of the 6 pigeons home and this morning was no 6 in the trap.

In the middle distance race I had with the late young again (897) I had this one week left home because he had come home wounded. I thought it'd need a week of rest. So the flight of Laon weather was a welcome change for this pigeon. He was good at, and he defended his fry as usual. The birds are unloaded on Saturday afternoon to 12.4o from Laon. I had expected the pigeons 1st round 16.30 could fall and that was the case in our association 1st pigeon fell 16.31 and also pigeon was 1st in the loop region and a great performance again. My dove (897) was on the flight day not at home, and strangely enough I am as much concerned about because I have great confidence in this pigeon. This morning care to the birds I heard the rattle trengels the door and I knew he was there. And yes confident he dived to jail where was waiting for his hen. Wonderful to see and it makes you all the misery of the previous week forgotten. The sport works very relaxing for me, you care about livestock which all have their own character and therefore try to get them motivated. We have another week to get the pigeons on the ride. NEXT WEEK AND THE YOUNGSTERS FIRST FLIGHT I look forward to it.!!!!!!!!! Are you going to tame this week I wish everyone good luck. Until next week again ( I hope everyone on beautiful flights)


First training YOUNGSTERS 19 JUNE 2016 ROSMALEN.

The first training of the youngsters from Rosmalen liberated at 11.00 hour. Well I'll start with es , I am young 3 x trained as you may have read on my site. And I also wrote that 3 were perfect africhtingen. Well with this knowledge I am confident 39 Young pigeons basketed pigeons were in good order and the weather forecast was good. Well Boy pigeons were so to 11.00 unloaded the only fear I had was that on this Sunday should still be several flights bygone i.v.m the bad weather Saturday, which is, so many pigeons in the air. Whether that contributed to the progress of the flight, I do not know what I do know is that I for the evening 21.00 all told 13 pigeons had home. Other enthusiasts within and outside our organization, I heard it was all drama and real drama, There were fans who had in the evening 3 of the 50 pigeons home and I heard more of that kind of numbers. As I write this is raining hard it is here pouring from the sky , I had hoped today to definitely 10 pigeons would come after. That did not happen there are 5 honored and I kept stabbing at the paltry number of 18 pigeons. I pity the young pigeons are everywhere still wandering in this terrible weather and somewhere to shelter. Everything that comes after parents today do yourself but wonder if you still can play the youngsters flights. I hope (I begin to hope again) and so I really hope that if young pigeons fanciers fly into this well taken care of and get a chance to have a little bit to move forward, I hope your strength also that pigeons will be reported quickly so that fans have the chance to get their pigeons on go get. And take it from me that there are many fans who have little pigeons back'd go get a dove on. As I write this I know that the button should get back, and the disappointment should not dominate. I 18 pigeons back here I can get to work for the young bird races further I think it's certainly not the worst pigeons come back. If I have understood correctly there is A. S. Saturday another drilling flight from Rosmalen and Wednesday out a regional solution from Tilburg. What are the most important is that the pigeons get rest and proper care to regain strength. I go there a lot to get started because I am convinced that I can make a good result with the youngsters. I wish everyone good luck and strength success and hope that some pigeons return. Because it really is not just bad pigeons do not stay away!!!!!!!!!


The winners congratulations on their victory in this difficult flights.

The ninth flight day consisted of 2 flee 1 day was gone from Chateaudun and Vitesse Flight was gone from St. Quentin.

It was a difficult weekend to provide good solutions i.v.m. weather . On Saturday the pigeons are released from St Quentin 13.20 I had this Vitesse flight no pigeons. This is because the only pigeon that I play them a week earlier was injured on Monday returned home and it is not safe to play this pigeon. It was a superb performance to wounded coming back so why preliminary smoothing rest of this cock.

On the 1 day I 7 cocks basketed they had sufficient rest after the last 1 day and I also have confidence to run a nice pigeon. How else can walk the weather was of nowhere, and the release was postponed from Saturday to Sunday. If 08.45 Sunday morning, the doves released from Chateaudun and had had a good trip on the department website. They left with a SW wind that would later go on to Belgium and the Netherlands and a west wind. These winds can you expect a rate of between 80 in 90 km per hour, there would be between 15.00 in 15.30 the first birds to fall. While waiting for the pigeons had already seen on the radar images that the pigeons had the road not easy here and still rain and even heavy showers. about half 3 it started to rain on our giant , it was really pouring down. Then you know it can be a very strange flight. Without compromising the victors because they have the same weather as everyone is the luck factor greater than normal. Denotes you have on the right side of the storm wind on the tail . Especially with this weather is so changeable that all sides can. Anyway, the first pigeon was shot in our society to 15.38.20 Then came a long time nothing until when I hit a pigeon on the valve 16.18.17 it was a cock of 2012 hotline because I was, I knew this was the 2nd pigeon association. At that moment I knew it would be a tedious vluchtje the only hope I have it still would come home all pigeons. I release the next week or week and am therefore driven away Sunday afternoon around five o'clock because we had a small vakansietje booked somewhere in a house on the Vecht. My pigeons size Tonnie would continue collecting and care of the pigeons, that's always a nice feeling. But I left with the knowledge that only 1 Dove was home and it does not feel fine. But vacation is vacation and I had promised my wife so you should also respect. Tonnie has kept quite informed me and I had to 20.00 4 home yet 3 go so . This morning there was 07.30 still nothing to hope they come home during the day. Hope has struck again as you see, but if you just keep hopeful that well rewarded once. We are going to get ready for the next 1 day flight, now first enjoy the holidays . Good luck with the preparations for the next flight and we hope again for the best.!!!!!!!!


Kind Gluckwinschen for the winner. (is english)

The eighth race would be lost were from St Quentin but because no discharge capabilities was chosen Epehy whatever could not take place . When we decided to move to Quievrain what a good opportunity in itself was but the weather conditions were also unsuccessful . Saturday is therefore not unloaded . Sunday the birds are unloaded in Asse Zellik at that time the most sensible choice. If 14.00 The pigeons were unloaded, I had a dove with the late boy alone I had to trust in confident because this bird always come home and there is little to see is. On Sunday there was nothing in my house while overall the flight was nice expired, especially considering that the pigeons had a whole teen tour. Monday morning 07.15 Dove was on the cover, I was just starting and I immediately grabbed the hen from him and then left the cock so wrong on view inside little to. He was once totally delighted with the hen and did this a few hours left together. When I came home at the end of the afternoon and widowers was let go for training, I saw him sitting in his breeding loft. I took him in hand and then looked under his wing and two injuries to his chest. I had more respect for the will of the late pigeon 2015. Did last week just after the first 1 day examined the pigeons diernenarts Wolff. And it noted that there are still some problems with the respiratory system , and he also found it amazing that the birds still came home flight Melun. I have pigeons for 1 day cured against respiratory and hope it is thus resolved. Furthermore, I'm going to try that I upcoming flight (Chateaudun) well can make at the start. It is the second 1 day and I have quite a bit of set my sights. I hope for good weather and a beautiful flight and more on a good result . I have little more than hopeful . And hope for everybody on a beautiful flight. Good luck all!!!!!!


Winners earn back all tribute.

The seventh had flight day 2 flights in the offing. The 1st one-day out (Gien was Melun i.v.m. weather) and a sprint race from Niergnies.

The first one day would be gone from Gien but were carried i.v.m bad weather decided to drive back to Sense. In Sense the weather though not much more was considered to move to Nanteuil Le Hadouin uiteidelijk Melun but turned out to be the best losplaat. Instead of 530 Km was 424 Km which given the unstable weather conditions in distance was far enough. Variable from east to north- east wind, the birds are there to 13.00 unloaded hours. With the wind you come to a speed between 65 in 70 km per hour which meant that the first birds between us 18.15 hours 18.30 could fall. And that happened , only it was not in my loft. My first bird was a yearling to 20.02.58 the valve 2nd debuted at 20.21 and the 3rd and 4th, respectively, 20.27 in 20.35 . In itself a reasonable would say so but not really if you know that the 1st pigeon in our association 19.29.42 was clocked. The association result I was 2nd / 4th / 5e en 6e. There is progress though. I had the 8 pigeons evening to 21.38 say and write 5 home, and sat there on Sunday morning 2 in the trap. I miss the real early bird to make a good result, I keep wondering what it is. Is it the quality , shape , of hok. The fact is that I can not top pigeon clocks so far. Last week I got the pigeons sometime lapped at ± 50 km, I feel that's wrong. Because I book every week what progress. Next week keep the pigeons who've been to Melun home, a week of rest they will do well, I hope. So with regard to the one-day to about 2 weeks. Everybody good luck with preparations. And we hope for the best again, a whole lot !!!!!!!!!

The Vitesse flight was gone from Niergnies (a beautiful name) ± 265 km on this flight that I had 1 dove with a boy late last year that still has some old pens and the first pen again thrust. This pigeon is that he has to maximize Km him next year so I can play as full cock. On this flight that I played no role, The pigeons were released to 10.55 of 1 e dove into the club was clocked at 14.35 and was also the 1st dove a good performance in the circle. If 14.55 fell yearling cock in me valve. He looked fresh and had not been flying out of a lot of sense in his hen. The association pigeon fell just outside the prizes so tie a pity he did his best again. The next week we have the last Vitesse flight when the weather is fair and the dove good condition I want to play it again. I also want to see next week if I can play some hens. These hens I want to play on the late tour , I've got them 2 x on 50 km facing away. So if the weather is good I want to play on the last sprint race from St Quentin. the necessary preparations even here we have it again but I find it a shame to let the hens at home when the cocks are also home. But here the pigeons applies should be in good shape and the weather should not be too heavy. Everybody good luck with the preparations and here we have a lot of mountain weather, a mountain of hope!!!!

Sixth WEDVLUCHT 21-05-2016

Congratulations to the winners

The sixth flight also was the 2nd middle distance race gone from Soissons. The weather was good south to zzw a nice flight 330 km. Of course the big question was how to stand again before the pigeons, Well I will say quite honestly that performance again give a little bit of courage. But it is not really to write home about. Last week I changed nothing in the loft, forage, nor cured. What I've done, I've patched the pigeons sometime I have them on Wednesday ± 50 km taken away. They were good 40 home minus all the hens were waiting, So they had a snack I will say. I think myself that it helped a bit I 6 yearlings and 3 perennial cocks and occasional patches can sometimes bear fruit. Especially considering the 1st one-day (genes) who next week is going to come because they can sometimes benefit from having, I want 8 of the 9 cocks to play if the weather permits . Anyway the flight let's agree on that my first pigeon was a yearling at 12.15.54 2nd on the valve 12.19 the third at 12.20 No. 4 on 12.25 No. 5 in 6 were respectively 12.31 in 12.34 on the valve, the other 3 came after the hour in. All home though but I just miss the real nice early bird. The first pigeon in the association was clocked at 11.56 and was also the 1st pigeon from the circuit and the department. My pigeon was 14th in the association and had total 3 awards, in the circle my 1st pigeon was 91st we are on the first page we say !!!!!!!. Next week, double flight 1st one-day (genes) in 5th vitessevlucht (Niergnies). As I wrote, I would 8 playing cocks, I still have 1 Young late last year that still has old pens that I do not put too great a distance, so maybe this pigeon as the weather is quite a sprint vluchtje. So we have another week to the little pigeons prepared to be at the start, or I'm lapping depends on whether I can take the time. And then I can not do much more, I keep hoping, of course, and I hope you stay tuned to keep you will see that it is rewarded once and then victory will be sweet. The victory is getting closer, I hope closer than I do now. Good luck again for aankomede flight(in).

Fifth WEDVLUCHT 14-05-2016

Tribute to the winners

The fifth flight was also the 1st middle distance race and was originally gone from Morlincourt but because the weather forecast was not favorable, it was decided to go to Laon. And as far as I can judge right choice, Flight is what I have understood well run off with a little rain and the road north and later northwesterly, Sjapo for unloading committee then may also be said. You notice it if I'm to the bush around the turn. So it was another flight which I played no role in. The first pigeon in the club fell to 13.04 and was also the 1st pigeon in the association and in the circle and also 2nd pigeon in dept wonderful performance. Since these enthusiasts as the crow flies 100 live away from me is a hard laughter as my 1st pigeon 13.33 the valve perches 2nd pigeon entered on 13.37 then I have to 13 wait minutes, on 13.50 No fall 3 in 4 on the valve . 13,54 is no 5 . the other 4 birds after 14.00 received. so all 9 the pigeons at home though, but you go you always ask more true it is that it would not really rafts. Is it the quality of the pigeons forme ,the cage, or fail them something. You can of course continue to hope that things are improving every week. But on the other hand you get more and more doubts, The biggest question I have now is whether it is good loft. Too little or too much ventilation may ,it's too cold or too hot , excess heat difference between day and night. All things that can ensure that the birds do not fly. But then I had the pigeon middle distance champion of the circuit in the loft are on the same loft are flown on the same loft regularly top prizes. Now I'm writing this is to me more and more the realization that it is just the milker, a good coach makes all circumstances, facilities are available, In short, there must prevail a sports climate, and there can and should be the coach precautions. So there is still much work to do for me. I have another week to allow the pigeons to start appearing for the 2nd middle distance race. Soissons is scheduled. If you are unsure about anything, Hope is the only gripe so I do this week again. I wish everybody luck and see you next week.

Fourth WEDVLUCHT Quiévrain 07-05-2016

Congratulations to the winners

The fourth flight was like last week again flew from Quievrain I was hoping for a little progress compared to last week . The first pigeon in the association was clocked at 11.58. this pigeon was also 1st and 6th in the circle in the region. By myself fell the first and second pigeon 12.15 on the cover of the third fell on 12.28 4th and 5th on 12.29 on 12.46 came no 6 within. To turn the clock I had 8 of the 10 pigeons in. It remains a bit of fiddling, there is some progress in the shooting but not really. This week I'm going to the birds once laps at a distance of ± 50 km hope it will help to get them some more multiforme and urge on the loft. So I have another week to get ready for the pigeons 1st middle distance race from Morlincourt hope that we will again progress. I like the birds trying to get well prepared for the 1st one-day on 28 mei a.s. That is a great challenge and so it will be with many fans who are trying to do a time to put down a good result. Everyone success and until next week, but again full of hope because hope to keep.

THIRD WEDVLUCHT Quiévrain 30-04-2016

The winners this week will again congratulations.

The third race was flown from Quievrain. What shall I say from now es , I had expressed the hope for a surprise. hope this is partly true 1st pigeon I clocked up 16.12 2nd there was 16.25 on the 3rd 16.26 . I feel the pigeons were long overdue for a podium, and so it was the 1st pigeon association was clocked at 15.50 This was also the 1st pigeon in the circle and in the region . To my surprise, I was well understood by the outcome of the 17th Association. I was 94th in the circuit 1311 pigeons so 1217 doves behind me. I wanted the result and it worked I was hoping for improvement and it seems that's inside an upward trend. So all in all I'm happy I had the flight day 9 of the 10 pigeons home Sunday morning 9.00 was the 10th again on the valve. So everything back home and we can go back to prepare for the fourth race back from Quievrain. I hope they have learned something and hope again that they are better this flight again concubines. success and all the next flight


First again congratulate the winners of this flight.

I'm not back at the winners in fact it was a terrible flight. The only positive is that all the pigeons were home on the flight day, Last week there is a nakomer returned arriving flight so I can again 10 inkorven. Now just this flight turned the 1st pigeon 11.35 2nd and 3rd at 11.40 afterwards on 11.43 / 11.47 / 11.51/ 12.00 / 12.49 the last came 15.15 when the clock was already out. The earliest pigeon perched in the association 11.20 and also was the earliest in the circle . So all in all a disappointing result. This week the pigeons they had not yet been given a yellow cure . So hope again that the next flight is still slightly better . Real forme is not the pigeons so I imagine there is not too much to hope but of course always a surprise. And hope is also a bit pigeon so we make our back on the next flight (Quievrain) and hope for the best.

First WEDVLUCHT DUFFEL 16-04-2016

First of all winners congratulations on their victory.

The season started belongings is on track. The first race is gone, the pigeons from Duffel to 9.05 unloaded, What surprised me I had imagined myself i.v.m again, not to mention temperature that they would be released around noon. But to be honest it was a perfect solution which has gone well, I have heard nothing about big losses. So shappoo for lossings committee which may be said. For me personally it was important that differences in time would be much less than last week at the training because that was a debacle. I had first contact last week with the vet who suspected ornithose and advised me there cures for a few days and also I sent the manure of the pilots and the youngsters, the outcome of the droppings is that the pigeons nothing wrong. The last was a lot down the racers what tick that little forme sits on the pigeon, from the middle of the week the pigeons trained better. That was for me a reason to all 10 the racers basketing Friday for the 1st race and secretly knowing better hope for a surprise . And it did so not even flew my first dove 10.19 around and clocked me at 10.21.48 0p 10.25 I got 2 at the same time as also 10.29 on 10.30 No pigeon fell 6 the loft and pigeon 10.36nr No 7 . No. 8 dropped on 10.59 on the valve, and No 9 on 11.19. In itself, I was satisfied that the pigeons were home except one within an hour than. Continuing to fly on out is what I myself have put the focus there you lose time, and you will become stressed by. Now then day after the flight I still 1 I have dove hope nevertheless that it is still on the door today. And I can be myself and the pigeons start preparing for the next race if the same progression is in weather like last week I can be satisfied. On the 2nd race Asse-Zellik.

drilling REUSEL 09-04-2016

The 2nd drilling unloaded from Reusel is over. Last week there 3 yearlings residual shame because among the yearlings can always sit surprises. Surprised they did me well but in the wrong way, last week 14 racers so this week I could still 11 do in the basket. The pigeons last week had less trained i.v.m bad weather, maarja that we all suffer from it's that I have to do everything to spell and if it rains do you no choice. anyway yet 3 once trained about half an hour at a time. So Friday I got them all 11 still watched and basketed. The pigeons for the 2nd drilling were discharged from Reusel it was in the morning still a bit chilly and foggy(had some frost). It cleared up quickly and the temperature went down well with the pigeons are released with good weather and good conditions for 11.15 hour . I had thought that around 12.00 hours pigeons could fall and indeed my estimation was good for something 12 there were scattered all birds except myself. The first pigeon fell to 12.18 which of course leaves much to be (luckily it was only one drilling) but it is still 15 up to 20 minutes later the door very late on a drilling of 81 KM . The other birds were dribs and drabs the first 3 were yearlings 4 was an old. if 14.00 had I 7 pigeons in. Creeps me always a feeling of powerlessness , what's been going on they no ill multiforme no quality to all. But in most cases, the light on the operator itself. And so it is with me of course I put then also self-critical, I will have to make sure they come back well at the start and I have another week's time. I started to collect the manure let into this week. This way I get more clarity on the health and might then do something. Continue to observe good pigeons to see if there is anything else than stand. As I write this post, there is still 1 old pigeon come home. And otherwise the next week 10. I had myself suggested something else after 2 flights but it is what it is. Now go to the pigeons they get a bath with the women there hope they do some good. On the 1st race next week.

drilling ROSMALEN 02-04-2016

We have the first training it down as it looks now, this went not so good to me. I hope that this is a prelude to the racing season. I had 14 cocks, whereof 9 yearlings on the release day I had the evening 8 pigeons back old and 3 yearlings. It was slow very slow. The pigeons were to 12.15 unloaded in Rosmalen I had been the first pigeon 12.51 but sat and made no preparations to enter. If 13.02 got I 2 pigeons in quick succession both old birds and 13.09 another old. The dakzitter came 13.22 inwards and that was my first yearling. I have to wait until 15.10 before my 5th dove came the other three followed to 15.58 / 16.42 / 17.55. And that was the total 8 pieces of the home 14 . The pigeons were further good to see could not help it. The day after the release, there are again 2 yearlings back 8.02 in 8.24 giving citizens back a little courage hope some more fulfilling every case. Whatever the reason for the poor development is still a mystery to me 8 pigeons find their way home the same day 2 pigeons next day SO SAY IT BUT. Is it the weather conditions, the pigeons are not trained enough , they fail they have something with something. I can only do my best to get them to start again next week good for 2nd drilling and hope this goes better.


Today 29-03-2016 the youngsters vaccinated against paramixo they are now 5 weeks old. This is the first time I've let the youngsters as young grafting, this I have also done because it was written in several pigeon magazines that the younger the birds are less susceptible to stress how they are. I spoke to a Belgian enthusiast where I bought a hen in and told me that he did this for years and that he has since virtually no coli had more among youngsters. Similarly, my pigeons Tonnie buddy who also alerted me that he had read it in various pigeon magazines. As a pigeon fancier you always looking for something where we by diseases and the like. our loft to counteract especially among the youngsters keep healthy seems gradually the most important part. We try to give our pigeons as little stress as possible and we are so busy that not the birds but we ourselves fall into the stress. I personally find the youngsters flee one of the most beautiful flight with the one-day. And wants the young also play as much as possible in the designated flights, because that mine is the basis of goodbye to gain sufficient experience and create a good development. More and more fans play the boy on the late tour( because they would have fewer losses) I think myself as one of the youngsters will only play on the late tour which they have gained less experience. Where she was a yearling yet behind it(exceptions). So hence my choice for the youngsters on the youngsters flights. And then I hope that the losses will again be less this year than last year.

It's been a while since I've updated my site and have set novelties. The reason for this is the work within my company . In addition, work on the Knec as committee member, more from this year's member of board of the region south 4 Dept. 8 Incidentally I also do not spend a lot of time. What course continues the birds and everything around it like growing the breeders (6 couples) 1st round had some bad luck 2 cocks in the wrong broedbak flown so total 7 pretty boy held over. When the pilots against it went very well with the 14 couples fertilized everything 1 egg did not materialize for a total of 27 boy. The boy racers I like myself 11 . 5 boy go to Martijn Bakker a new member in our association . And further 5 boy to another member in our association. 6 youngsters go to my pigeons mate Tonnie Schmitjes as all youngsters are again under the tiles and I hope they will fly well.

Below are pictures of the DORUS 08-1247053 and BIG MAMA 10-1408561 These are a couple of top pigeons H.Schmitjes from Millingen a / d Rijn Henk has been flying for years at the top with the Circuit Nijmegen but also regionally and Section 8 Henk is found in the highest echelons. In short Henk is a small enthusiast who knows to get the best performance out of his pigeons this is reflected in the (head) prices that have flown these toppers.


07-NL10-1408561-V-to-eye 08-NL08-1247053-M-to-eye

The picture below is a late youngster 2014 from the link above DORUS X BIG MAMA is a beautiful dove in hand and personally selected by the master himself. I am therefore very pleased that I was able to obtain this pigeon breeding loft for the future will tell if this bird has the genes and more importantly can pass on to posterity. I will keep you informed of the results.

This year, the first boy of this pigeon is a large deep strong pigeon I have 077 “henkie” coupled with a hen crossing Mieke (Gaston of Wouwer) x Celine (Eijerkamp) . I 4 beautiful boy from this link and hope they also go well with flying future will tell.


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